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Essential Techniques to Write an Essay

Students finding it tough to write their academic essay is a common thing. You may also have difficulty in attempting a college essay. Thus, we will try to tell you some techniques that could prove helpful for you in writing a comprehensive essay.

Make proper notes and set early deadline

Making notes or researching is a must for any academic writing. So, you should not procrastinate in doing research by tagging it as a tedious task. You should find the useful content from various sources and should make notes to find out the most relevant content out of it.

Writing your first draft early means you will have ample time to write the final draft and you will also be able to revise and make improvements after completing the writing process. Thus, you should set early deadlines when it comes to writing the first draft.

Give a thought to the structure of the coursework

However, before beginning the writing, you need to have the exact idea of your approach to write the coursework. Outlining the essay could prove helpful for you in that.

You should give a thought to the structure of the essay. You should imagine the number of sections there would be in your assignment. You should also give a thought to the quantity of the words each of the sections would contain.

Use plain language and write to the point answers

It is also suggested you to avoid writing long sentences. Moreover, you should not get too creative while writing the essay as too much vivid language could make it tough for the readers to get the hang of it.

One thing you should make sure is to write to the point answers. You should not ramble on anything and should try to sum up the answers in few sentences.

Describe the arguments well

A well-argued assignment could prove helpful for you in fetching quality grades. Describing all the details and supporting it with the evidence makes an argument compelling.

Furthermore, you should also provide counter-arguments in the essay. It will add credibility to your argument.

Formatting, referencing and editing are the other major requirements of the essay writing. You should take time in attempting all these tasks.

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Tips to Make Presentable Cover Page for the Essay

Cover page is the key element of an essay. It is the section in which you write much important details such as title of the essay, your personal details, etc. It could also prove 2helpful for you in fetching valuable grades.

You may be interested to learn how to make an essay cover page. As an online assignment help provider, we understand your this requirement and will try to tell you how to make an APA  essay cover page.

tips to write an essay

Keep the referencing style in mind

Academic writing is something that you have to do keeping the referencing style in mind. APA, MLA and Chicago are the most commonly used referencing styles. All the types of referencing styles have their own requirments for the cover page.

Thus, it is a must for you to make the cover page keeping the referencing style in mind.

Where should be the title

Title is something that introduces your assignment. When we talk about the title in APA referencing style, you should align it at the center of the page. The title should be located at the halfway down the page.

If your paper will be listed in an online database, then you should make sure to add such keywords in the assignment that convey about the topic of the essay. People searching for the same topic will be able to find it easily if you do it.

Write personal details at the bottom

You should write all the required personal details at the bottom of the cover page. You should align it at the center of the page.

There, you shoud write the author’s name first. After that, you should write the school name and the submission date. You can also write the name of the course or professor if required.

Use font size according to the guidelines

Generally, 12 font size in Times New Roman font is the something that you may be asked to use. However, you can use other font and font size if the university guidelines require you to do something else.

Add running head and page number as well

Last but not the least thing you should add to your research paper cover page is the running head. You should write it at the top of the every page and it should also include a short version of the title.

There should be around five to seven spaces gap between page number and the title.

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Difference Between Essay and Report Writing

Are you also a student who is confused about the essay and report? Well, that’s the problem many students face. This confusion arises because there are many similarities between essay and report writing and there are differences as well.

Thus, as an online assignment help provider, in this write-up, we will try to help you get out of this confusion. So, first of all let’s find out the similarities and differences between essay and report writing.

Essay report

Similarities between essay and report writing

  • You should write both essay and report in formal academic style.
  • You should keep a check on the grammar, spelling and presentations.
  • You should start the essay and report with the introduction.
  • You should discuss the topic in the main body of the essay and report,
  • And you should write the conclusion at the end of the both of these academic papers.

Now you have the idea of the similarities between essay and report writing. Lets have a look at the differences between the assignments.

Essay writing

According to the educationists, essay can be described as an academic paper that is used to describe, analyze and evaluate a certain topic or an issue. You can use an essay to show facts, stats and you can also share your own views through it.

