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Common Writing Errors that Mar the Quality of your Assignment

In the academic life, you may face a situation where you may have written a fine quality assignment, but your grades may not witness the same. You find that your researched content was relevant, your writing style seems appropriate and there does not seem to be any discrepancy in the overall look of the coursework and the references.

What could be the reason for the things turning out this way? Well, it could happen due to small inconsistencies in your writing. Interested to know about those errors in your writing? Then read on!

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Grammatical errors

You must be well aware of what grammatical mistakes mean. If not then, these are such errors that occur if you do not use the tenses in the right way. It is one of the most common types of errors that students make and find themselves unable to get desired grades.

You should keep a check on such errors while writing the assignment and should also give time to proofreading the coursework after completing it.

Spelling errors

Most of the students have difficulty in writing some words. Even I find myself confused over the spelling of few words. It could happen due to few words being too tough to read and write, for example, pseudonym (guess what? I wrote it wrong again). Or cause of the word sharing some sort of similarities like, except and accept.

You should be careful while using such words while writing your assignment. you can also find synonyms of the words that trouble you often.

Use of too vivid language

It is possible that you may be advised to use plain language for the academic writing. Your professor asks you to do it as it makes it easy for the readers to go through the homework.

Thus, if you use the language that is too vivid containing too many creative words or technical words, then it could lead to the negative marking by the professor.

Errors in the sentences structure

Educationists say that some students don’t structure the sentences well while writing the assignment. They often write too long sentences and don’t use right words to connect the sentences. It degrades your writing quality and you may not be able to get the desired grades.

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Learn Academic Writing from the Qualified Experts

Writing an academic assignment is not the task that every student can attempt effectively. Some students gain efficiency in writing coursework early and some struggle to deal with the complexity it poses to them.

For the latter category of students, it would be wise to learn the craft of academic writing from online academic writers. Thus, in this writing piece, we will try to discuss why online assignment experts could be the right tutor to teach you the craft of homework writing.


They possess experience and right qualification


As a college student, you must be well aware of the complexity level of the assignment topics you are asked to work on. Other tasks such as structuring the coursework and referencing make it even tough for you.


The writers offering assignment writing assistance online are qualified enough to deal with the complexity level of various subjects. They gain proper knowledge of the subjects by learning it in the academics and polish their skills by writing lots of academic homework. This combination of qualification and experience makes these writers the right individuals to teach you coursework writing.


Online writers write dedicatedly after proper research


You may often find the research a tedious task while planning the assignment. It could lead you to procrastinate and you may not be able to do proper research on the subject.


Academic writers are the individuals who don’t think the same way. They give ample time to research before starting the writing process. It allows them to gain exact knowledge of the subject and they can describe all the answers in such language that can give you an idea of the required writing approach.


They can do all the tasks from formatting and referencing to proofreading


University gives you some guidelines that tell you the way you have to structure to coursework and which referencing style you have to use to add references to the assignment. You may find it tough to attempt both these tasks due to lack of knowledge.


The assignment writing experts possess required skills to format your assignment correctly and they can also add references to the homework efficiently. They can also proofread the assignment effectively to hand over you an error-free coursework and it could lead to your learning.


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Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay

Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay could be a new experience for some of the students. It is a different type of academic writing that requires you to relate your experience with the relevant theory. You may also be asked to write about what you learnt from that experience.

These essays are often written about the subject area of the students. For example, you might be asked to write about your experience of interacting with the various people to solve a case if you are a law student.


These type of essays are shorter than the standard academic essays and you can use the words such as ‘I’ or ‘we’ while attempting a reflective essay which is not the case in other types of academic writing.

Points to remember while relating practice to the theory

As mentioned above, you need to relate the practice to the theory while writing a reflective writing assignment. So, there is a specific way you have to take while attempting such assignment.

  • You need to find out how predictions made by theoretical models could be compared with events? And how theory could be understood by the help of the events?
  • You have to be selective while attempting a reflective essay. You should write the theory that seems useful and should find out the relevant events you have to write on.
  • You can find it easier to write about events and relate theory to the practice if you discuss it with others.
  • It could also prove helpful for you in reflective writing if you use a personal journal to write about your experiences.

