Standardized tests in UK

A standardized test is defined as a test in which all the contestants have to answers the same set of questions as well as in a standard and consistent manner so that it will be easier for the examiners to assess their relative performance. In UK it was introduced in early 19th century and then spread throughout the British Commonwealth followed by Europe and America. Prior to this form of pedagogy, the western world was greatly influenced by the Greece philosophy of assessment by using essays written by students. But with the advent of post industrial revolution era of school education, there was a crying need of compulsory education for increased student population, the open-ended assessment of students gave way for standardized tests.

standardized tests in UK

Advantages of standardized tests

  1. The standardized tests being in multiple choice formats present a practical solution for the student assessment.
  2. Having been able to quantify the results, educators can easily identify proficiency levels.
  3. Use of automation and computerized testing simplifies the evaluation
  4. It has proved to be unbiased method of student evaluation
  5. The results of even different schools can also be compared with each other
  6. It help in tracing the student progress
  7. It helps in measuring ability of the students

Disadvantages of standardized tests

  1. It puts teachers in a box as most of them do not find it convenient in teaching the way they want to teach
  2. It is a matter of debate and argument that standardized tests can be a way of inaccurate judgment.
  3. It inspires cheating
  4. Sometimes the questions are very general in nature falling short of proper evaluation
  5. Results don’t allow the examiners to update teaching methodology
  6. The scores of the students can be influenced by the external factors.

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