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Your Guide to Writing Different Essay Introductions

You don’t have to write something different while writing the essay introduction. Its structure stays the same. But, you have to write the introduction of the essay keeping its type in mind.

We will try to be your guide to write different types of essay introduction through this writing piece. So, read on to learn the same.


Introduction of the analytical essay

While writing an analytical essay introduction, your focus should be to inform the reader about the topic. It should clearly state what is your main point. In the first part of the introduction, you should include the three pieces of information. It could prove helpful for you in validating the analytical thesis.

As mentioned above, you have to inform the audience through this type of essay. Thus, it is a must for you to research much on the topic and should give a thought to the way to write introduction before writing it.

Narrative essay introduction

As a student, you must be aware that you narrate a story in the narrative essay writing. So, the introduction of the essay will include the glimpses of the story and you have to connect it with the thesis indirectly.

The information should be such as that briefs you about the significant moments of the story and it should also have much impact on the result of the story. When it comes to thesis in narrative essay writing, you should give the theme or should tell about what the story tries to teach.

Introduction of the persuasive essay

It is the type of assignment writing where you have to persuade your readers to agree with your views. You could start the introduction the way you want, but make sure it conveys what you are going to discuss in the essay.

If we talk about the argumentative essay writing, you should give at least three evidence to support your views. All of the supporting evidence should have one introductory sentence to present it.

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Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay

Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay could be a new experience for some of the students. It is a different type of academic writing that requires you to relate your experience with the relevant theory. You may also be asked to write about what you learnt from that experience.

These essays are often written about the subject area of the students. For example, you might be asked to write about your experience of interacting with the various people to solve a case if you are a law student.


These type of essays are shorter than the standard academic essays and you can use the words such as ‘I’ or ‘we’ while attempting a reflective essay which is not the case in other types of academic writing.

Points to remember while relating practice to the theory

As mentioned above, you need to relate the practice to the theory while writing a reflective writing assignment. So, there is a specific way you have to take while attempting such assignment.

  • You need to find out how predictions made by theoretical models could be compared with events? And how theory could be understood by the help of the events?
  • You have to be selective while attempting a reflective essay. You should write the theory that seems useful and should find out the relevant events you have to write on.
  • You can find it easier to write about events and relate theory to the practice if you discuss it with others.
  • It could also prove helpful for you in reflective writing if you use a personal journal to write about your experiences.

Writing style for reflective essays

  • In this type of writing, you have to write about your personal experience. So, it is fine to use the first person words for the sections where you have to tell about what happened. In the other sections that discuss the theory, your writing style needs to be appropriate.
  • Being overly emotional or subjective may not be right even with the use of the first words such as ‘I’ and ‘we.’ Thus, you should describe the essay in such way that everyone can understand.
  • You also need to keep in mind that using the past tense is ideal while describing the experiences and you should use the present tense while writing theory.

Remember the models of reflection

Although it is ideal to use the model suggested by your professor to structure your reflective essay but, here we will discuss the most commonly used model given by Gibbs.

Description: in this section, you have to tell what happened, give the context and have to tell the persons involved. Writing about the key incidents is a must as well.

Feelings: unlike the other type of assignment writing, here you have the freedom to show your emotions about the topic being discussed. You should write about how you felt during that time and after that time. However, you must avoid being offensive keeping the academics in mind.

Evaluation: here you have to give a thought to your reaction to the experience and have to write about others reactions as well. You have to write the positives and negatives of the experience and the changes that occurred due to that experience.

Analysis: You have to give some more detailed thought to the different aspects of the experience you are writing about. You should apply the theory to the event here.

Conclusion: then comes the conclusion. You should make decisions about the experience and try to find out other ways of dealing with the same event. You should look into the positive things you did and have to write about the negatives you could avoid or avoided. You also have to write how the things could have been improved.

Action plan: in this section, you have to write the measures you have to take to improve in the future. You have to give thought to the ways you have taken to improve.

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Structure of a Literature Review

Writing academic assignments could help you earn quality grades in the academics. It could also prove to be an effective resource for you to gain proper knowledge about a topic.

The literature review is also one such coursework and you could learn much about a piece of literature. But, having appropriate knowledge of the structure of the literature review is a must to write the same type of assignment. So, here, we will discuss the way you should structure your literature review.


