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Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Today’s digital age and internet world has provided countless platforms and possibilities for everyone to learn and get successful in their respective careers. So, these possibilities are coming in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have become significantly preferred way of online learning. A large number of students around the globe, who have yet to complete their higher studies, are opting for these online courses. They can attend the classes from any part of the world by connecting to the internet. The concept of online classes and courses dates back in 2008, when a course called “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” was an instant success in a group of few hundred students.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

With the advent of these MOOCs, the older and traditional educational institutions are facing a lot of challenges as the MOOCs have given them a run for their money. So, in the future traditional institutions are going to face even more intense heat. The other fact that is making the students gravitated towards them is that they are relatively cheaper and very low cost as compared to traditional full time courses. Currently, there are three main players that are offering MOOCs in the market namely Udacity, Coursera and EdX. These platforms have generated enough interest among the students and have kept the momentum going.

Advantages of using MOOCs

MOOCs have successfully expanded the knowledge base for the students to get extensive knowledge. Even the people from corporate world, who are working in their respective organizations, are turning to MOOCs for further courses. The advantages of MOOCs can be best summarized in the points:

  1. Anyone can access the training on a 24/7 basis
  2. By learning new skills, employees can increase productivity and hence profits.
  3. They enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the employees
  4. They make the employees and students up-to date with skills
  5. They also help in addressing real world challenges
  6. Companies can easily identify professionals with required skill sets.

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Infusing technology into curriculum

Technology is quite ubiquitous these days. It is growing by leaps and bounds and has conveniently touched every aspect of our lives. Right from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we are bound to use the technology in some ways or the other. It has now completely changed the way how we look at the world and has given us countless possibilities for its utilization. However, the realization of the true potential of the technology in the class is yet to be seen because there are still so many schools that are left far behind regarding integrating technology into the classroom. Today’s economy is based on highly technological knowledge, so the students also need to acquire special skills to survive the competition.

Infusing technology into curriculum

So, how exactly can technology be infused into the classroom, is the pertinent question that arises here in the first place? It begins with teaching basic computer skills to cutting-edge technological utilities that are beneficial for the students in a way that can enhance their learning process and knowledge base. Researchers and educational experts have already underlined four key elements of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction, and proper feedback. So effective and transparent integration of technology allows learning through projects. As a result, they acquire and refine their problem-solving skills and analysis of the processes.

New technological tools can offer students myriad ways to experiment and observe phenomena with the help of graphical interfaces. As a result, students are more focused and stay engaged thereby reducing their behavioural problems. Our assignment help UK professionals further add that technology has also significantly changed the way teachers teach the students. It has offered them numerous ways to assess their understanding and performance. The relationship between teacher and student is also enhanced in the process.

How Apps are beneficial in education

In this highly digitized age apps are a powerful means to make transactions much easier and life more convenient. Not only this, they have influenced children education immensely. Once weighed by money, education has come a long way in that it is now pretty easier to afford – thanks to the technological revolution of the past decade. Ordinary people are also able to use smartphone applications to enhance knowledge of their children by making it easier for them to understand things. The apps found in different digital platforms have really changed the process of education.

how apps are helpful for students

The following are some of important benefits coming along with using mobile phone applications:

  1. Social interaction: children are more socially active now with the help of apps thus, improving engagements between their peers as well as their parents. As children are more curious to know things, their interactive tendency gets enhanced that can be highly beneficial for them in their later stages of life.
  2. Entertainment: mobile apps carry high entertain value apart from being educative. If a child is educated in the form of a game or activity, it captures his attention more than anything. He tries to complete it and his learning is enhanced in the process.
  3. All time availability: mobile phones are available round the clock making them more important as they can be utilized anytime. Armed with amazing and innovative apps, mobile phones act as a classroom in hand.
  4. Creativity: the shear innovativeness of the mobile phone apps promotes creativity in the students. There are dozens of applications that are very helpful in eliciting the creative aspects of students thereby utilizing their time more efficiently and effectively.
  5. Systematic learning: mobile based apps are responsible for smart as well as systematic learning not only for the students but for anyone.

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