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Companies Helping the Educational Institutions

There is no doubt in the fact that renowned people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many others have reached success by starting their journey from the school. All of these famous names understand the significant part education has played in helping them reach where they are.

The success and understanding the value of education have made them compassionate and today, they are playing their part in helping the schools. So, let’s have a look at the list of some of the companies that are doing the same.


The Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg founded the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative with his wife, Priscilla Chan. It is a nonprofit organization and is focussed on helping the science and education sectors. This foundation named after both Zuckerberg and his wife has donated millions of dollars to the school districts and many different education based organization all over US.


The Coca-Cola is of the leaders in soft drink and beverages industry. It has a philanthropic arm since its inception in 1984 that is called as “The Coca-Cola Foundation.” The company has been spending one percent from its prior year’s operating income every year for the betterment of the local people of its area of operations worldwide. They are helping the school education worldwide as well.


Bill and Melinda Gates are famous philanthropists. They offer help to the people through their non-profit organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization also focuses on K-12 education in US. Strengthening the connection between teachers and students is also the focus of this foundation. Along with the donation programs, this organization also tries to find new solutions that could prove helpful for the students to realize their potential.


Google offers help to the educational institutions through its philanthropic arm, Google.org. They provide Google Education services to the schools and they also offer grants to the schools worldwide. This organization not only helps the schools solve problems in various areas but also offer community grants to effect the local schools as well as communities.


Walt Disney Company has been actively helping the children and schools. They have donated 23.1million books in the last four years. This company has also donated 333.3 million to non-profit organizations in helping kids, families as well as communities.

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Things You Should Avoid While Facing an MBA Interview

MBA is the most popular degree program among the youngsters at the moment. Although it has been around in the curriculum of thousands of universities for around hundred years. But it has become a rage among the students as there is a surge in the industrial sector that has lead to the increase in the demand for professionals with excellent management skills.

So, you might also be a student who is thinking of making a career in MBA. However you have to get admission in a college for that and the admission process might include not just an entrance but an interview as well. Lots of students go through entrance test easily but find it difficult to tackle their MBA interview. You might also face the same problem in the admission process, so keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you an idea of what things you should do while attending an MBA interview.

Things You Should Avoid While Facing an MBA Interview

Eye contact is a must

Here comes the first point, when you find yourself standing outside the interview room, take a deep breath, calm yourself down and enter the room with a smile on face. Take you seat confidently and start the interview, after the interview starts and you have to answer something, make sure that you answer every question by making an eye contact with the interviewer. If you don’t make an eye contact, the interviewer might get the feeling that you are nervous or lack confidence.

Dont divert from the topic

Second thing you need to do while facing an MBA interview is to make sure that you dont divert from the topic that is being discussed in the interview. For example, if the interviewer asks you about your views on HR then you should give the answer that discusses HR not some other topic such as operation management, etc.

Make sure to give to the point answer

Lots of students have the wrong notion that interviews get conduct to see ones communication and presentation skills. Its right to an extent as well but it doesnt mean that you can keep blabbering whatever you want and can crack an interview this way. Instead, during an interview, you have to be aware that interviewers are not there to listen to you all day, so you need to give to the point answer to whatever question they pose in front of you.

Dont fake it, just dont

I can expect that you might have witnessed such cases where someone got laughed at because of faking it in front of someone. So, you might also find yourself in the same situation if your try to fake it in your interview. That’s why you should try not to discuss the things that you are unaware of and you should simply say I don’t know the answer or something like that if you don’t know the answer of a question.

Try talking

Although we have discussed above how rambling about something can mar your chances of getting admission in an MBA college, same could happen if you talk too little. The reason is simple, when you are facing an interview, you are expected to give an answer, the appropriate answer to be precise. If you don’t do so, there are less chances that you will get selected. So, try talking without getting on rambling mode.

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Things to Consider While Choosing a Kindergarten for your Child

If we ask how would you react when you heard your kid uttering first words, running towards you for the first time or playing some game with you using motor skills? We are pretty sure that you will hug your baby or will jump in joy seeing him or her doing these actions. It means your child has reached an age where he or she could respond fully to your various reactions. So, when this thing happens, you need to understand that your kid is ready to go to a kindergarten. But you cant enroll your kid in some kindergarten without considering some things.

That’s why keeping the importance of this issue in mind, we are trying to discuss the things, you must consider while selecting a kindergarten or preschool for your kid.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Kindergarten for your Child

Sufficient playing area and equipment

You get your kid admitted in a kindergarten or preschool as it gives him or her the chance to learn by play. So, its quite obvious that there is a need of your kids kindergarten having a wide playing area and various learning equipment. Both of these things are very crucial for your kids learning as kids don’t show much importance in learning through traditional teaching methods. With that, you must also make sure that your kids preschool has an Eco-friendly environment.

Are the kindergarten teachers qualified enough?

Next thing you need to find out is that your kids kindergarten teachers are qualified enough to teach your kid. You should give importance to find out how the teachers teach the kids? Do they behave well with the kids? How do the teachers respond to the various calls of the children? You should select a kindergarten for your kid after getting the answers of these questions.