You can categorize the essay in many types keeping the nature of the title and your writing style in mind. These types are descriptive, narrative, argumentative, persuasive, expository and some other. An essay is an assignment in which there is no compulsion on the formatting of the essay. Generally, it includes an introduction, main body and conclusion. It is also a must for you to know that essay writing is mostly used in the academics and its topics are of the same nature as well.

Report writing

Next comes the report, it can be described as a document that is well-organized and helps you in defining as well as analyzing a specific issue or a problem. It is the academic paper that is primarily used to provide information. You have to write it dividing into many sections, heading and subheadings. It should be written in such way that reader can quickly read a particular section by finding the required information.

Reports are not only used in the academics, but you may also be asked to write it in professional life, some of the examples of reports are business and laboratory reports. Report is also such a writing paper in which you can give recommendations and solution of some issue. You can also use graphs, sentences in bullet points, tables in this type of assignment writing.

So, these are some differences between report and essay writing, keep it in mind and churn out a compelling essay or report.

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Learn the Difference Between a Persuasive and Argumentative Essay

The difference between persuasive and an argumentative essay is something that most of the students cant recognize. This leads to the confusion when the professor asks you to write any of these types of essays and you end up making mistakes because of the similarity.

Thus, it is much required for you to understand the difference between persuasive and argumentative essay writing. So, as an assignment help provider, here we will try to make you understand the difference between both of the types of essays.


Persuasive essay writing

The objective of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader by exploiting his or her emotions. In the process, you write assuming your readers’ views are incorrect and you try to correct it through the pursuasive essay. A writer realizes the opposing point of views, but doesnt do much analysis of it. Instead, a writers tries to present his or her own views through the convincing language. Use of emotions is much more important than statistics in this type of essay writing.

A persuasive essay often get written keeping some people’s interest in mind. Topics from social convictions and other passions could also grab the attention of the people. In this process, a writer could share personal experiences or could do informal storytelling.

Argumentative essay writing

Argumentative essay is the type of essay that covers almost all sections of the readers. In this type of essay writing, an essay writers presents an argument by supporting it with facts, statistics and evidence. This way research plays a key role in the writing process of the argumentative essay. A writer has to understand his or her views and counter-arguments right from the start and have to present his or her point of view in such way that the readers think the writer is right.

While writing an argumentative essay, the writer knows that a reader may not come on the same page with you after reading the essay and making them agree with you is not much important many times. Instead, the argument in an argumentative essay should be logical and justifiable.

So, it was a writing piece from us to give you an idea of the difference between an argumentative and persuasive essay. Hope you find it useful.

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Intervention strategies for reducing organizational complexity

It is easily reasonable that behind every program there is a complete planning and intervention strategy. This strategy incorporates the issues or prospect that to be addressed the required outcome of the program and the ordering and occasions of different intervention program.

Intervention Strategies
Learn about various Intervention Strategies for better organized environment.

The intervention strategies are based on the objectives preferred by the organization. This can be understand with help of example in which clients should design and redesign the means of work that should be done at a production facility, changing from an assembly line individualized task to complex task performed by individual- managed teams. This prospective redesigning needs diagnosis to estimate the work is agreeable to this system and to analyze the readiness of employees to assume these changes to estimate the time and efforts required to formulate the strategies to make change and should review the feasible benefits. It is very essential to consider some key points that to be addresses during implementing and Product planning the organisational development intervention strategies that helps in reducing the organisational complexities. The organizational activities should include the employment of relevant candidates for different operation management work within organization. The people in the organization are affected by the opportunities and complexities of the organization. If the objective of the organization is to improve the relation among two different work group, have different work group present. The objective is to serve better customer service including customers in different activities. It is very significant to structure the strategy for forming the activity.


