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Students’ Post: Improve Concentration and Memory using these Techniques

Students often find it tough to memorize the academic information during the exam times. It leads them to search for the ways to improve their concentration and memory.

We understand your problem. Hence, our focus would be to tell you some techniques that could help you in improving your memory and concentration.

Paying attention is a must

You can’t deny the fact that getting the complete hold of some information is nearly impossible if your mind is wandering somewhere else. Lack of attention may occur due to getting distracted to your surroundings and your ideas easily.

So, there is a need for you to try focusing on the information you read or watch. It will definitely improve your memory.

Try to use more than one sense

You use two senses while reading something; the first one is the eyes and the other one is your mind. Giving attention to the information using these two senses helps you much in learning.

If you add one or two more senses, for example, if you read out the information loud, then there is a possibility that you will be able to learn even quicker.

Structure the information

You may also understand that breaking the written information into sections or learning it using a procedure could prove to be easy.

You may have used these methods to learn a topic during the primary school days. You could use the same method while pursuing higher education.

Challenge your mind

There is a saying about the brain that the more you use it, the more it develops. So, you should make sure to involve your brain in different creative activities.

You could read a novel, could play some games that challenge your mind. Solving the math problems in your mind could also help your brain to develop further.

Eat healthy

It is also a must for you to keep a check on your eating habits to give optimum care to your health. You should make sure to eat nutrient food and should avoid junk food.

Moreover, you should sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours every day. It is much recommended as it could prove helpful for you in improving your memory.

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How to share your ways of learning with students

Teachers who love their teaching profession have a lot of passion for learning as well as teaching. It always thrills them when they are given a challenge of teaching most stubborn students. Many of them have given up their high paying jobs in order to pursue teaching profession. They always seem to be enthusiastic whenever they meet students so that they could share something interesting with them. In the moments of pure passion, these teachers are at best in teaching and imparting knowledge.

How to share your ways of learning with students

So here are some of the important ways and methods with which teachers can share their experiences and passion for learning with students:

  1. Open yourself: it is always a matter of joy for us to listen to those who open themselves to share their valuable experiences. Their enthusiasm and excitement is contagious and bring more and more people on the same page.
  2. Tell every relevant thing passionately: tell your students even the smallest things that have relevance. Whatever you are thinking about or working on, if you find something interesting in that, go ahead and tell them.
  3. Make students to use your experiences: be an example to inspire the students to follow something that is immensely helpful for them also. Your experiences should not be limited to the classrooms only. So let students use them beyond their class in the world that is way diverse and complex.
  4. Helping them in setting their goals: if you as a teacher help the students in prioritizing their tasks and set their goals, they are more inclined to listen to you and use your methods more often than not.
  5. Rewards the improvements: every time a student is rewarded for his improvements, he gets an internal motivation to follow his teacher. They care to listen to whatever important things are being taught to them.

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Infusing technology into curriculum

Technology is quite ubiquitous these days. It is growing by leaps and bounds and has conveniently touched every aspect of our lives. Right from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night, we are bound to use the technology in some ways or the other. It has now completely changed the way how we look at the world and has given us countless possibilities for its utilization. However, the realization of the true potential of the technology in the class is yet to be seen because there are still so many schools that are left far behind regarding integrating technology into the classroom. Today’s economy is based on highly technological knowledge, so the students also need to acquire special skills to survive the competition.

Infusing technology into curriculum

So, how exactly can technology be infused into the classroom, is the pertinent question that arises here in the first place? It begins with teaching basic computer skills to cutting-edge technological utilities that are beneficial for the students in a way that can enhance their learning process and knowledge base. Researchers and educational experts have already underlined four key elements of learning: active engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction, and proper feedback. So effective and transparent integration of technology allows learning through projects. As a result, they acquire and refine their problem-solving skills and analysis of the processes.

New technological tools can offer students myriad ways to experiment and observe phenomena with the help of graphical interfaces. As a result, students are more focused and stay engaged thereby reducing their behavioural problems. Our assignment help UK professionals further add that technology has also significantly changed the way teachers teach the students. It has offered them numerous ways to assess their understanding and performance. The relationship between teacher and student is also enhanced in the process.

