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Handy Books to Help the Students with Autism

t is welcome change in the education sector that much importance is being given to understanding the children with autism. Teachers and doctors have been playing an active role in it and some fine writers are also doing their efforts to make things better for the students with autism.

Thus, as an assignment help online provider, we will take a look at some of the best books that could come handy to you to understand the autistic students.


Look me in the eye: my life with asperger’s by John Elder Robinson

It is a memoir that went on to become the New York Times best seller. It is a fantastically written book that could prove helpful for you to understand how and what the children with autism feel and experience.

It is presented in such way that you will laugh and will also feel moved at many points. As an adult, you may like the part when the author tries to learn to date.

Building sensory friendly classroom by Rebecca Moses

One of the effective way of better teaching is to give the students such an environment that is helpful. The author also tries to convey the same with this book.

Through this book, you can learn to structure your classroom in such way that the student having problem with sensory overload could feel at ease. The author urges that if you use data from student observations and craft the classroom according to it, then they will feel much better in the class.

Apps for autism by Lois Jean Brady

Technology like mobile is not just proving beneficial for the normal people, but autistic people are also enjoying its many benefits in their life. There are more than 200 apps available for the autistic people. All of these are helpful in various things such as visual scheduling, self-soothing and navigating social situations etc.

However, all of the these are not relevant for the students and you have to find the right apps from it to help your students with autism.

1001 great ideas for teaching and raising children with autism or Asperger’s by Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk

It is the book that contains as many as 1800 ideas to help the students who have autism or Asperger’s. This book contains five categories. These categories try to give you an idea of how to help the students with sensory integration, tips to manage challenging behavior, strategies for teaching the students social skills, and ideas for supporting communication and language.

With that, it also contains ideas that could come handy for the students in learning various daily life skills.

Ten things every child with autism wishes you knew by Ellen Notbohm

It is the book that was actually written for the parents with autistic children, but it also gives a good idea to the teachers as well about the psychology of the students.

The author shares his own experience as a teacher and parent of children with autism and ADHD.

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Kindergarten for your Child

If we ask how would you react when you heard your kid uttering first words, running towards you for the first time or playing some game with you using motor skills? We are pretty sure that you will hug your baby or will jump in joy seeing him or her doing these actions. It means your child has reached an age where he or she could respond fully to your various reactions. So, when this thing happens, you need to understand that your kid is ready to go to a kindergarten. But you cant enroll your kid in some kindergarten without considering some things.

That’s why keeping the importance of this issue in mind, we are trying to discuss the things, you must consider while selecting a kindergarten or preschool for your kid.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Kindergarten for your Child

Sufficient playing area and equipment

You get your kid admitted in a kindergarten or preschool as it gives him or her the chance to learn by play. So, its quite obvious that there is a need of your kids kindergarten having a wide playing area and various learning equipment. Both of these things are very crucial for your kids learning as kids don’t show much importance in learning through traditional teaching methods. With that, you must also make sure that your kids preschool has an Eco-friendly environment.

Are the kindergarten teachers qualified enough?

Next thing you need to find out is that your kids kindergarten teachers are qualified enough to teach your kid. You should give importance to find out how the teachers teach the kids? Do they behave well with the kids? How do the teachers respond to the various calls of the children? You should select a kindergarten for your kid after getting the answers of these questions.

Find out the study curriculum

It is one of the most important thing that you need to do while selecting a kindergarten for your kid. You should try to find the study curriculum that a preschool follows in educating the children. In this process, you need to ensure that your kid gets to learn the way different kindergarten teach the students. In addition, you should also find out about the curriculum for the different caliber of children.

So, try giving a thought to these things when you think of enrolling your kid in a preschool and help your kid in achieving his or her aim.

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Amazing Free Online Education Platforms

In the modern era, education is being given much importance throughout the world. Colleges and schools have been doing well in providing
education to the students for a long time. With that various online education platforms such as online tutoring and online assignment help have also emerged as an efficient way of studying. Maybe it was not enough, that’s why some sites have come up free online education platforms. Yes, there are some sites available on the internet that offer online education in a large number of subjects for free. So, lets have a look at some of those sites.

Amazing Free Online Education Platforms

Open culture

Open culture is an online education site where you can choose most one of your favorite course from 1200 courses available on the website. You can also get your hands on 700 free audio books and free language courses. So, you don’t need to waste your time if you are not going to college, apply for these courses and learn to sit at your home.

Academic Earth

On this free online education platform, you can learn various subjects such as business, computer science, mathematics and much more. Furthermore, you dont have to worry about you getting a degree from a small university. Instead, you get your degree from famous universities such as Columbia university, Princeton university, New York university and many other.


Although Udemy is a site that charges to provide education online, the organizations has also come up with some free courses as well. This organization offers more than 40K courses to the students, and over 11 million students are engaged with Udemy to learn online. So, if you want to add something extra to your skillset as you pursue higher education, then you can try doing courses from this site.


If you love computer science and find yourself doing coding and programming most of the time, then you can try opting for a course from this site. All you need to do is search “code” in your browser, click on the first link and get ready to learn the craft of app writing and coding.


