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Things to Consider Before Choosing Teaching as a Career

Teaching is a career that grabs the attention of many people.It happens because its a job in which you don’t have to worry about spending long time being glued to a chair, you get lots of holidays and also get the chance to have much fun as well. You might have the same
kind of ideas about teaching. However, you might be familiar with a saying that every coin has two sides. So, teaching career has some hardships too.

That’s why it’s a must for you to come up with the answers of some questions before you enter the teaching field and go for teaching job only after that. You might be curious to know those questions, so read on!

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Does Children make you smile?

As an aspiring teacher, it is quite obvious that you would be aware of the fact that you have to deal with lots of children while teaching. In class, you can find different types of students, one day you could feel happy seeing a kid performing well in the academics, another day, you could come across a student who could make you feel annoyed. So, before you jump in the field of teaching, then you need to give a deep thought to realize whether you like kids or not. In this process, you need to think about the welfare of the kids rather than thinking about your own benefits.

Are you passionate about teaching and learning?

In your academic life, you might have heard this line from your professor or parents that knowledge only increases if you share it with others. Same can be said when you enter teaching field, there you get to learn lots of things about different topics as you dig deep into it first, then you share it with the students. So,it is also a must for you to make sure that you are zealous enough to teach and learn when you jump in the field of teaching.

Do you think you have leadership as well as time management skills?

As a teacher, you are a role model to your student. It has been like that since the ages. A good example of it could be if you try to give a thought to what you felt if your teacher faltered in teaching you something or got bit of late to reach the class. We can be sure that you must have got bad impression about your teacher.That’s why you should be ready to do well at your job so that you can avoid such situation. For that, you need to find out whether you have ample skills to represent your class and have appropriate time management skills.

That said, we will sum up this article here. Hope it was helpful.

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Top Summer Vacation Courses

Summer is the time when kids take the heavy study burden off their shoulders. They get time to enjoy their hobbies and spend time with friends. But there are chances of that kids might lose the habit of studying or concentrating as they spend most of their time in play. So, it would be wise for you as a parent to enrol them in a summer vacation course. These courses are the effective way of keeping your child involve in the study as he or she enjoy the summer vacation. That’s why we have come up with some courses that you could opt for your kid this summer.

learn something in summer vacation

Mental mathematics

Math is a subject that many kids find it hard to deal with. That’s why educationists have come up with a technique called mental mathematics, in this way of learning, kids have to do a calculation in their mind to learn math.


Everyone likes to see a beautifully written text. Calligraphy is a course that could be helpful for your kid in learning this craft. It’s a course that is gaining popularity among the kids and could be an ideal course for your kid.


You must have realized that your little girl or boy has an interest in cooking when she or he tries to help you when you or your partner cook in the kitchen. So, it’s the time that you get your kid enrol in a cooking course and let your kid fulfill her or his potential.

DIY electronics

Its another interesting course that could grab your kids interest. In this course, an expert teaches the children in dealing with small electronic issues.

Foreign languages

Foreign languages courses are something that attracts many kids attention during the summer and languages like French, German and Spanish are among the favorites. These courses run from one to two months and could be useful in adding value to your kids CV later on.

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Steps to prepare your Pre-Exam Schedule

Exam is knocking at the door. Pressure and tension of scoring high marks and doing well in examination become a nightmare for students. They complain of a host of physical and mental problems while preparing for their examinations. Such kind of problem becomes like a trauma for students sometimes.

Preparation for the examination
Prepare for the exams and get a high score

So, how to overcome this exam stress? Below I am going to explain some points. Hope my dear readers will appreciate it.

  1. Make a timetable:

Busy and unsystematic lifestyle are the crucial causes of stress before exams. Students may work hard for their test, but without the proper scheduling of their routine causes pre-exam tension. They unable to recognise the power of discipline. Thus, preparing a daily timetable is a great way which you can do before examination. Write the names of subjects in a list which you are going to study for the day. It will help you with time management.