The introduction is one of the most significant section of the coursework. It is the paragraph, your professor and other readers will read first of all. So, it is highly doubted that this section could be weak.

There are many things you need to give a thought to while writing it; you have to tell the purpose of writing a review and have to show the importance of this topic. The introduction also covers the various aspects of the topic that will be discussed. Writing the literature selection criteria is also a must.

Body paragraphs

It is the section where you have to write the main argument. You need to write it such way that all the paragraphs discuss the different themes that have relevancy with the topic. You have to make connection between different sources by synthesizing much of the read material in the every paragraph. All the sources should be critically analyzed keeping their contribution in mind in themes that are being researched.

There are many points you should include in the paragraphs. Those are such as the background of the history, used methodologies, any previous study on the subject and different viewpoints. You should also give a thought to the principal questions that are being asked and what general conclusions could be drawn.


Conclusion is as much significant in the homework writing as the introduction. It gives the reader an idea of what you have discussed in the coursework and you also give your final opinion on the topic and make some recommendations.

You should keep following points in mind while writing this section of the literature review. You should write the points on which you agree and vice versa. You should find out whether there is a possibility of the further research on the same subject. Writing your overall views on the topic is a must as well.

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Ways to Stop Plagiarism

Plagiarism is something that could mar all the students’ efforts in writing an academic assignment. As a teacher, you also make many efforts to guide the students on writing a plagiarism free coursework.

However, you still have to deal with many plagiarism-filled assignments from the students. It could give you a headache and you may think “what can I do to make the students write an original assignment?”

Dont copy

We understand this thing as an assignment help online provider. So, in this write-up, we will try to discuss how you can help your students in writing a plagiarism free coursework.

Assign fresh topics

It has been seen that the students are asked to write the coursework on the repetitive topics every year and the academic assignment type if often writing on some subject. It makes the assignment far too easy or boring for the students. The reason being that the young kids can find the required data on Google or from their older siblings etc. and can copy-paste that.

So, it is a must for you to make sure to assign fresh topics to the students. Or you can also ask them to solve a class problem. This way they will show more interest in attempting a coursework and the chances of plagiarism will decrease.

Tasks must require creativity

Today, students have so many entertainment options around them, making them write an assignment is not the easiest task. It is a must for you to assign them with such topics that excite them to write on it and push them to use their creativity.

Thus, instead of asking them to write on a regular topic, you can ask the students to write letters to the newspaper editor on some issue or a blog on the same.

Expand coursework submission deadline

One of the reasons of the students submit plagiarized assignment is due to the tight coursework submission deadline. So, it is also recommended that you should give them much time to write an academic assignment and should ask them to submit the portions of it.

This way you will be able to find the plagiarism before the students submit the actual coursework and can ask them to rewrite it if there is some plagiarism in the homework.

With that, you should also tell the students about the significance of the referencing. It will help them in writing such a coursework that is free of plagiarism.

Skills Required to Write a Comprehensive Project Management Assignment

Project management is one of the major subjects in the MBA. Thus, it gets special attention by the teachers and students have to make much efforts to learn this subject as well.

Writing a project management assignment is one such effort and you may not be able to attempt a project management coursework if you don’t have the required skills. So, as an assignment help provider, we will try to give you an idea of the skills required to write a project management assignment.

Having sharp mind for the research is a must

Research is the primary requirement of academic writing. Patience, determination and sharp mind are the key in gathering useful content for the assignment as researching could be a tedious process and you may also not find relevant content if your mind is switched off.

Thus, you should make sure to have these three things in order to do effective research for the coursework.

You must have flair for writing

Writing a project management assignment is not as interesting as writing an essay or dissertation on some topic. But, it could prove helpful for you in fetching quality grades.

Having a flair for writing is a must for you if you want to achieve good grades in the academics. So, you should practice writing a bit before start writing your coursework.

Drawing skills are required

One of the skills you need to have to write a complete project management assignment is the drawing. However, don’t worry if you can’t draw like a pro. Instead, if you can draw boxes and circles well, then you are good enough to write your coursework.

So, you need to make sure to try drawing a bit before writing your MBA assignment as it could prove helpful for you in drawing neatly while attempting the assignment.

Formatting, referencing and editing skills are a must as well

Formatting is something that helps you in structuring the coursework. Referencing is required to prove that you have written an authentic assignment and editing is a must to ensure your coursework does not contain any type of errors.