It is a free online education platform where you can choose most suitable course for you from the 750 courses available on the site. Their services are available in 250 countries and company has a record of teaching 7 million people. So, you can visit their site as well to find out on which of these education platforms you can find your favorite course.

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How To Improve Your Performance in Exams ?

Exams are something that many students find it tough to deal with. Things turn out this way not because they are not well prepared for the exams, but they feel nervous about will they be able to perform well? Sometimes this leads to they forgetting some answers and face the risk of losing some valuable marks. So, as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with some points that could be helpful for you in performing well in your exams.

What to do before the test?

Revise important points: You must be well-prepared as the exam Eve approaches. So, on the exam eve, you should make sure to revise key points from your notes.

Eat healthy: Next thing you need to do is eat healthy and should avoid fast food. You also need to make sure that you dont eat too much.

Improve Your Performance in Exams

 Sleep well: On the night before your exam, you should go to bed early and try to get sleep of around 7 to 8 hours. This way you will not feel sleepy during your exam.

On the day of the exam

Do some exercise: You should do some exercise on the day of your exam, this way your mind and body will feel relaxed.

Grab your breakfast: You must not forget to take your breakfast on the day of the exam as you can get distracted if your stomach starts growling.

Take a look at your notes again: Finally before your exam starts, you should go through your study material again, this way you will feel confident as you go for your exam.

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Have problem in writing assignment ? Try these tools from google

Students facing problem in writing assignment is not something new. You can have difficulty in attempting your assignment because of several reasons such as lack of flair in writing, difficulty in doing research or unfamiliarity with the approach of assignment writing. Researching is one thing that students find a tough task because its a procedure that involves in-depth research on a topic and it can test your patience as it’s not guaranteed that you will jump on a site that contains relevant data.  That’s, why many students find it tough to do research for their assignment and you, can also have the same problem. In such circumstances, these tools from Google could come handy to you.

Google tools to improve writing

Google Scholar

Its pretty much possible that you haven’t heard or read about this tool before. But its a tool from Google that was created keeping the requirements of a research community in mind. Using this tool you can get access to scientific papers, medical journals and expert opinions on different subjects. Although, there are chances that you will have to pay to have access to research papers and journals but most sites have a summary or abstract that could be helpful for your assignment.

Google News

If you need to write an assignment on something that happened in the recent past, then google news could prove helpful for you in having the latest info about those happenings. The key feature of Google news is that you can search any news according to your assignment needs. Also, if you find your assignment submission date approaching fast, then you can subscribe to Google alert. This way you can get an email containing the news you want.

Google books

Google books are the way you can try if you have a problem in researching for your assignment. By using this tool, you can have access to thousands of books that are available in scanned form. You can find some books entirely or can have access to the gist of the book. But this way you can gain quality information for your assignment.

Google Answer

Google answer could also prove beneficial for you in gaining lots of information about your assignment. Using Google answer, you can write a question on the site and can get the answers from different users ranging from ordinary people to experts.

Google notebbok

Its also one of the Google tool that many students are not familiar with, but you are familiar with the headache of doing research from the internet, right? In such circumstances, Google notebook is something that could come handy you. By using this tool, you can save a specific section or para that matches your requirements. Not just that, you can save pics as well as save site URL automatically. This way you will have the idea of where you can get the data, and you will find it easy to make your reference list.

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How to share your ways of learning with students

Teachers who love their teaching profession have a lot of passion for learning as well as teaching. It always thrills them when they are given a challenge of teaching most stubborn students. Many of them have given up their high paying jobs in order to pursue teaching profession. They always seem to be enthusiastic whenever they meet students so that they could share something interesting with them. In the moments of pure passion, these teachers are at best in teaching and imparting knowledge.

How to share your ways of learning with students

So here are some of the important ways and methods with which teachers can share their experiences and passion for learning with students:

  1. Open yourself: it is always a matter of joy for us to listen to those who open themselves to share their valuable experiences. Their enthusiasm and excitement is contagious and bring more and more people on the same page.
  2. Tell every relevant thing passionately: tell your students even the smallest things that have relevance. Whatever you are thinking about or working on, if you find something interesting in that, go ahead and tell them.
  3. Make students to use your experiences: be an example to inspire the students to follow something that is immensely helpful for them also. Your experiences should not be limited to the classrooms only. So let students use them beyond their class in the world that is way diverse and complex.
  4. Helping them in setting their goals: if you as a teacher help the students in prioritizing their tasks and set their goals, they are more inclined to listen to you and use your methods more often than not.
  5. Rewards the improvements: every time a student is rewarded for his improvements, he gets an internal motivation to follow his teacher. They care to listen to whatever important things are being taught to them.

