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Ways to Write a 250 Word Academic Essay

Ways to Write a 250 Word Academic Essay

You may think that writing a thousand word essay is the most complex task you ever have attempted. However, your views may not stay the same when you are assigned to write an essay in 250 words by your professor.

It could turn out this way because you have to discuss a topic in just 250 words. So, you need not only to be at your best in terms of writing, but you have to feed all the important information about the topic as well. Having clarity of the subject is a must for you for that and same could be said about acknowledging the key points of the information. Let’s find out more on the same in this write-up.

Plan the essay well

You need to be smart while structuring the essay as you have to complete the essay in around 250 words. In this type of coursework, you may have to follow conventional essay format that includes; introduction, main body and conclusion.

You have to give a thought to what you will write in these sections. It would be wise to stay focused on the main points of the essay throughout as rambling could lead you to exceed the word limit and readers won’t find it interesting to read such essay as well. You should also make sure to use short sentences while writing the assignment.

Make the introduction clear and crispy

In the other type of essay where you have more than 250 words to discuss a topic, you can write a lengthy introduction or thesis statement of the essay. However, you can’t do the same while writing a short essay with a limit of 250 words.

Here, you need to sum up your introduction in around 25 words. It means you can introduce your essay topic in one or two sentences. To put it more simply, you should write only one point of view or argument in the thesis statement.

Stick to the points while writing the main body

In this section of the essay, you should write the main points that explain your views. You should use short sentences throughout the main body and should conclude this section in around 200 words.

It would be ideal for you to divide this section in two or three paragraphs to convey your thoughts clearly and one or two examples could prove to be sufficient as well.

Conclusion should be compelling

In the conclusion, you have to summarize your views keeping the main points from the introduction and main body in mind. You should use around 25 words to write the conclusion.

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Companies Helping the Educational Institutions

There is no doubt in the fact that renowned people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many others have reached success by starting their journey from the school. All of these famous names understand the significant part education has played in helping them reach where they are.

The success and understanding the value of education have made them compassionate and today, they are playing their part in helping the schools. So, let’s have a look at the list of some of the companies that are doing the same.


The Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg founded the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative with his wife, Priscilla Chan. It is a nonprofit organization and is focussed on helping the science and education sectors. This foundation named after both Zuckerberg and his wife has donated millions of dollars to the school districts and many different education based organization all over US.


The Coca-Cola is of the leaders in soft drink and beverages industry. It has a philanthropic arm since its inception in 1984 that is called as “The Coca-Cola Foundation.” The company has been spending one percent from its prior year’s operating income every year for the betterment of the local people of its area of operations worldwide. They are helping the school education worldwide as well.


Bill and Melinda Gates are famous philanthropists. They offer help to the people through their non-profit organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization also focuses on K-12 education in US. Strengthening the connection between teachers and students is also the focus of this foundation. Along with the donation programs, this organization also tries to find new solutions that could prove helpful for the students to realize their potential.


Google offers help to the educational institutions through its philanthropic arm, Google.org. They provide Google Education services to the schools and they also offer grants to the schools worldwide. This organization not only helps the schools solve problems in various areas but also offer community grants to effect the local schools as well as communities.


Walt Disney Company has been actively helping the children and schools. They have donated 23.1million books in the last four years. This company has also donated 333.3 million to non-profit organizations in helping kids, families as well as communities.

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Characteristics of a School Leader

Every person has some goal or objective in life.For that purpose, they keep polishing and developing various skills.This way they keep growing and get closer to their goal. As a teacher, you also work hard with the children and has some aspirations in life.

Seeing yourself as a school leader is one such objective you could have and achieving is not tough.The individuals you see at top designations in a school are the normal people as well. However, they have some qualities that they polish and develop over the years.

Characteristics of a School Leader

So, as an online assignment help provider, here we will discuss the qualities you need to have to be a school administrator.

Leadership skills

As you are already aware of the fact that a school head person is the leader of the school. School leader is the one who keeps a check on the school proceedings, takes care of the teachers, student and support staff. With that, he or she is also accountable for any negative thing happening in the school. So, in a way school admin is someone who represents the school. Thus, if you want to become a school leader, then you should polish and develop your leadership skills by taking the initiative in the different task related to the job.

Eagerness to teach

The major and only objective of an educational institute is to provide the kids with quality education. It doesn’t only benefit the kids but proves helpful for the school as well because people start appreciating its services. So, in order to strengthen your candidature as the teacher, you should improve your eagerness for teaching.You should give time to teach the children during the lecture and should not stay behind in helping them out even after the class.