Thus, you should also learn formatting, referencing as well as editing to write a project management or any other assignment.

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Try Figuring out these Foreign Idioms in English

Understanding Idioms and solving puzzles is not only interesting, but it could also prove helpful for you in learning a lot. However, sometimes, your teacher or some foreigner classmate could tell you some Foreign idioms. This way it could get even tough for you to understand an idiom as you may not have heard it before.

So, in this write-up, we will try to tell you the meaning of some foreign idioms to counter such situation.

When chicken have teeth

It is a comical idiom that is originated from France. According to the chicken anatomy chickens do not have teeth. They have beaks instead. So, this phrase refers to something that is impossible.

To swallow some camels

It is quite obvious that acknowledging your mistake is not easy. In Norway, people use this idiom for the people who can’t accept their mistakes or their views were wrong and swallowing a camel is unimaginable.

My cheeks are falling off

My cheeks are falling off does not mean something like I am getting older, etc. Instead, it is a Japanese idiom that you can use to describe a tasty food. It is a high praise in Japan and it could make a chef smile a lot if you say it in some Japanese restaurant.

To tie a bear to someone

It could be quite fearful for anyone if they have a bear or some other animal tied to them. Germans use this expression for the confusing situation. So, you can use this idiom if you want to express a confusing situation.

Break a fast with an onion

What would be your reaction if you are asked to break a fast with an onion? Well, you would be like “it is not what I expected.” This funny Arabic idiom can be used for the same type of situation.

Not all donuts come with a hole

Okay! You must be well aware of the fact that not all the donuts come with a hole. So, what could this Italian idiom mean? Well, it means that things do not always go as well as you would like.

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Best Technology for the Students in 2016

Educational technology is playing a key role in helping the students in making progress in the academics. Students find the technology an interesting way to learn and teachers feel the same when it comes to teaching.

So, what are the best technologies of 2016 that helped the students as well as teachers? Let’s find out below.


3D printers, woodworking materials, robotics and many other tools are the characteristics of this workshop-lab. It could prove helpful for the students in hands-on learning, coming up with innovative ideas and in cooperation. However, it could cost the school just under $4000 for a classroom which is expensive.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is the technology through which students wear a headset to watch computer-generated environments. Augmented reality helps the students in enhancing the images through a device. Both of these technologies offer quality learning to the students. They can learn using VR headsets like Google cardboard and Nearpod etc.

One of the features of it is that the students can explore outer space and ocean floor using the apps such as Google Expeditions accessed with Google Cardboard. One of the disadvantages of it is that sensory stimulation, insights or fluid social interactions of live site visits can never be recreated and they also don’t promote the same level of problem-solving.

Learning management systems and Virtual learning environments

Versal, Formative and Google classroom are the E-learning software that come under these two learning methods and help the teachers in bringing an interactive nature of the internet in the class.

Versal is a tool that could prove helpful for the teachers in creating media-friendly lessons without the requirements of advanced coding skills. A teacher can track the students’ work in real time using Formative. Google classroom can be useful for the students in managing their coursework, asking questions and in submitting the work.

Apps for streamlined administration

These are the apps that are useful for the teachers. They can track attendance using Easy Attendance, classroom seating can be managed through Smart Desk, LearnBoost is helpful in creating lesson plans and entering as well as reporting grades and ClassDojo can be used to communicate with the parents.

Apps for behavior management

Behavior management is much required in the classroom for better learning. Teachers can use the apps such as ClassDojo, Class Charts and Too Noisy to monitor encourage and reward good behavior.

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Finest Search Engines for Academic Research

In the recent times, internet has emerged as the most useful resource to do the academic research. You use internet effectively to gather relevant content for the academic assignments. However, you may conduct the research more effectively if you are aware of the finest search engines available on the internet for same.

As an online assignment help provider, we understand how crucial it is for you to have knowledge of the best search engines for the assignment research. Thus, we will try to make you aware of the same through this write-up.


Academic Index

As the names suggests it is the platform that is solely dedicated for the students. It is one of the best scholarly search engine and web directory in our list. It is the index that contains the websites selected by the librarians, teachers and educational consortia. You can try their research guides for various subjects. Health, history and criminal justice, etc. are some of those.