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Manipulatives in the classrooms

Manipulatives are referred to those tangible objects that help in classification, multiplication and calculation of mathematical tasks. Equations, fractions and patterns make the most of mathematics so they are also solved by manipulatives. The common manipulatives that are used in the classrooms are attribute blocks, geometric shapes, unifix cubes, fraction bars and counting cubes. The everyday items can also be taken as manipulatives such as buttons, marbles, bingo chips, beans, dice so on and so forth. Not only these, there are virtual manipulatives as well and they can found in countless varieties like pictures, puzzles and games. The process includes engaging colors and sounds to create game out of math. So the concept of manipulatives allows students to keep their interests alive.

manipulatives in the classrooms

Benefits of manipulatives

The proponents of using manipulatives in the classrooms believe that they allow students to actively and effectively construct their own understanding of math. The following points can tell more about use of manipulatives:

  • With the help of manipulatives, students are able to explore, develop and discuss as to how the ideas and concepts of math are applied.
  • They make math concepts more interesting and engaging.
  • Computers are also manupulatives that are widely in the classrooms now.
  • There are countless manipulatives in the form of online resources and are easily incorporated in the classrooms
  • They encourage active learning
  • They encourage group participation in different learning activities
  • They help in counting, sorting and organizing
  • Integer bars, grid papers, 3D geometrical shapes are aiding to the younger students to a great extent.

Manipulatives certainly have numerous advantages for the students to learn and know things from a different perspective. However, some educational experts as well as our assignment help UK experts believe that manipulatives may prevent them from learning abstract learning skills.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Today’s digital age and internet world has provided countless platforms and possibilities for everyone to learn and get successful in their respective careers. So, these possibilities are coming in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have become significantly preferred way of online learning. A large number of students around the globe, who have yet to complete their higher studies, are opting for these online courses. They can attend the classes from any part of the world by connecting to the internet. The concept of online classes and courses dates back in 2008, when a course called “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” was an instant success in a group of few hundred students.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

With the advent of these MOOCs, the older and traditional educational institutions are facing a lot of challenges as the MOOCs have given them a run for their money. So, in the future traditional institutions are going to face even more intense heat. The other fact that is making the students gravitated towards them is that they are relatively cheaper and very low cost as compared to traditional full time courses. Currently, there are three main players that are offering MOOCs in the market namely Udacity, Coursera and EdX. These platforms have generated enough interest among the students and have kept the momentum going.

Advantages of using MOOCs

MOOCs have successfully expanded the knowledge base for the students to get extensive knowledge. Even the people from corporate world, who are working in their respective organizations, are turning to MOOCs for further courses. The advantages of MOOCs can be best summarized in the points:

  1. Anyone can access the training on a 24/7 basis
  2. By learning new skills, employees can increase productivity and hence profits.
  3. They enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the employees
  4. They make the employees and students up-to date with skills
  5. They also help in addressing real world challenges
  6. Companies can easily identify professionals with required skill sets.

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Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

For the last few decades, a continuous and burning debate has been going on among intellectuals, and that has made everyone across the world jump on the bandwagon. So, the moot issue being which one is true- evolution or intelligent design. According to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution suggests that all the living beings can be traced back to the same and common ancestor. Different forms of lives that we see and observe today have been changed and mutated over the time. The theory further states that with the help of natural selection, the strongest of the species were able to survive. Intelligent design, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in evolution as well as natural selection and suggests that there is an intelligent cause behind the creation of all the things.

Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

The proponents of evolution believe that intelligent design is a religious topic disguised as science and is not supported by scientists. Whereas, the supporters of intelligent design believe it to be a science. The supporters of evolution claim that intelligent design doesn’t have any scientific basis because it does not encourage asking questions and debating issues. They also believe that intelligent design cannot be taken as a science as there is no credible scientific body that follows it. However, it cannot be concluded that the topic of intelligent design, however, flawed it seems to be, should not be discussed at all. After all, it is the students and scholars who have to make their views obviously based on facts and findings. The proponents of intelligent design further add that considering the countless life forms and the way all of them are working perfectly, clearly indicate that unless there are some intelligent phenomena going on somewhere, could not have existed in the first place.

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Purpose of education

In its all-encompassing view, the basic purpose of education is to support and develop skills in students, acquire the knowledge, promoting technological advancements and instilling love and peace and harmony in the society. It makes us informed and responsible to cater to the well-being of community and society. Many believe it is the engine of our economy and strengthens the foundation of our culture. The responsibility that education poses on us is to further educate the next generation of informed citizens.

Purpose of education


It is widely believed that a student is a central element of education. The way he utilizes it makes a significant difference in the society. The student is the one who strengthens the foundation of society makes way for everyone to be productive and efficient. Inside as well as outside of the class, education allows students to devise innovative ways of solving problems and analyzing situations.

In today’s society, education is an essential need of humans as it is a base of life for us. The concept of education further clarifies its purpose in the following way:

  • It allows the members of the society to participate in social governance
  • It promotes a constructive and creative culture of critical thinking and cognitive skills
  • It allows people to realize their unique potential
  • It promotes methodological mindset
  • It develops the use of scientific explanations in order to surface, clarify, refine and advance our understanding
  • It develops the ability to plan and investigate so that solutions of problems can be found
  • Education helps students to extensively analyze and interpret data
  • It helps in constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • It allows us to engage in constructive argument from evidence
  • It allows us to obtain, evaluate and communicate information

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