Writing style for reflective essays

  • In this type of writing, you have to write about your personal experience. So, it is fine to use the first person words for the sections where you have to tell about what happened. In the other sections that discuss the theory, your writing style needs to be appropriate.
  • Being overly emotional or subjective may not be right even with the use of the first words such as ‘I’ and ‘we.’ Thus, you should describe the essay in such way that everyone can understand.
  • You also need to keep in mind that using the past tense is ideal while describing the experiences and you should use the present tense while writing theory.

Remember the models of reflection

Although it is ideal to use the model suggested by your professor to structure your reflective essay but, here we will discuss the most commonly used model given by Gibbs.

Description: in this section, you have to tell what happened, give the context and have to tell the persons involved. Writing about the key incidents is a must as well.

Feelings: unlike the other type of assignment writing, here you have the freedom to show your emotions about the topic being discussed. You should write about how you felt during that time and after that time. However, you must avoid being offensive keeping the academics in mind.

Evaluation: here you have to give a thought to your reaction to the experience and have to write about others reactions as well. You have to write the positives and negatives of the experience and the changes that occurred due to that experience.

Analysis: You have to give some more detailed thought to the different aspects of the experience you are writing about. You should apply the theory to the event here.

Conclusion: then comes the conclusion. You should make decisions about the experience and try to find out other ways of dealing with the same event. You should look into the positive things you did and have to write about the negatives you could avoid or avoided. You also have to write how the things could have been improved.

Action plan: in this section, you have to write the measures you have to take to improve in the future. You have to give thought to the ways you have taken to improve.

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Traits of a Quality Teacher

Teachers play a significant role not only in teaching, but in guiding the students in various ways as well. This way they share the same importance in their students’ lives as the students’ own parents.

In the modern times, a teacher needs to have much more qualities. You may be interested to grow such qualities in yourself. Keeping this thing in mind, as an assignment help provider, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you an idea of the same.


They enjoy teaching

Teaching is the job that requires much dedication. You find yourself in a classroom with lots of kids. You have to get ready to listen to these kids whether you are in the mood or not.

If you cant deal with it, then you cant expect to be a quality teacher. The reason being that the ideal teachers take teaching as the part of their lives and they enjoy teaching without getting bothered to any such things.

Quality teachers understand the students well

As mentioned above, you have to be ready to deal with all the students in the class. All the students have different tempraments, you can find it easy to handle some of them and vice-versa.

But, a quality teacher treats all the students well even if there are some students whom he or she cant tolerate. A good teacher understands their behavior well and treats them according to whats best suited for them.

They have sound teachnical knowledge

Technology has taken over the education sector much in the last few years or so. The blackboards have been replaced by the projectors and and laptops are being used by the students as a notebook.

Quality teachers have sound knowledge of the technology and they help the students in learning through technology quite well.

Ideal teachers are well-organized

You must be aware of the fact that the teachers have many tasks to do along with taking lectures. Keeping the students records, checking their test papers, etc. are some of those tasks.

Ideal teachers are good at organizing all such tasks well. They complete all their school tasks at the school, give time to their family and get ready with the same ambition of teaching everyday.

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Ways to Make the School Climate Positive

Having a positive and calm climate in the school means all the proceedings happening smoothly. Every head teacher or principal wants to see such environment in their school to take the education and their school to a new level.

As a head teacher, you may have the same ideas as well and maybe making efforts to instil positivity in your institute’s environment.

Thus, as an online assignment help provider, we will try to tell you some ways that you can use to instill positivity in your school environment.


Discuss the problems with the teachers

As a head teacher, you are the in-charge of the school. You are the one who is accountable to everything that happens within your school premises. However, it does not mean that you have to deal with all the problems that school faces just by yourself.

There must be a large number of teachers working under you. They are all wise enough inspite of their age and can give you helpful advice if your school faces some problems.

Interact with the children

Principal is the post that gets associated with the office much often. It is something that is totally wrong because you are the teacher as well. Not only that, you must be one of the most experienced teacher thats why you are the head teacher of the school and you taking the classes means students will get the quality learning.