It is the search engine where you can have access to more than one billion documents, web pages, books, journals, newspapers and much more. You can find ample resources on almost any subject here without having to deal with the sponsored links and commerical results.

iSEEK Education

iSeek is a well-developed search engine that is especially designed for the students, teachers and administrators. It is a safe platform where you can find authoritative, intelligent and time saving resources.

Virtual LRC

Virtual learning resource center has come up with a custom google search where you can get access to the websites that contain the best academic information. Teachers and librarians from around the world have created this search engine to share academic resources to the students.

Microsoft academic search

It is the search engine designed by Microsoft. You can get access to more than 38 million publications using it. Moreover, it also includes features such as maps, graphing, trends, and paths that show how the writers are connected.

Google correlate

Google is the top ranked search engine in the world at the moment and offers excellent services to the people in almost every sector. Google correlate is also one such step google has taken to help the students in academic research. Google correlate is a tool that could prove helpful for you in finding the searches that correlate with real world data.

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Essentials to Write a Computer Networking Assignment

Computer networking is one of the most sought after course among the students in the modern era. The technological evolution in every sector has been the cause of this course getting overwhelming response from the students.

You have to make much efforts in learning the nuances of computer networking to get a good job, writing a computer networking assignment is one of them. However, it is one of the toughest tasks in this course and you may have much difficulty in attempting it.

As an online assignment help provider, we understand it quite well and have come up with a write-up that tries to tell you how to write a computer networking assignment.


Assignment requirements should be clear

First of all, just imgine would you be able to reach somewhere if you dont have the idea of direction. Same applies to the assignment writing. You are given many instruction by the professor while assigning the assignment.

It is a must for you to understand these instructions well and should start writing only after that. Moreover, you should also make sure to read the questions carefully before starting the research or writing answers.

Relevant content is much required

It is quite obvious that you are supposed to write while attemting a coursework. You can define various concepts of the assignment using your own knowledge. However, it is possible that you may have to find more information to attempt all the questions.

So, you should do research for the same purpose. You can gather the data for your coursework using your library books and internet.  

Write it with the clarity in language

Writing with clarity is a must while attempting a computer networking assignment. It is the assignment in which you have to use technical words as well. It could get confusing for the readers if you dont write the sentences with clarity and use too much technical words.

So, you should make sure to write the assignment using simple language and should avoid using too many technical words.

Diagrams should be drawn with detail

You must be well aware that you have to draw diagrams in the computer networking assignment. Drawing it with much clarity could prove helpful for you in getting quality grades.

Thus, you should follow all the instructions and should draw all the diagrams with fine details.

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Dont Forget these Points While Writing a Managerial Accounting Assignment

Managerial accounting is one of the trendiest subject in the modern times. There is a surge in the industrial sector and youngsters can have lots of job opportunities in this field.

But, you have to make much efforts to achieve that and writing a managerial accounting assignment is one of them. Writing an assignment on the managerial accounting is crucial because it could prove helpful for you in learning much about the subject.

As an online assignment help provider, we have the idea how significant a managerial accounting assignmentmanagement-accounting-300x197 is in your academics. So, here, we will try to tell you the ways to write a managerial accounting assignment.


Understanding the questions and research are the major requirements

Assignment writing is the task that requires time. There are many steps you have to take to write it effectively. Understanding the questions is the most significant one among it. Thus, it is a must for you to give time to understand the requirements of the questions and should outline the assignment only after that.

In addition, you also have to make sure to find relevant data for your assignment through research. You may have to do it while writing a managerial accounting assignment. But it would be worth it when you get valuable grades for the same.

Assignment should contain simple language and relevant information

As mentioned above, feeding relevant content is one of the first requirements of the assignment writing as it is the base of the assignment.

Along with the relevant content, you should use simple and modest language to write the assignment. Writing short and clear sentences without adding much creativity must be your priority.

Formatting and referencing are also the essential part it

Formatting your managerial accounting assignment properly could be helpful for you in getting valuable marks.

Moreover, you should also make sure to add references in the assignment as it is much necessary to prove that your assignment is authentic.

Make sure to filter out the grammatical and spelling errors

Grammatical and spelling errors are also something that could mar the quality of your managerial accounting assignment.

Proofreading is something that could prove helpful for you in filtering all such mistakes and you submit your academic assignment confidently.

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