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Things to Remember While Attending a Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parents and teacher are the two persons who hold much importance in a kids life. Parents are someone who send a kid to school to help them learn and a teacher is a person who plays the main role in teaching a student about things that could come handy to a kid in the professional as well as personal life.

So, both of these individuals need to learn about their value and keep doing efforts to help a kid in excelling in the academics. A parent-teacher meeting is an effective way of helping students. Through this method, parents get to know how their kid is doing in the academics and what a parent and teacher need to do to help the kid perform well in the academics.

As a parent, you may also get invited to attend a parent-teacher meeting.That’s why as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with a write-up that tries to tell you the things you should remember while attending a parent-teacher meeting.

Tips for teacher parents meeting

Come up with questions and answers after discussing the school with the kid beforehand

Just like your kid does homework before going to school every day, you also need to do some homework before attending a parent-teacher meeting. For that, you should discuss the school matters with your kid, you should try to find out is your kid happy with his or her teacher? What things your kid finds it hard to learn and you should also try to know at what subjects your kid is getting better. This way you will be able to come up with the questions to ask from the teachers and will also find it easy to answer the questions posed by your kids teacher.

Have a friendly talk with the teacher

As a responsible parent, you must be aware of the fact that a teacher is someone who plays a key role in the success of your kids life. A teacher is someone who helps your kid in improving the inborn skills that your kid possesses and in developing the new ones as well. So, when you attend a parent-teacher meet up you should make sure to have a friendly talk with the teacher even if your kid is not doing well in the academics. We are suggesting it because there is a possibility that your kid might be the wrong one, instead of the teacher.

Try to come up with the solution of the problems

After you are done talking with the teacher, you should try to come up with a solution of the problems your kid is facing. As mentioned above, there could be problems from the both sides. It is possible that your kid might not be able to learn something due to lack of proper attention from the teacher. On the flip side, there is a chance that your kid might lack motivation to learn. So, you should just keep cool and try to come up with a solution with the teacher to help your kid in getting better at the academics.

So, it was a write-up from us to give you an idea of what you should do while attending a parent-teacher meetup. You could read more such articles here on our site from time to time.

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Stimulating learning through educational games

There is a growing need to reconsider the methodologies employed for education and learning in students. In view of this, digital games can be an effective and innovative source of learning. Our society is increasingly being transformed with the up gradation in technology creating diversified mechanisms with which learning and education of the students also get enhanced.  So experimenting with educational games can open a plethora of opportunities for the students and children to learn. Educational professionals and researches have focused on effectiveness of these games as powerful learning tools by exploring their educational potential. Many of the uses of these games for the students are outside the purview of the class such as self-teaching and learning from peers. So these educational games can act as a bridge between virtual world and real world to promote learning.

Stimulating learning through educational games

By definition, a computer game denotes a fictitious situation where one or more players find themselves in position of competition. They then start-off competing by pitting themselves with each other. There are some basic rules that control their actions and present certain specific situations designed to winning or losing – eventually with a learning objective. These games, thus, show the characteristics that are similar to effective learning plan like achievement (an objective to achieve the given task), motivation (not give up early in adverse situations) and assessment (trying to figure out where something went wrong). The nature of these games is designed in such a way that they pose continuous challenges to the players and provide them necessary flexibility.  Each player is allowed to use his/her resources and workout their own strategies to end the game. The victorious and successful players are rewarded new capabilities and new tasks. So a good educational game combines a fair amount of learning and entertainment.

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Special education needs in UK

Special needs education is an educational program that is utilized to address the educational needs of those students who are facing challenges with learning, challenges with communication, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities and developmental disorders. There are various specialized teaching techniques used for these students. The UK government, for the past few decades, has been introducing different provisions to meet the needs of such students. They are required to make sure that more and more special students are entered in the school premises, devise their curriculum, policies for their homework and school trips and most important of all they are needed to ensure that such students are not discriminated against, come what may. The Equality Act 2010 has been enforced to take care of that.

special education in UK

Methods of inclusion

The schools on United Kingdom are allowed to use a variety of approaches to provide special education services. Some of the basic methods are listed here:

  • Inclusion: this approach allows the students with special needs to spend some time with those students who do not have special needs because this practice promotes inclusion which is very necessary element for learning. In between the specialized services given to these students such as more intensive instructional sessions, they are made to interact with the other students.
  • Mainstreaming: mainstreaming refers to the proper assimilation of special students with other students as far as educational methodologies are concerned. They are allowed to be aware of each other’s skills.
  • Segregation: in this approach the students with special needs are taught in separate classrooms or special schools. They do not spend time with the students who are non-disabled.
  • Exclusion: in this approach, most of the students with special needs are excluded from the schools. These students are then given one-on-one instruction.

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Evolution of education

The rise and evolution of civilizations in the ancient world also gave rise to the need for transmission of knowledge and information. Gradually accumulating, recording and preserving the experiences and knowledge became very complex. So, in this way the need of writing was aroused. The firsthand everyday experiences were then needed to be recorded and to teach these skills of writing and reading, a dedicated place was invented – called school. Then came teachers, scribes and priests. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians introduced the methods of learning and memorization. Greeks on the other hand, were the firsts to introduce science and philosophy. They represented world phenomena with the help of their mythological gods. Finally ancient Indus valley Civilization and Chinese Civilization contributed in the fields of medicines, mathematics, astrology and spirituality.

evolution of education

During the middle ages, when Byzantine Empire was taking its last breadth in Europe, there was an educational crisis, which appeared by the creation of a void when the monarchy began to end there. A desperate need of knowledge and education in the European society allowed an intense surge or wave of intellectuality. This intellectual revolution is called Renaissance and it paved a way for modernizing the society with the help of wealth of knowledge that came with it. During this period, the scientific, social, intellectual, spiritual and literary enrichment of the people started taking place. This period saw many great personalities who immensely contributed to the society with their exceptional intelligence as well as human values. Leonardo-da-Vinci, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilee were one among those people.

The modern education was effectively started after Industrial revolution took place in early 19th century England. This period was a great scientific wave that swept “Europe and America” (West). Important scientific discoveries and inventions were taking place extensively. This era saw a marked improvement in means of transportation as well as ways of propagating information. Now, with the advent of internet, Nano technology, smart phones and space age technology – next generation education has knocked on our door.

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Unemployment: a social evil

In simple words unemployment refers to the state of a person without any work that is required to earn money for his/her living. It is the one of the most challenging social issue faced by most of the societies or nations in the world. The battling economies around the world are promoting more and more unemployment and in a few years’ time it has only grown considerably thanks to the global recession. Unemployment makes a person feel uncertain and insecure about his future. This leads to an increased negativity and hence a lot of other things that can only cause harm to the person as well as society.

growing unemployment

There are many reasons that make unemployment grow further such as poor economic conditions of a country, growing population, inflation, recession, corruption, bad governance, failure of educational institutions and prevailing poverty. It is considered as a social malaise as it makes an individual take a route of unlawful activities which not only put him in danger but also the society at large. If remained unchecked or unaddressed, unemployment promotes a number of social crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, loot, smuggling, drug trafficking and other related crimes. While employment helps fulfill the basic requirement of an individual thereby stopping him/her from committing crimes, unemployment on the other hand lowers self-esteem and brings a bad name to the family and society.

So it is clear that unemployment has widespread social and economic effects. If an individual can’t feed himself and his family, hunger and homelessness are bound to get aggravated. It leads confrontation and conflicts in families and societies. The collective quality of life of the society is also decreases because of unemployment. So a proper educational policy on the part of different governments can be an effective tool for unemployment in young population.

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