Structure of a Literature Review

Writing academic assignments could help you earn quality grades in the academics. It could also prove to be an effective resource for you to gain proper knowledge about a topic.

The literature review is also one such coursework and you could learn much about a piece of literature. But, having appropriate knowledge of the structure of the literature review is a must to write the same type of assignment. So, here, we will discuss the way you should structure your literature review.


The introduction is one of the most significant section of the coursework. It is the paragraph, your professor and other readers will read first of all. So, it is highly doubted that this section could be weak.

There are many things you need to give a thought to while writing it; you have to tell the purpose of writing a review and have to show the importance of this topic. The introduction also covers the various aspects of the topic that will be discussed. Writing the literature selection criteria is also a must.

Body paragraphs

It is the section where you have to write the main argument. You need to write it such way that all the paragraphs discuss the different themes that have relevancy with the topic. You have to make connection between different sources by synthesizing much of the read material in the every paragraph. All the sources should be critically analyzed keeping their contribution in mind in themes that are being researched.

There are many points you should include in the paragraphs. Those are such as the background of the history, used methodologies, any previous study on the subject and different viewpoints. You should also give a thought to the principal questions that are being asked and what general conclusions could be drawn.


Conclusion is as much significant in the homework writing as the introduction. It gives the reader an idea of what you have discussed in the coursework and you also give your final opinion on the topic and make some recommendations.

You should keep following points in mind while writing this section of the literature review. You should write the points on which you agree and vice versa. You should find out whether there is a possibility of the further research on the same subject. Writing your overall views on the topic is a must as well.

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