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Students’ Post: Improve Concentration and Memory using these Techniques

Students often find it tough to memorize the academic information during the exam times. It leads them to search for the ways to improve their concentration and memory.

We understand your problem. Hence, our focus would be to tell you some techniques that could help you in improving your memory and concentration.

Paying attention is a must

You can’t deny the fact that getting the complete hold of some information is nearly impossible if your mind is wandering somewhere else. Lack of attention may occur due to getting distracted to your surroundings and your ideas easily.

So, there is a need for you to try focusing on the information you read or watch. It will definitely improve your memory.

Try to use more than one sense

You use two senses while reading something; the first one is the eyes and the other one is your mind. Giving attention to the information using these two senses helps you much in learning.

If you add one or two more senses, for example, if you read out the information loud, then there is a possibility that you will be able to learn even quicker.

Structure the information

You may also understand that breaking the written information into sections or learning it using a procedure could prove to be easy.

You may have used these methods to learn a topic during the primary school days. You could use the same method while pursuing higher education.

Challenge your mind

There is a saying about the brain that the more you use it, the more it develops. So, you should make sure to involve your brain in different creative activities.

You could read a novel, could play some games that challenge your mind. Solving the math problems in your mind could also help your brain to develop further.

Eat healthy

It is also a must for you to keep a check on your eating habits to give optimum care to your health. You should make sure to eat nutrient food and should avoid junk food.

Moreover, you should sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours every day. It is much recommended as it could prove helpful for you in improving your memory.

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Essentials of Comprehensive Reading

Reading plays a significant role in the learning. Your teacher may have told you about the advantages of reading and you may be thinking of improving your reading.

We are also aware of the importance of reading in your academics. So, here, our focus would be to tell you some techniques for better reading.

Understand the main idea

First of all, you can understand that getting the hang of the thesis or main idea helps a lot in effective reading. It gives an idea of what you are going to read in the book and it is the time when you decide whether you want to read the book or not.

If you understand the topic and the book is interesting, then you may be able to read well. Reading well here means that you could gain some knowledge by reading the book. So, you should make sure to understand the main idea of the written material and should start the reading after that.

Find the new words

Strong vocabulary makes it easy for you to read. But, you still may not give importance to learning new words often and could lose the chance of learning new words.

As a result, your reading may not be up to the mark and you may not reap the benefits of reading in the academics. Thus, it is recommended you find the new words while reading and enhance your vocabulary.

Make reading your habit

Working with determination to achieve something helps you a lot. If you have interest and determination in achieving something that you can achieve it easily.

Reading daily is a habit that could do wonders for your reading. So, you should set a time for reading every day and should show interest in it as well.

Read with a pencil

Marking the words and sentences you can’t understand is a good habit. But, some students use highlighters, etc. for the same purpose and mar the quality of their books and library books have to deal with the same.

All the good students read with a pencil and use sticky notes to mark the page numbers. You should follow the same while reading.

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Common Mistakes Students make while taking Notes

Note-taking has been an effective way of learning, retaining and revising ideas for the students since the old times. It is the skill that also proves much helpful for you not only in the academics but in the professional life as well.

However, at times, you can make mistakes while taking notes and may not be able to reap the benefits of the notes even after writing a lot. Want to learn about those errors? Well, read on!

Common Mistake Students Makes In Exam

They write without listening

It is something that I have done myself in the class. The teacher kept giving the lecture by writing on the board and we just kept writing all the stuff down on the notebook. This way we just gathered some more content that we didn’t understand.

Most of the students do the same and only increase their confusion by not listening to the topic being is discussed in the class. Thus, it is suggested that you should avoid making such mistake and should give more importance to listening to the teacher than taking the notes. This way you will be able to understand the topic well and could come up with a question during the lecture if you have any problem.

Students often write in a hurry

First of all, ask a simple question to yourself. What is the use of such writing that even you can’t understand yourself? Well, this sort of thing happen with the students often. You write in a hurry while taking notes to make sure not to miss out on any points. But, in the end, you realize that you can’t understand what you just wrote. So, the notes become useless.

That’s why it is a must for you not to hurry while taking notes and should write in fair handwriting so that you can easily understand whatever you have written.

You don’t ask questions during the lectures

one of the most common mistakes the students make while writing down the notes is not asking the questions. It is something that doesn’t affect your academics only, but your peers also lose the chance of the learning something if you don’t ask the question from your mind.

