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Teaching with technology

Teaching with the help of technology is a new and effective methodology now a day in schools and colleges around the world. However, it is a matter of debate as to what extent should be used and which are the best tools utilized for student learning. Technology, in its fundamental form, may be defined as advancement in the means of usage of tools for solving problems, achieving goals as well as satisfying needs. So if technology can be used in every field in order to get work done then why not in education? Argue some expert educators. They further add that in addition to traditional equipment, technology can include presentation software, high-tech tablets, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.

how technology can help teaching

How technology is going to help students?  

  • The collaboration tools used online greatly help students and teachers to share documents, texts, images and ideas in digital format.
  • The use of presentation software has already enabled various professionals. So teachers can also utilize them to embed high-resolution images, diagrams, video screen shots and lecture content.
  • Tablets are very helpful to link computers and projectors so that teachers and professors can effectively communicate with the students.
  • Canvas is one of the widely known course management tools that help teachers to organize every single resource such as syllabi, assignments, quizzes etc. it promotes discussion, document, video and audio sharing.
  • Smartphones are today highly mechanized, educative and productive devices in the world of education. There are hundreds of educational applications that are highly useful as far teaching is concerned and they only work on smartphone platforms. Instructors are now using them to their fullest and students are greatly benefitting in the process.
  • Tools like Panoto are also helping the teachers to record lectures from computers and posting them to be reviewed by the students at their own pace.

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Career development programs in elementary schools

If the modernity has made our lives easy, effective, educative and entertaining then it has definitely raised the bar for putting endeavors in order to learn and succeed for the school students. Students and their parents today are more concerned about their careers. Therefore educators and researchers support the introduction of career development programs in elementary schools. These programs have a growing importance in terms of self-fulfillment and all-round development for the students as these greatly benefit them. The early development of skills makes way for development for career awareness skills and career exploration skills.

Career development programs

Strategies utilized for career development of children

Researchers have emphasized on certain processes that can be highly helpful for the children such as encouraging their efforts, self-evaluation, planning to increase the complexity of tasks and problem solving tasks. These strategies create effective environments for students to learn and provide open knowledge base to explore their own career development. The educators need to teach the children to work on the feedbacks as well. So the following points can throw some more light on the methodologies involved in career development:

  • To encourage curiosity in children by allowing them the areas in which they can wonder and explore more.
  • Allowing them to experiment with the objects and equipment
  • To encourage them using creative ways of making and breaking things
  • Building bridges to more complex learning by repeatedly attempting processes not yet known to them
  • To encourage them to be more competitive
  • To develop social understanding by allowing them in frequent interactions
  • To develop an understanding of self-evaluation and self-reflection
  • To encourage drawing, writing and talking skills
  • Planning for expression and exploration of thoughts

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How Apps are beneficial in education

In this highly digitized age apps are a powerful means to make transactions much easier and life more convenient. Not only this, they have influenced children education immensely. Once weighed by money, education has come a long way in that it is now pretty easier to afford – thanks to the technological revolution of the past decade. Ordinary people are also able to use smartphone applications to enhance knowledge of their children by making it easier for them to understand things. The apps found in different digital platforms have really changed the process of education.

how apps are helpful for students

The following are some of important benefits coming along with using mobile phone applications:

  1. Social interaction: children are more socially active now with the help of apps thus, improving engagements between their peers as well as their parents. As children are more curious to know things, their interactive tendency gets enhanced that can be highly beneficial for them in their later stages of life.
  2. Entertainment: mobile apps carry high entertain value apart from being educative. If a child is educated in the form of a game or activity, it captures his attention more than anything. He tries to complete it and his learning is enhanced in the process.
  3. All time availability: mobile phones are available round the clock making them more important as they can be utilized anytime. Armed with amazing and innovative apps, mobile phones act as a classroom in hand.
  4. Creativity: the shear innovativeness of the mobile phone apps promotes creativity in the students. There are dozens of applications that are very helpful in eliciting the creative aspects of students thereby utilizing their time more efficiently and effectively.
  5. Systematic learning: mobile based apps are responsible for smart as well as systematic learning not only for the students but for anyone.

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How to prepare for upcoming exams

It is widely observed that examinations are often a constant source of stress and worry for the students around the world. It is also understandable that revising the whole year’s or semester’s course in a few days’ time is really excruciating, but needs to be done anyways. So it is advisory that students need to prepare for the exams well in advance. If not prepared fully students are bound to feel the extra heat and anxiety. Besides, thorough preparation makes the students confident to go ahead and obtain good marks or better grades. However, what to prepare, how to prepare and when to prepare are some of the fundamental questions that capture minds of the students in the wee hours as far as pressure of examinations is concerned. Pressure and tension get skyrocketed whenever exams are knocking on the door. So to know how to prepare for the finals is the key here and the moment the whole strategy is implemented successfully, it becomes pretty easy to do very well in the exams.

exam preparation
A few blank sheets ready for been filled in a exam.

Exams form a significant part of a student’s academic assessment so the course materials also act as a very important aspect of exam-preparation. So the following tips can be very helpful for the students:

  • Devote enough time for study, do not leave for the last minute
  • Organize your study area
  • Use of flow charts and diagrams is always helpful
  • Start practicing previous exam papers
  • Try to study with your peers and explain answers to each other
  • Try to organize your study resources and prioritize them according to their relevance
  • Take regular breaks in between while studying as the results have also shown that human mind cannot continuously things for too long
  • Use concentration building techniques such as meditation.
  • Eat healthy to remain healthy for a healthy mind

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How to encourage book reading skills

For centuries there is a saying in educational circles “books are the best friends of man”. But these days or rather in these modern times, with the advent of technology book reading is frequently taking a back seat among a substantial population of students. Understandably though it is really hard for some to jump into the texts and come out with major realities. However, these challenges should be addressed in the first place so that book reading shall be encouraged. So in order to help specially the children, assignment writing help experts come up with the following steps and they need to be implemented at the earliest:

book reading skills

  • Do not try to pressurize any child to just sit down and start reading. First interest should be built around the topic and then its importance should be highlighted. Interesting books can be good starter for him.
  • Introduce the concept of PRR i.e. preview, read and review.
  • Observe how your kid tries to preview the topic in hand. Pictures, graphs, maps and graphics can be handy for this purpose.
  • Emphasize as well as convince them the purpose of reading. Once he gets the fair idea and purpose of the subject, the picture will be clear in his mind.
  • In the next stage, reading should be done meticulously. It makes them comprehend the information and knowledge conveyed by the book. Teach him underline the answers while reading it.
  • This stage allows your child to review the content. It takes less time but touches the necessary information again only to retain it for a longer period. You can also ask what they just learnt. This can make them more enthusiastic about what to learn next.
  • Try to make them understand the importance of learning and knowledge for their own good so that they go ahead to read more and more books and hence more and more knowledge.

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