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Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Today’s digital age and internet world has provided countless platforms and possibilities for everyone to learn and get successful in their respective careers. So, these possibilities are coming in the form of massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have become significantly preferred way of online learning. A large number of students around the globe, who have yet to complete their higher studies, are opting for these online courses. They can attend the classes from any part of the world by connecting to the internet. The concept of online classes and courses dates back in 2008, when a course called “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” was an instant success in a group of few hundred students.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

With the advent of these MOOCs, the older and traditional educational institutions are facing a lot of challenges as the MOOCs have given them a run for their money. So, in the future traditional institutions are going to face even more intense heat. The other fact that is making the students gravitated towards them is that they are relatively cheaper and very low cost as compared to traditional full time courses. Currently, there are three main players that are offering MOOCs in the market namely Udacity, Coursera and EdX. These platforms have generated enough interest among the students and have kept the momentum going.

Advantages of using MOOCs

MOOCs have successfully expanded the knowledge base for the students to get extensive knowledge. Even the people from corporate world, who are working in their respective organizations, are turning to MOOCs for further courses. The advantages of MOOCs can be best summarized in the points:

  1. Anyone can access the training on a 24/7 basis
  2. By learning new skills, employees can increase productivity and hence profits.
  3. They enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the employees
  4. They make the employees and students up-to date with skills
  5. They also help in addressing real world challenges
  6. Companies can easily identify professionals with required skill sets.

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Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

For the last few decades, a continuous and burning debate has been going on among intellectuals, and that has made everyone across the world jump on the bandwagon. So, the moot issue being which one is true- evolution or intelligent design. According to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution suggests that all the living beings can be traced back to the same and common ancestor. Different forms of lives that we see and observe today have been changed and mutated over the time. The theory further states that with the help of natural selection, the strongest of the species were able to survive. Intelligent design, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in evolution as well as natural selection and suggests that there is an intelligent cause behind the creation of all the things.

Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

The proponents of evolution believe that intelligent design is a religious topic disguised as science and is not supported by scientists. Whereas, the supporters of intelligent design believe it to be a science. The supporters of evolution claim that intelligent design doesn’t have any scientific basis because it does not encourage asking questions and debating issues. They also believe that intelligent design cannot be taken as a science as there is no credible scientific body that follows it. However, it cannot be concluded that the topic of intelligent design, however, flawed it seems to be, should not be discussed at all. After all, it is the students and scholars who have to make their views obviously based on facts and findings. The proponents of intelligent design further add that considering the countless life forms and the way all of them are working perfectly, clearly indicate that unless there are some intelligent phenomena going on somewhere, could not have existed in the first place.

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Purpose of education

In its all-encompassing view, the basic purpose of education is to support and develop skills in students, acquire the knowledge, promoting technological advancements and instilling love and peace and harmony in the society. It makes us informed and responsible to cater to the well-being of community and society. Many believe it is the engine of our economy and strengthens the foundation of our culture. The responsibility that education poses on us is to further educate the next generation of informed citizens.

Purpose of education


It is widely believed that a student is a central element of education. The way he utilizes it makes a significant difference in the society. The student is the one who strengthens the foundation of society makes way for everyone to be productive and efficient. Inside as well as outside of the class, education allows students to devise innovative ways of solving problems and analyzing situations.

In today’s society, education is an essential need of humans as it is a base of life for us. The concept of education further clarifies its purpose in the following way:

  • It allows the members of the society to participate in social governance
  • It promotes a constructive and creative culture of critical thinking and cognitive skills
  • It allows people to realize their unique potential
  • It promotes methodological mindset
  • It develops the use of scientific explanations in order to surface, clarify, refine and advance our understanding
  • It develops the ability to plan and investigate so that solutions of problems can be found
  • Education helps students to extensively analyze and interpret data
  • It helps in constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • It allows us to engage in constructive argument from evidence
  • It allows us to obtain, evaluate and communicate information

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Inclusive education

Inclusive education is the process of bringing all the students in one classroom even if they have varied individual strengths and weaknesses in any area in general as well as in particular. It provides equal opportunities to all the students belonging to any community for their academic and social achievement. The process also makes sure that each and every student should be welcomed regardless of their unique needs and learning styles as well as fully attended to and valued eventually maximizing their full potential. It begins with developing and designing the schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all the students are going to learn and participate at the same time.