Find out the study curriculum

It is one of the most important thing that you need to do while selecting a kindergarten for your kid. You should try to find the study curriculum that a preschool follows in educating the children. In this process, you need to ensure that your kid gets to learn the way different kindergarten teach the students. In addition, you should also find out about the curriculum for the different caliber of children.

So, try giving a thought to these things when you think of enrolling your kid in a preschool and help your kid in achieving his or her aim.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Teaching as a Career

Teaching is a career that grabs the attention of many people.It happens because its a job in which you don’t have to worry about spending long time being glued to a chair, you get lots of holidays and also get the chance to have much fun as well. You might have the same
kind of ideas about teaching. However, you might be familiar with a saying that every coin has two sides. So, teaching career has some hardships too.

That’s why it’s a must for you to come up with the answers of some questions before you enter the teaching field and go for teaching job only after that. You might be curious to know those questions, so read on!

images (2)

Does Children make you smile?

As an aspiring teacher, it is quite obvious that you would be aware of the fact that you have to deal with lots of children while teaching. In class, you can find different types of students, one day you could feel happy seeing a kid performing well in the academics, another day, you could come across a student who could make you feel annoyed. So, before you jump in the field of teaching, then you need to give a deep thought to realize whether you like kids or not. In this process, you need to think about the welfare of the kids rather than thinking about your own benefits.

Are you passionate about teaching and learning?

In your academic life, you might have heard this line from your professor or parents that knowledge only increases if you share it with others. Same can be said when you enter teaching field, there you get to learn lots of things about different topics as you dig deep into it first, then you share it with the students. So,it is also a must for you to make sure that you are zealous enough to teach and learn when you jump in the field of teaching.

Do you think you have leadership as well as time management skills?

As a teacher, you are a role model to your student. It has been like that since the ages. A good example of it could be if you try to give a thought to what you felt if your teacher faltered in teaching you something or got bit of late to reach the class. We can be sure that you must have got bad impression about your teacher.That’s why you should be ready to do well at your job so that you can avoid such situation. For that, you need to find out whether you have ample skills to represent your class and have appropriate time management skills.

That said, we will sum up this article here. Hope it was helpful.

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The Things that you should Look for in your Role Model

When we talk about a role model, lots of people like social activists, sports persons, business leaders and film actors might come to your mind. You are right thinking that way because people have been choosing their role models from these people for a long time and have been putting efforts to become like them.

The Things that you should Look for in your Role Model

However, having a role model doesn’t mean that you should hunt for the fame that they have got. Instead, you need to give importance to developing the characteristics that your role model possesses. But, you need to find out the characteristics of your role model to do that, so lets have a look at the things you should look for in a person while making him or her your role model.

Your role model must be passionate

How can you tell a person is passionate about a thing or not? Well, the answer is simple. If a person puts all the efforts to achieve something and you find him or her fully delighted when that person achieves something. With that, you also need to find out, was there such time in that person’s life when he or she faced many difficulties, but his or her passionate efforts helped that person in tackling those problems. If you find these qualities in a person then, you should make that person your role model.

He or She must have a disciplined life

You must have heard this before from your parents and teachers that discipline is very much necessary for you if you want to achieve success. Well, both your parents and teachers are absolutely right when they say that. But sometimes you don’t get inspired by your parents and teachers. So, you can try to find a person who is disciplined in life and gives importance to his or her aim instead of other things.

Your role model must have never give up attitude

In this world, when someone starts doing some good work, that person has to face lots of problems. People go against them, governments try to put hindrance in their way and they find themselves alone in the journey of achieving their dream. If you have seen someone like this in your life or have read about these people who just don’t know how to give up, then you should not shy away from making them your role model.

He or she should do some social service as well

With all that, you should also try to find out that your role model gives importance to doing some social service as well. You need to see whether your role model cares about his or her family members and fans. You also need to find out has your role model done something for society such as gifting homes to the people or doing some charity.

So, give time to observing these things in a person while choosing a role model. That said, we will sum up this article here. Hope you find it useful.

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Points to Remember While Making a Study Schedule

College is different from school, as a college student, you can’t think that your job is finished after attending the lectures and doing some self-study. As the year or semester progresses, you might be assigned to write an assignment or make some project, and you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have time to enjoy your hobbies. So, it’s better that you make a schedule of whatever you need to do throughout a day and lead a disciplined academic life.


How to create study schedule

Know your priorities

First of all, you need to identify what are the tasks you need to do in the 24 hours of a day. Usually, a student has to attend lectures, write assignments, have to prepare for exams. This way a student’s schedule gets tough. So, you need to know what are the things you need to put first. If your assignment submission date is getting closer, then write your assignment and if you feel like exams are must then prepare for it first. Keeping all these things in mind, you should set your time table.

Keep a record of every subject

Next thing you need to do is maintain a record of every subject you study. You can keep a record of how many chapters you have revised in a particular subject, in which subjects your homework is completed etc. This way you will get clear about your academic progress and will be able to give time to all the subjects according to their requirements.