Connection with the people

As mentioned above, a school admin is a person who takes care of the school students, teachers and support staff. It happens if the head person has the connection with all these individuals.This connection happens if you share some laugh with the students and your colleagues. In addition, stay close to the support staff as well. One more quality that you need to develop in you is to listen to the students parents well.

So, it was a small effort from us to tell you the characteristics you need to have to be a good school admin. Hope it was helpful.

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Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

Although assignment writing is something that is the least favorite task of the students. However, you might be one of those students who like to write their assignment themselves but might not be able to do it due to lack of time. In most of the cases, it turns out this way because you might be busy with your exam preparation or occupied by some part-time job. In such circumstances, you find yourself thinking what I need to do first, and you don’t even come to make a decision, you find your assignment submission deadline approaching fast.

Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

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Is Your Kid Getting Enough Time For Him or Herself?

In the modern world, students lead pretty hectic life. They get up early in the morning, get ready for school in the half-sleeping state. Do breakfast on the way school, reach school in a hurry to don’t miss the roll call. After that, they spend hours concentrating on lectures, and come back home in the early evening and get ready for next round of study marathon and leave for tuition quickly, spend the whole evening in learning whatever they learnt at school in the day or will learn next day. Come back late evening and find that assignment or homework still waiting for them.

times for kids

By having a look at this routine, you might say that your kid is doing well in his or her academics. But are you sure that your kid is happy leading this sort of life? Is your kid getting enough time to enjoy his or her hobbies? And are your sure that your kid is mentally and physically fit? Well, you can say that your kid is fit enough because he or she stays very active throughout the day and your kid is happy as well because he or she spends most of the time with his or her friends. You might be right as well, but there are chances that your kid could be tired of all this and would be feeling the urge of having some free time to enjoy his or her hobbies. This type of situation could arise if your kid spends a whole day on studies and doesn’t get the chance to have even a look at his or her cricket bat or football. Some kids keep up with this pressure and keep moving forward, but some of them can’t deal with it and start feeling broken. This not only hurt their mental and physical health but their education as well and as a parent, it gets harder for you to understand what to do. So, it’s better for you to understand it beforehand and try to help your kid by taking some measures. Those measures could be like, you can avail online assignment help for your kid to give him or her some time off from the homework, you can also try to help your kid in learning a topic at home rather than sending him or her to coaching. Another way that could be beneficial for your kid in having a joyful academic life is that you can take him or her out on a weekend or could challenge your kid in his or her favorite sport. This way you will find your kid excelling in his or her academics and leading a healthy life as well.

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Difference Between An Essay, Dissertation And Thesis

Essay, dissertation, and thesis are something that you have to write at some point of time in your academic life. So as student, a thought could cross your mind that all of these are research papers, what is the use of assigning them separately? So, to answer your such questions and much more, we have to come up with an article that tries to tell whats the difference between an essay, dissertation, and thesis.

Essay, dissertation, and thesis are the three types of academic paper that you have to write based on a particular question and subject matter. Your university use these documents as a method to assess how good you are at a particular subject. So, as you have to understand the use of these research paper writing, lets try to find out what these three academic papers really mean before we discuss the difference between all these three.

What is an essay: An essay can be defined as short literary composition on a literary subject and usually presents the personal view of the writer.

What is a dissertation: It is a written work that helps in advancing a fresh point of view resulting from research. It is usually a requirement for an advanced educational degree.

What is a thesis: Although thesis has the same definition as the dissertation but its usually longer than a dissertation.

Main differences between an essay, dissertation, and thesis

  • First major difference between these three assignments are that dissertation and thesis are longer than an essay.
  • An essay is an academic paper that usually get used to explore an argument or to give more information about a specific subject. Hence, you can find that most of the essay questions start with what, who, where, how or why. It suggests that these words are looking for a conclusion to be drawn by a writer, following a study of the research that is already available.
  • A dissertation is a type of academic paper that look for a writer to come up with new evidence to draw a conclusion about a particular subject matter, as its definition states to “advance a fresh point of view”. It means that a writer looks to add to the research pool on a particular topic instead of just discussing the research thats already available.
  • As mentioned above, a thesis is same as a dissertation, but its a broader level of exploration and investigation. Thats why a thesis has longer length than a dissertation.