Inclusive education in schools

Researchers, education experts and other proponents of inclusive education underline certain benefits of the latter as follows:

  • It helps in developing and enhancing individual strengths with appropriate expectations.
  • It allows working on personal goals on the one hand while participating in different activities with other students on the other.
  • It allows involving the parents of the students in their education.
  • It promotes the culture of respect and belonging
  • It provides the platform where the students learn to accept the individual differences.
  • It discourages harassment and bullying
  • It allows students to develop friendship with other students having different needs and abilities.
  • It has a positive effect on both school and community
  • It allows students to live in peace and harmony

Inclusive education as explained by our assignment help UK experts,is often mistaken as main-streaming of the education that requires the students with special needs be placed in general education settings. However, unlike inclusive education, main-streaming in this case does not construe well to have a positive impact on learning. Teachers of inclusive education, moreover, are to vary their teaching styles in order to meet diverse learning styles.

Career development programs in elementary schools

If the modernity has made our lives easy, effective, educative and entertaining then it has definitely raised the bar for putting endeavors in order to learn and succeed for the school students. Students and their parents today are more concerned about their careers. Therefore educators and researchers support the introduction of career development programs in elementary schools. These programs have a growing importance in terms of self-fulfillment and all-round development for the students as these greatly benefit them. The early development of skills makes way for development for career awareness skills and career exploration skills.

Career development programs

Strategies utilized for career development of children

Researchers have emphasized on certain processes that can be highly helpful for the children such as encouraging their efforts, self-evaluation, planning to increase the complexity of tasks and problem solving tasks. These strategies create effective environments for students to learn and provide open knowledge base to explore their own career development. The educators need to teach the children to work on the feedbacks as well. So the following points can throw some more light on the methodologies involved in career development:

  • To encourage curiosity in children by allowing them the areas in which they can wonder and explore more.
  • Allowing them to experiment with the objects and equipment
  • To encourage them using creative ways of making and breaking things
  • Building bridges to more complex learning by repeatedly attempting processes not yet known to them
  • To encourage them to be more competitive
  • To develop social understanding by allowing them in frequent interactions
  • To develop an understanding of self-evaluation and self-reflection
  • To encourage drawing, writing and talking skills
  • Planning for expression and exploration of thoughts

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Standardized tests in UK

A standardized test is defined as a test in which all the contestants have to answers the same set of questions as well as in a standard and consistent manner so that it will be easier for the examiners to assess their relative performance. In UK it was introduced in early 19th century and then spread throughout the British Commonwealth followed by Europe and America. Prior to this form of pedagogy, the western world was greatly influenced by the Greece philosophy of assessment by using essays written by students. But with the advent of post industrial revolution era of school education, there was a crying need of compulsory education for increased student population, the open-ended assessment of students gave way for standardized tests.

standardized tests in UK

Advantages of standardized tests

  1. The standardized tests being in multiple choice formats present a practical solution for the student assessment.
  2. Having been able to quantify the results, educators can easily identify proficiency levels.
  3. Use of automation and computerized testing simplifies the evaluation
  4. It has proved to be unbiased method of student evaluation
  5. The results of even different schools can also be compared with each other
  6. It help in tracing the student progress
  7. It helps in measuring ability of the students

Disadvantages of standardized tests

  1. It puts teachers in a box as most of them do not find it convenient in teaching the way they want to teach
  2. It is a matter of debate and argument that standardized tests can be a way of inaccurate judgment.
  3. It inspires cheating
  4. Sometimes the questions are very general in nature falling short of proper evaluation
  5. Results don’t allow the examiners to update teaching methodology
  6. The scores of the students can be influenced by the external factors.

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Steps to write error free English

The importance of English language is growing day by day in the world. Globalization has brought together the world community which is effectively connected by English language. So it becomes imperative to understand and learn English as it greatly assists in successfully carrying businesses internationally. To talk about the intricacies, it is observed, however, that even native people from English speaking countries don’t completely know how to write effective and error-free English, let alone people from other countries. Having said that, some top quality assignment and homework writing help experts lay down a few important steps, that can go a long way to help you in writing error-free English.

how to write better english

  • The ideas coming in the mind should be organized and implemented wisely and logically. This is very important to be able to think clearly and write clearly.
  • The clarity of ideas and thoughts should be conveyed properly. Try to start with an introduction and end with a conclusion and the summary of the main points should be given with proper context.
  • Use your creativity whenever necessary as it motivates you to write more.
  • If you want others to read and get attracted towards your writing then write it in a constructive manner and do not forget to take their feedback.
  • The ideas and the purpose of the writing should be coherent. The writing should not be distracted from the main idea.
  • Do not use confused verbs and use of common words and phrases should be increased.
  • Start writing short sentences first then gradually try to build longer sentences on them.
  • The grammar and spellings are constantly required to be checked.
  • Try to bring positivity in your writing as it attracts more and more readers.
  • Use online tools to correct yourself in case no expert is around you.

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