So, you must not hesitate to ask questions about the subject being discussed during the lecture and should try to come up with new ideas during the note taking.

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Ways to Make the School Climate Positive

Having a positive and calm climate in the school means all the proceedings happening smoothly. Every head teacher or principal wants to see such environment in their school to take the education and their school to a new level.

As a head teacher, you may have the same ideas as well and maybe making efforts to instil positivity in your institute’s environment.

Thus, as an online assignment help provider, we will try to tell you some ways that you can use to instill positivity in your school environment.


Discuss the problems with the teachers

As a head teacher, you are the in-charge of the school. You are the one who is accountable to everything that happens within your school premises. However, it does not mean that you have to deal with all the problems that school faces just by yourself.

There must be a large number of teachers working under you. They are all wise enough inspite of their age and can give you helpful advice if your school faces some problems.

Interact with the children

Principal is the post that gets associated with the office much often. It is something that is totally wrong because you are the teacher as well. Not only that, you must be one of the most experienced teacher thats why you are the head teacher of the school and you taking the classes means students will get the quality learning.

Thus, you should make sure to take class much often and should interact with the kids as well. This way you will earn the respect of the kids and the school environment will become harmonious.

Your teaching staff must be happy with you

Someone from your teaching staff not seeing eye to eye to you means he or she might not be able to teach effectively. This way your personal or professional differences could put students’ academics at risk.

As a head teacher, it is your duty to give the best and positive learning environment to the students. So, one thing that you need to do is to make sure your teachers are not miffed with you and if they are, then you should be the first one to initiate talks to get rid of the differences.

Know the how about of other staff as well

School is the place where lots of the people work along with your teaching staff. Peons, clerks and security guards are some of them and they also play a key role in the school proceedings going well.

They deserve their share of love and respect as well. So, you should also understand their value and should not forget to ask their how about often.

That said, we will sum up this write-up here. Hope you find it useful.

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How To Stay Stress-Free As a Teacher?

Teaching is a very challenging job. As a teacher, you have to deal with many types of students every day and sometimes, you might have some issues with your colleagues or principal as well. All of this could lead to you feeling stressed and not being able to do well as a teacher. So, after understanding the seriousness of this issue, we have come up with some tips that could be helpful for you in staying stress-free at your job and give a fair share in helping the students in achieving their goals.

stress frees study tips

Eat healthy

Although it’s not easy for anyone to become disciplined when it comes to following a diet chart. But to deal with the complexity of your job, you need to eat food that is high in fiber and protein. So, next time when you go to your job, you should try to take dry fruits like cranberries or blueberries, and you can also try to include some fresh fruits slathered with peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter. With that, you should avoid eating fast food, and you will see that you are not feeling tired or frustrated at your job.

Sleep well

You must have noticed that whenever you are feeling tired or stressed and fell asleep, then you feel much relaxed after getting up. So, sleep is also an effective stress buster. That’s why you should make sure that you go to bed early and get a sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours daily.

Exercise is a must

Exercise is a way that could come handy to you not only staying physically fit but mentally as well. So, you should make a habit of doing exercise every morning and also ensure that you walk 40 steps after doing dinner. This way you will stay fit and meet the class cheerfully every day.

Don’t spend time with negative people

It’s another thing that you can’t avoid easily as you will find lots of people around you in the teaching profession and all of them will have different nature. But you should make sure that you don’t spend time with negative people as this could add to your worries if you are not feeling well already. On the flip side, if you have positive people around you, they can help you in dealing with the frustration.

Don’t take the job too seriously

Last but not the least point is that you should not think too much if you make any mistake on the job. All of us are human and will keep making mistakes, so you should not worry about making mistakes but must make sure that you learn from those mistakes and don’t repeat it again.

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Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

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Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

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Have problem in writing assignment ? Try these tools from google

Students facing problem in writing assignment is not something new. You can have difficulty in attempting your assignment because of several reasons such as lack of flair in writing, difficulty in doing research or unfamiliarity with the approach of assignment writing. Researching is one thing that students find a tough task because its a procedure that involves in-depth research on a topic and it can test your patience as it’s not guaranteed that you will jump on a site that contains relevant data.  That’s, why many students find it tough to do research for their assignment and you, can also have the same problem. In such circumstances, these tools from Google could come handy to you.

Google tools to improve writing

Google Scholar

Its pretty much possible that you haven’t heard or read about this tool before. But its a tool from Google that was created keeping the requirements of a research community in mind. Using this tool you can get access to scientific papers, medical journals and expert opinions on different subjects. Although, there are chances that you will have to pay to have access to research papers and journals but most sites have a summary or abstract that could be helpful for your assignment.