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Evolution of education

The rise and evolution of civilizations in the ancient world also gave rise to the need for transmission of knowledge and information. Gradually accumulating, recording and preserving the experiences and knowledge became very complex. So, in this way the need of writing was aroused. The firsthand everyday experiences were then needed to be recorded and to teach these skills of writing and reading, a dedicated place was invented – called school. Then came teachers, scribes and priests. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians introduced the methods of learning and memorization. Greeks on the other hand, were the firsts to introduce science and philosophy. They represented world phenomena with the help of their mythological gods. Finally ancient Indus valley Civilization and Chinese Civilization contributed in the fields of medicines, mathematics, astrology and spirituality.

evolution of education

During the middle ages, when Byzantine Empire was taking its last breadth in Europe, there was an educational crisis, which appeared by the creation of a void when the monarchy began to end there. A desperate need of knowledge and education in the European society allowed an intense surge or wave of intellectuality. This intellectual revolution is called Renaissance and it paved a way for modernizing the society with the help of wealth of knowledge that came with it. During this period, the scientific, social, intellectual, spiritual and literary enrichment of the people started taking place. This period saw many great personalities who immensely contributed to the society with their exceptional intelligence as well as human values. Leonardo-da-Vinci, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilee were one among those people.

The modern education was effectively started after Industrial revolution took place in early 19th century England. This period was a great scientific wave that swept “Europe and America” (West). Important scientific discoveries and inventions were taking place extensively. This era saw a marked improvement in means of transportation as well as ways of propagating information. Now, with the advent of internet, Nano technology, smart phones and space age technology – next generation education has knocked on our door.

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How to prepare for upcoming exams

It is widely observed that examinations are often a constant source of stress and worry for the students around the world. It is also understandable that revising the whole year’s or semester’s course in a few days’ time is really excruciating, but needs to be done anyways. So it is advisory that students need to prepare for the exams well in advance. If not prepared fully students are bound to feel the extra heat and anxiety. Besides, thorough preparation makes the students confident to go ahead and obtain good marks or better grades. However, what to prepare, how to prepare and when to prepare are some of the fundamental questions that capture minds of the students in the wee hours as far as pressure of examinations is concerned. Pressure and tension get skyrocketed whenever exams are knocking on the door. So to know how to prepare for the finals is the key here and the moment the whole strategy is implemented successfully, it becomes pretty easy to do very well in the exams.

exam preparation
A few blank sheets ready for been filled in a exam.

Exams form a significant part of a student’s academic assessment so the course materials also act as a very important aspect of exam-preparation. So the following tips can be very helpful for the students:

  • Devote enough time for study, do not leave for the last minute
  • Organize your study area
  • Use of flow charts and diagrams is always helpful
  • Start practicing previous exam papers
  • Try to study with your peers and explain answers to each other
  • Try to organize your study resources and prioritize them according to their relevance
  • Take regular breaks in between while studying as the results have also shown that human mind cannot continuously things for too long
  • Use concentration building techniques such as meditation.
  • Eat healthy to remain healthy for a healthy mind

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How the application of technologies enhance education

With the evolution of technologies around the world, not only the businesses and economies have grown by leaps and bounds, but they have hugely and positively impacted the higher education of the students. So the following areas of technology explained here have changed the education for better:

how technology can be applied in education

  1. Video: videos have become a primary helping component in every aspect of students’ lives. From security and safety issues to informative tutorials, videos have revolutionized the education system with an effective manner. Video monitoring has made a lot of places safe and secure.
  2. Cloud computing: the cloud technology and cloud based services have greatly enhanced the higher education. E-mails, curriculum, ERP are attracting a lot of investments from universities as well as students.
  3. Shared services: there is a new trend of producing open source solutions and customized applications to save time and money. So the sharing of these open source services is proving to be effective and affordable for the student.
  4. Data and analytics: an effective and widespread technology as it is proving to be, big data analytics has a huge potential for research in academics. It requires huge planning and best strategies to be helpful for a longer time span in order to the uplift the education system.
  5. Cyber security: now a days cyber security is a growing concern across the world so in view of this universities and colleges need to protect their servers from cyber-attacks. Every educational system, every educational venture and institution is highly vulnerable in terms of virus infection.
  6. Data centre consolidation: the consolidation and up gradation of data centres is very important today as most universities and colleges have their own dedicated educational resources to sustain their educational infrastructure.

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