  1. Complete sleeping and nutrition:

We all know that sleeping for eight hours and eating the right food with nutrition can aid you to release pressure. Sleeping will help you in relaxing the threadbare nerves, while eating lots of green vegetables can aid to regulate your stress.

  1. Do not get by heart:

Get by heart is probably the worst way of learning. Through learning by heart without understanding the concept only helps to remember the thing for a short time. But if you learn your topics by clearing the fundamentals, then that will be remembered for a long time. Students have the tendency to certainly forget things on the day of the examination. A far better substitute to get by heart is meaningful learning. You can do in a way like first learn the theories and then apply them to practical problems. Another best way to learn is to read, write and learn simultaneously. By applying all of your senses will aid you to be stress free and remembering things for a longer period of time.

  1. Avoid irritating people:

A healthy interaction or kidding with friends will aid you to release your stress. Try to avoid those who irritate you out the most: the snooping neighbour, the aggravating classmate who calls you up at odd hours or the inflexible cousin. Not only are they frustrating, they emit a negative vibe, which is not good for at least at the time exam. Instead of that try to share your words with folks who are supporting and cheering like your loving family and friends who are always caring about your prosperity.

  1. Organise your priority properly:

We are not super humans who can do some magic! But organise a list of primacies will aid you to essence on areas which require more consideration. If you are poor in biology, spend some extra hours to understand the concept. On the other hand, if you are strong in the humanities, you may spend a little less time on that. Arranging your subjects in proper order will help you to schedule your routine and make the best of your learning.

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Extra curriculum Activities Impacts over student’s overall development

Academics are one of the most prominent parts of human life and everyone goes through academic life and when education is mixed with the extra curriculum activities, it brings a complete development of students of all ages. Past few decades have witnessed the importance and increasing trend of curriculum activities , assignment writing amalgamation with studies at different educational centers and schools.

Student and extra curricular activities
Advantages of extra curricular activities for overall development


Parents spend a lot time in encouraging their kids towards studies and sometime they pressurize them and even don’t allow them to play. They consider that devoting most of time in studies guarantees their success in the college education as well as in further life. But somewhere they are ignored about the importance of extra curriculum activities like dance, games, painting, athletics etc, and these all extra activities plays an important role in the complete development of students whether it is about physical or mental establishment. Along with these two factors it contribute a lot in managing stress that has been resulted by the over pressure and burden of studies. Parents put pressurize their kids for study more and it somewhere affect their mental status, people cannot study all the time they need to get indulged in activities to overcome the pressure of studies but parents do not allow them for it.

Many of the parents as well as students don’t understand the real importance of extra-curricular activities. Parents think that these activities distract their kid’s mind from study. We know well that students of present era are not indulged in any type of physical activities which has caused many diseases and health issues. Students have become very low in doing physical activities therefore education system across the world have introduced many extra curriculum activities for the complete body development of the kids. Extra-curricular activities help to develop the whole student. Schools should not produce one-dimensional students. Students can utilize their skills in activities like athletics, playing, dancing, painting, crafting, sports and many more along with continuing their studies. This would make them able to develop some other skills, develop their personality, would lessen their mental strain, allow them to develop friendly relations, influence leadership skills in them, will bring the capability to work as a team etc. Students also get the opportunity of receiving athletic scholarships that offers them a chance to make career in athletic world.

Researchers like Massoni, Erin (2011) and many others have mentioned several benefits of these activities.  They said that those students who are involved in such types of extra curriculum activities tend to improve their academic grades as well and it made them more flexible as well as improves concentration skills.  Gaming, sports and other activities that come under extra curriculum activities increases self-esteem, motivation and better time management in students.  These activities not only support in these things but along with this it contributes a lot in making students better organized in the classrooms.  Extra curriculum also helps students in developing their behaviour positively.

They learn useful new skills from their chosen activity, and in integrating these activities into their everyday school lives, they learn time management, critical thinking, teamwork and social skills.  They develop life-long relationships with their peers and learn how to lead others.  These skills will be beneficial in later life and in the workplace. Extra-curricular activities also foster a sense of commitment to a cause or purpose and they reduce selfish behaviour.  Students become more marketable in the workplace.