The structuring of activity is problem oriented or opportunity oriented developed by the clients themselves. The problems can be solve and opportunity capitalization are interesting, developing and agreeable to work for most people due to need for competence or desire to achieve when the organizational issues is explained by the client. The organizational activity has integral support and high payoff when clients are engaged in solving complexities of the organization that have highest precedence. The organizational activity has been properly structured by considering following points. The activity should be structured in way so that the objective is clear and the means for the achievement of goal is clear. The organizational activity should be structured in that way the objective of the organization are clear. The things that is negative for the organization is about the unawareness about the one who is working for the organization towards the attainment of the organizational objectives. These points should help in structuring the activity of the organization in a proper way. The activity should be structures to attain the success. The expectation of practitioners and clients should be realistic. The objective that is attainable would develop the feeling of success, potency and competence. The feeling of achievement should increases the individual feelings and their level of aspiration. The task is complex and complicated but it can be easily attainable. The activity should be designed in a way that consist both conceptual and experience based learning. The learning gained by experience and it become the consistent part of the repertoire of individual when it increased the conceptual idea that established experience in the wide structure of the theory. The learning is an integrated part for the development of individual that relates the conceptual learning to experience-based learning that assist the learning that become helpful for individual. The framework of the climate is that individuals are freed up than defensive. It should set the intervention climate that can learn by people together and should learn the practices in an experimental way to make better procedures. The task is operated by the group that should be declared in the agenda item. The process term is the task that group is working and the participants work on the task including the dynamics and processes that behaving and interacting.

Living in a clean and healthy world

The requirement of sustainability in the dynamic world is the challenging job across the wide, multi-faceted and cross-functioning scope related to different issues. Consequently, as analyzing the improvement and outlooks in building the efforts for a clean and healthy world, the special focus will be dedicated on the attainment of objective on cleaning the world.

Clean water and health
Clean water is a must for healthy life

Health and Water


The waste water treatment, hygiene and waste management will be the points to focus on issues. The forum with different actors and agencies will be design to implement strategies for effective and efficient sustainable practice and policy, the World Water Week is an exclusive opportunity to eliminate the disgrace surrounding water wastes, sanitation and to incorporate multiple benefits that run from better hygiene arrangements. The major threat of health is due to lack of adequate sanitation.  This allows remarkable environmental and social cost due to which premature deaths, environmental degradation and reduced access to education. The inadequate sanitation cooperate the human potential and ruin their development in the society, communities and individual at large. The main reason of World Water Week is to increase the consciousness and effect the action on the downstream impact on the human activities in the broad term.

To decrease the poverty and meet the growing demand of goods, foods and services increases the exploitation of natural resources that will be essential.  During early stage of economic development social services, job creation and economic growth condition are considered as dominant to those in action. The water supply, other household inputs and economic activities is generally specialized in policy making and budget. Though less focus is set to the effects in increasing waste has on the downstream flow of water bodies and actors. To deal with this issue and sustainability improvement, water supply, economic management and economic development issues can be designed in a combined context and incorporated as linked parts of the large human development problems.

Water Quality Issues


Water and cleanliness are the major public health concept of prevention from them from social, managerial and economic perspectives is the extent better than a treatment. However in terms of policy and action definite areas under water or sanitation protection remain weak. Sanitation has been in the shade of the attempts to increase the drinking water supply for long term but is finally growing a thing in its own right. Water and sanitation is particular settings because of the tangible opportunities to execute defensive action in social environment, schools and health care centers.

The safety of the drinking water and issues related to the water quality connected to the safety of recreational water and the use of wastes water in agriculture that has undergone major modifications with health based targets risk estimation and management approach. The health management of public is due to water resource developments consisting irrigation and dams schemes etc. Cities are the centre of economic development to the more population and industrial waste. Positive and negative aspects of cities are believed beyond the borders of the city and particularly in downstream areas. More population has ability to increase the source efficiency by focusing on the activity. Though, city is designed effectively, the more pollution can results from the density can make unhealthy condition and environmental problems. The technical solutions and institutional arrangement must be accustomed to include behavioral and social characteristics of the community and the effect of consistent urban development on sustainability of the infrastructure of the city. The decreasing the water resources, increasing climatic uncertainties are becoming richer and more populous. Government faces pressure to make effective and efficient use of natural, financial and human resources to ensure sustainability development. The disposal of waste has been by dilution of the water resources with following industrial and human health and environmental issues. There is no longer a reasonable way that is the sustainable way to solve the increasing problem in different parts of the city.