Stimulating learning through educational games

There is a growing need to reconsider the methodologies employed for education and learning in students. In view of this, digital games can be an effective and innovative source of learning. Our society is increasingly being transformed with the up gradation in technology creating diversified mechanisms with which learning and education of the students also get enhanced.  So experimenting with educational games can open a plethora of opportunities for the students and children to learn. Educational professionals and researches have focused on effectiveness of these games as powerful learning tools by exploring their educational potential. Many of the uses of these games for the students are outside the purview of the class such as self-teaching and learning from peers. So these educational games can act as a bridge between virtual world and real world to promote learning.

Stimulating learning through educational games

By definition, a computer game denotes a fictitious situation where one or more players find themselves in position of competition. They then start-off competing by pitting themselves with each other. There are some basic rules that control their actions and present certain specific situations designed to winning or losing – eventually with a learning objective. These games, thus, show the characteristics that are similar to effective learning plan like achievement (an objective to achieve the given task), motivation (not give up early in adverse situations) and assessment (trying to figure out where something went wrong). The nature of these games is designed in such a way that they pose continuous challenges to the players and provide them necessary flexibility.  Each player is allowed to use his/her resources and workout their own strategies to end the game. The victorious and successful players are rewarded new capabilities and new tasks. So a good educational game combines a fair amount of learning and entertainment.

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Growing online teacher-student relationship

With its apparent openness and distinctive approach of learning, online education has given teeth and solid reasons to strengthen teacher-student relationship. It is characterized by effective teaching, communication and monitoring that wasn’t realized earlier in traditional face to face teaching methodologies. However, it still has some lacunae such as lack of emotional communication and issues in supervision. So in order to address that loophole, there was a need to make it more interactive and to introduce emotional elements so as to make more and more students participative.

growing teacher-student relationship

The computer network enabled education and digitalization has genuinely transformed the teaching concepts, contents and pattern. So it is imperative to explore the teacher-student relation further as far as the effectiveness of online education is concerned. For that to be successfully fructified, teachers need to take a leading role here. As teachers are in possession of all the teaching resources, it is their call how to employ perfect teaching methodologies in order to impart knowledge and values. Traditionally the teaching activities included selecting text book, making curriculum, adopting particular teaching style and utilizing assessment means. But now it is observed that technology and social media platforms have proved to be great teaching tool. That is why they are using social media as a positive way to connect and teach students. Apart from that, education resources are widely expanded in a network system rather than inside teachers’ brains making students to have access to that knowledge. Teachers are exchanging ideas with the students by accessing specialized digital libraries by sharing them online.

However, there is an opposite side of it. Students can access the information without actually turning up to the teachers thus making teachers’ dominant role weakened a bit. It is yet to be seen how this new relationship would turn out in the coming time, but certainly it has added a new dimension to the teacher-student relationship for sure.

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Low cost MBA courses in UK

MBA is one of the most demanding and internationally recognized degrees in the world. In simple words, MBA helps in enhancing and intensifying one’s capabilities for managing, motivating and developing resources of a company to increase its business and to make profit. Of late UK has proved to be one of the most preferable destinations for MBA degree around the world. This influx of students, in turn, has made MBA an expensive course that can cost 10,000 pounds up to 45,000 pounds depending upon the university of one’s choice.

cheap MBA courses in UK

However, there are a fairly good number of universities and colleges that are offering relatively cheap and low cost MBA programs across UK. Many of them can be spotted around London itself, with a fee starting around as low as 6,000-7,000 pounds. It is noteworthy that these low cost colleges lack some of the striking features being seen in other universities such as high quality infrastructure, better faculties and facilities etc. All that is required by almost every single college of UK, however, is a good and healthy score in IELTS on the part of students.

Significant features of low cost MBA programs in UK

  • Most importantly these are affordable for all
  • Admission without any prior experience
  • Students studying in these colleges can also work to support themselves
  • Globally respected and recognized MBA course
  • These courses offer a strong platform for the students for a wide variety of careers in managerial positions.
  • The program takes 12 to 18 months for completion
  • These offer a conducive environment for a healthy interaction among students coming from different cultural backgrounds.

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