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Not Sure How to Curb Exam Anxiety? Try these Tips

How do you feel when you find the exams dates approaching fast? Well, it is expected that the answers would be like, ugh ! Exams come so fast, I feel tense, I don’t even know where to start the exam preparation and some of you might say why exams even come?

These are the reactions that not just come from under-prepared students but most of the well prepared students also feel anxious facing the exams at school and university level. So, what is the way to get a grip on anxious mind and perform well in the exams? Well, read on to find out!

Test Anxiety

Stay Positive

One thing that could come to your mind while reading this heading “stay positive” is that its easy to say than actually doing it. It is quite valid reasoning. However, it is also true that you cant get anything by worrying. Thus, it is better to think rather than hurting your head thinking negative. So, whenever you find exams approaching, don’t take it as some big challenge or even if you take it as a big challenge, then be determined to face it bravely and you will positivity in your attitude.

Prepare well for the exams

One of the common reason students feeling anxious about exams is due to they don’t prepare well for the exams beforehand. As a result, when they find exams getting closer, they start feeling worried. So, if you want to keep the anxiety at bay during the exams, then we will suggest you to make the habit of self-studying after attending classes. This way, you will be prepared for the exams and wont have to deal with exam time blues.

Take some time out to enjoy your hobbies and meeting friends

As discussed above, you should find some time for self-study purpose after attending your lectures. With that, it is also necessary for you to get time to enjoy your hobbies and meeting friends. It is being suggested to you because you cant just keep studying forgetting about the world around you. If you do it, then it could take a toll on your mind and your exam preparation could get hampered. So, you should give some time to relax as well and it will happen if you make a time table and follow it strictly.

So, these are some tips you can use to keep anxiety at bay during the exams. Hope you find these tips useful.

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Growing online teacher-student relationship

With its apparent openness and distinctive approach of learning, online education has given teeth and solid reasons to strengthen teacher-student relationship. It is characterized by effective teaching, communication and monitoring that wasn’t realized earlier in traditional face to face teaching methodologies. However, it still has some lacunae such as lack of emotional communication and issues in supervision. So in order to address that loophole, there was a need to make it more interactive and to introduce emotional elements so as to make more and more students participative.

growing teacher-student relationship

The computer network enabled education and digitalization has genuinely transformed the teaching concepts, contents and pattern. So it is imperative to explore the teacher-student relation further as far as the effectiveness of online education is concerned. For that to be successfully fructified, teachers need to take a leading role here. As teachers are in possession of all the teaching resources, it is their call how to employ perfect teaching methodologies in order to impart knowledge and values. Traditionally the teaching activities included selecting text book, making curriculum, adopting particular teaching style and utilizing assessment means. But now it is observed that technology and social media platforms have proved to be great teaching tool. That is why they are using social media as a positive way to connect and teach students. Apart from that, education resources are widely expanded in a network system rather than inside teachers’ brains making students to have access to that knowledge. Teachers are exchanging ideas with the students by accessing specialized digital libraries by sharing them online.

However, there is an opposite side of it. Students can access the information without actually turning up to the teachers thus making teachers’ dominant role weakened a bit. It is yet to be seen how this new relationship would turn out in the coming time, but certainly it has added a new dimension to the teacher-student relationship for sure.

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Low cost MBA courses in UK

MBA is one of the most demanding and internationally recognized degrees in the world. In simple words, MBA helps in enhancing and intensifying one’s capabilities for managing, motivating and developing resources of a company to increase its business and to make profit. Of late UK has proved to be one of the most preferable destinations for MBA degree around the world. This influx of students, in turn, has made MBA an expensive course that can cost 10,000 pounds up to 45,000 pounds depending upon the university of one’s choice.

cheap MBA courses in UK

However, there are a fairly good number of universities and colleges that are offering relatively cheap and low cost MBA programs across UK. Many of them can be spotted around London itself, with a fee starting around as low as 6,000-7,000 pounds. It is noteworthy that these low cost colleges lack some of the striking features being seen in other universities such as high quality infrastructure, better faculties and facilities etc. All that is required by almost every single college of UK, however, is a good and healthy score in IELTS on the part of students.

Significant features of low cost MBA programs in UK

  • Most importantly these are affordable for all
  • Admission without any prior experience
  • Students studying in these colleges can also work to support themselves
  • Globally respected and recognized MBA course
  • These courses offer a strong platform for the students for a wide variety of careers in managerial positions.
  • The program takes 12 to 18 months for completion
  • These offer a conducive environment for a healthy interaction among students coming from different cultural backgrounds.

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How the application of technologies enhance education

With the evolution of technologies around the world, not only the businesses and economies have grown by leaps and bounds, but they have hugely and positively impacted the higher education of the students. So the following areas of technology explained here have changed the education for better:

how technology can be applied in education

  1. Video: videos have become a primary helping component in every aspect of students’ lives. From security and safety issues to informative tutorials, videos have revolutionized the education system with an effective manner. Video monitoring has made a lot of places safe and secure.
  2. Cloud computing: the cloud technology and cloud based services have greatly enhanced the higher education. E-mails, curriculum, ERP are attracting a lot of investments from universities as well as students.
  3. Shared services: there is a new trend of producing open source solutions and customized applications to save time and money. So the sharing of these open source services is proving to be effective and affordable for the student.
  4. Data and analytics: an effective and widespread technology as it is proving to be, big data analytics has a huge potential for research in academics. It requires huge planning and best strategies to be helpful for a longer time span in order to the uplift the education system.
  5. Cyber security: now a days cyber security is a growing concern across the world so in view of this universities and colleges need to protect their servers from cyber-attacks. Every educational system, every educational venture and institution is highly vulnerable in terms of virus infection.
  6. Data centre consolidation: the consolidation and up gradation of data centres is very important today as most universities and colleges have their own dedicated educational resources to sustain their educational infrastructure.

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