Be Flexible but don’t forget discipline

If you want to achieve something in life, then you have to be disciplined without losing the hang of flexibility. In simple words, you have to make sure that you are not being too flexible and studying for 2 hours one day and next day the time shrinks to one and a half hours. So, you have to ensure that you give the same amount of time to the studies that you have fixed and enjoyed your studies as well.

Take some breaks in between

Well, it is something that we don’t need to suggest you, or is it? Breaks are necessary because not just your mind but body and eyes could also get tired, so taking a break is a must, whether you are reading or writing. This way you will feel refreshed and will be able to concentrate much better.

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Manipulatives in the classrooms

Manipulatives are referred to those tangible objects that help in classification, multiplication and calculation of mathematical tasks. Equations, fractions and patterns make the most of mathematics so they are also solved by manipulatives. The common manipulatives that are used in the classrooms are attribute blocks, geometric shapes, unifix cubes, fraction bars and counting cubes. The everyday items can also be taken as manipulatives such as buttons, marbles, bingo chips, beans, dice so on and so forth. Not only these, there are virtual manipulatives as well and they can found in countless varieties like pictures, puzzles and games. The process includes engaging colors and sounds to create game out of math. So the concept of manipulatives allows students to keep their interests alive.

manipulatives in the classrooms

Benefits of manipulatives

The proponents of using manipulatives in the classrooms believe that they allow students to actively and effectively construct their own understanding of math. The following points can tell more about use of manipulatives:

  • With the help of manipulatives, students are able to explore, develop and discuss as to how the ideas and concepts of math are applied.
  • They make math concepts more interesting and engaging.
  • Computers are also manupulatives that are widely in the classrooms now.
  • There are countless manipulatives in the form of online resources and are easily incorporated in the classrooms
  • They encourage active learning
  • They encourage group participation in different learning activities
  • They help in counting, sorting and organizing
  • Integer bars, grid papers, 3D geometrical shapes are aiding to the younger students to a great extent.

Manipulatives certainly have numerous advantages for the students to learn and know things from a different perspective. However, some educational experts as well as our assignment help UK experts believe that manipulatives may prevent them from learning abstract learning skills.

Infusing technology into curriculum

Technology is quite ubiquitous these days. It is growing by leaps and bounds and has conveniently touched every aspect of our lives. Right from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we are bound to use the technology in some ways or the other. It has now completely changed the way how we look at the world and has given us countless possibilities for its utilization. However, the realization of the true potential of the technology in the class is yet to be seen because there are still so many schools that are left far behind regarding integrating technology into the classroom. Today’s economy is based on highly technological knowledge, so the students also need to acquire special skills to survive the competition.

Infusing technology into curriculum

So, how exactly can technology be infused into the classroom, is the pertinent question that arises here in the first place? It begins with teaching basic computer skills to cutting-edge technological utilities that are beneficial for the students in a way that can enhance their learning process and knowledge base. Researchers and educational experts have already underlined four key elements of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction, and proper feedback. So effective and transparent integration of technology allows learning through projects. As a result, they acquire and refine their problem-solving skills and analysis of the processes.

New technological tools can offer students myriad ways to experiment and observe phenomena with the help of graphical interfaces. As a result, students are more focused and stay engaged thereby reducing their behavioural problems. Our assignment help UK professionals further add that technology has also significantly changed the way teachers teach the students. It has offered them numerous ways to assess their understanding and performance. The relationship between teacher and student is also enhanced in the process.

Career development programs in elementary schools

If the modernity has made our lives easy, effective, educative and entertaining then it has definitely raised the bar for putting endeavors in order to learn and succeed for the school students. Students and their parents today are more concerned about their careers. Therefore educators and researchers support the introduction of career development programs in elementary schools. These programs have a growing importance in terms of self-fulfillment and all-round development for the students as these greatly benefit them. The early development of skills makes way for development for career awareness skills and career exploration skills.

Career development programs

Strategies utilized for career development of children

Researchers have emphasized on certain processes that can be highly helpful for the children such as encouraging their efforts, self-evaluation, planning to increase the complexity of tasks and problem solving tasks. These strategies create effective environments for students to learn and provide open knowledge base to explore their own career development. The educators need to teach the children to work on the feedbacks as well. So the following points can throw some more light on the methodologies involved in career development:

  • To encourage curiosity in children by allowing them the areas in which they can wonder and explore more.
  • Allowing them to experiment with the objects and equipment
  • To encourage them using creative ways of making and breaking things
  • Building bridges to more complex learning by repeatedly attempting processes not yet known to them
  • To encourage them to be more competitive
  • To develop social understanding by allowing them in frequent interactions
  • To develop an understanding of self-evaluation and self-reflection
  • To encourage drawing, writing and talking skills
  • Planning for expression and exploration of thoughts

career development is an important aspect of students’ lives, and our assignment help experts can provide important suggestions regarding other aspects to the students.