Google News

If you need to write an assignment on something that happened in the recent past, then google news could prove helpful for you in having the latest info about those happenings. The key feature of Google news is that you can search any news according to your assignment needs. Also, if you find your assignment submission date approaching fast, then you can subscribe to Google alert. This way you can get an email containing the news you want.

Google books

Google books are the way you can try if you have a problem in researching for your assignment. By using this tool, you can have access to thousands of books that are available in scanned form. You can find some books entirely or can have access to the gist of the book. But this way you can gain quality information for your assignment.

Google Answer

Google answer could also prove beneficial for you in gaining lots of information about your assignment. Using Google answer, you can write a question on the site and can get the answers from different users ranging from ordinary people to experts.

Google notebbok

Its also one of the Google tool that many students are not familiar with, but you are familiar with the headache of doing research from the internet, right? In such circumstances, Google notebook is something that could come handy you. By using this tool, you can save a specific section or para that matches your requirements. Not just that, you can save pics as well as save site URL automatically. This way you will have the idea of where you can get the data, and you will find it easy to make your reference list.

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Assignment writing – A way to improve your writing skills

Assignment writing is a thing that you have to write from the beginning of your academic life. Teachers or professor assign you to write an assignment on different topics to assess how much you are clear about the topic that you been studying in the class throughout the year. So, in simple words, an assignment is something that offers you and your professor the insight of your academic performance. But it’s not the only advantage that you can get by writing your assignment, there are many more benefits that you get by writing your assignment and one of them is that you can improve your overall writing skills. Not sure how? Well, read on find out how?

Improving Writing Skills


Researching skills

Research is one of the most important steps in the process of writing your assignment, you collect data from reliable sources to feed in your assignment. It seems easy when you read it here but its a procedure that takes a lot of efforts and patience from you as you can’t be sure of finding the correct info in one or two sittings. You have to stay ready to sit in front of your laptop or computer for long hours and find relevant info for your assignment and by researching for your one or two assignment and you will find that your researching skills have improved.


Creative thinking

Another benefit of writing your assignment yourself is that you can gain the habit of thinking creatively by doing it. Assignment writing is a task in that you have to write hundreds of words on the same topic. You might come face to face with a situation where you have to write about the same point that you have written earlier in your assignment, that’s when you have to think creatively and have to write a sentence in such a way that it doesn’t match the last point you have written. So this way by writing your assignment, you can become a creative thinker.


Improved speech and English writing skills

When you take on the challenging task of writing your assignment, you get the chance of improving your overall English writing skills as well. In the process of assignment writing, you have to keep a check on your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure as well. So, it is necessary for you to improve your vocabulary, grammar and also need to write spelling error free content. This way, you not only could improve your English writing skills but spoken English as well.

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Manipulatives in the classrooms

Manipulatives are referred to those tangible objects that help in classification, multiplication and calculation of mathematical tasks. Equations, fractions and patterns make the most of mathematics so they are also solved by manipulatives. The common manipulatives that are used in the classrooms are attribute blocks, geometric shapes, unifix cubes, fraction bars and counting cubes. The everyday items can also be taken as manipulatives such as buttons, marbles, bingo chips, beans, dice so on and so forth. Not only these, there are virtual manipulatives as well and they can found in countless varieties like pictures, puzzles and games. The process includes engaging colors and sounds to create game out of math. So the concept of manipulatives allows students to keep their interests alive.

manipulatives in the classrooms

Benefits of manipulatives

The proponents of using manipulatives in the classrooms believe that they allow students to actively and effectively construct their own understanding of math. The following points can tell more about use of manipulatives:

  • With the help of manipulatives, students are able to explore, develop and discuss as to how the ideas and concepts of math are applied.
  • They make math concepts more interesting and engaging.
  • Computers are also manupulatives that are widely in the classrooms now.
  • There are countless manipulatives in the form of online resources and are easily incorporated in the classrooms
  • They encourage active learning
  • They encourage group participation in different learning activities
  • They help in counting, sorting and organizing
  • Integer bars, grid papers, 3D geometrical shapes are aiding to the younger students to a great extent.

Manipulatives certainly have numerous advantages for the students to learn and know things from a different perspective. However, some educational experts as well as our assignment help UK experts believe that manipulatives may prevent them from learning abstract learning skills.