Thus, you should make sure to take class much often and should interact with the kids as well. This way you will earn the respect of the kids and the school environment will become harmonious.

Your teaching staff must be happy with you

Someone from your teaching staff not seeing eye to eye to you means he or she might not be able to teach effectively. This way your personal or professional differences could put students’ academics at risk.

As a head teacher, it is your duty to give the best and positive learning environment to the students. So, one thing that you need to do is to make sure your teachers are not miffed with you and if they are, then you should be the first one to initiate talks to get rid of the differences.

Know the how about of other staff as well

School is the place where lots of the people work along with your teaching staff. Peons, clerks and security guards are some of them and they also play a key role in the school proceedings going well.

They deserve their share of love and respect as well. So, you should also understand their value and should not forget to ask their how about often.

That said, we will sum up this write-up here. Hope you find it useful.

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Keep these Points in Mind While Choosing the College Electives

Students often make mistakes while selecting college electives. It happens due to not having appropriate experience in the same or they dont take the electives seriously.

According to the educationists, electives play a significant role in teaching you about the things that you wont get to learn with the major subjects. Thus, it is a must for you to be smart while choosing the electives.


Opt for the subjects that interest you

There can be subjects that you may have wanted to learn much, but could not due to some reason. Electives are the chance you get to fulfill your desire.

So, while choosing the electives, you should make sure that you opt for ones that you are interested to learn most. This way you will be able to handle the electives easily and will gain much knowledge about a topic as it would be of your interest.

Choose the electives that are not tough as the main subjects

College is one of the highest academic levels. You have to make much efforts in studies to learn and get high grades. It is also obvious that the more importance should be given to the main subjects rather than electives.

Thats why one of things you should consider while choosing additional subjects is that they are not as complex as the main subjects. It is being suggest because if you choose the tough electives, then you wont be able to give much time to the main subjects and your academic performance could get hampered as a result.

Consider whether they teach you something or not

Your primary objective of studying is to learn. It would be waste of time and efforts for you if you dont get to learn something in the academics.

You need to have same motto while choosing the additional subjects in college studies. You should give a thought to whether you will get to learn something about the academics or society.

You can also take the advice of your previous teachers and college seniors to get the better understanding of choosing the electives.

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Stuck with Assignment Writing? Try these Tips!

Students face many types of difficulties in the assignment writing process. In this process, the phase that they find much though is writing and often get stuck while writing their various assignments.

 However, it is something that is not a big worry and you could get better at writing your academic assignments after getting some guidance. Thats why as an online assignment help provider, in this write-up, we will try to give you some tips on how to write your assignment without getting stuck.

 assignment writing

Do more research

 Research is the primary requirement of writing a complete assignment. You have to gather most relevant information for your assignment from various sources. You feed this information in the assignment keeping the questions’ requirements in mind and if you all short of the data, then you face difficulty in writing further.

 So, when you found yourself in such situation, just start doing some research and try to find more data for your assignment. It will take some time, but you will definately be able to write your coursework effectively.

 Get a friend’s or teacher’s help

 There are two people who could prove much help for you in writing the assignments. First one is your friend, it is quite obvious that you and your friend study in the same class. He or she may be doing or have done the assignment you have problem in writing.

 Thus, it would be a smart thing if you ask for a friend to complete your assignment. Furthermore, you can also talk to your teacher about your paper writing problem. Your professor possess the right knowledge of the assignment topic assigned to you and can give you useful suggestion in writing your assignment.

 Focus on some other task to get refreshed

 It is also possible that you could get bored of homework writing and your mind might not come up with the ideas required to continue the writing process.

 In such circumstances, you should take some time off your assignment and should spend time on your hobbies. You can also focus on some other tasks and keep trying to find the solution to write the assignment further. This way your mind will get refreshed and you will be able to write more efficiently.

 Try online writing service

 Opting for assignment writing service online is one of the modern ways that students take to get their assignments written. These assignment help providers offer you assignment writing assistance within a limited budget and can provide you with a quality homework.

 So, you could opt for writing service if your struggle in homework writing doesn’t end.

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