Pros and Cons of Competency Based Education (CBE)

Higher education is not a necessity, but also it is the medicine to survive in this competitive world. You never know whether a small degree can let you meet your dream job or not! It is the same thing what happen in classrooms like help by assignment experts and all you have to grasp them to score in the semesters and class tests.

Competency Based Education
learn about the concept of Competency based education and employ the concept for a successful life

What is Competency Based Education (CBE)?

Competency-based education which is famously called as CBE, is a model of education in which credits are awarded based on the exhibition of content specialisation, rather than on seat time. It can be completed by either on campus or online. But as students have very less time to manage all the things so they prefer online learning in which they can work through the learning materials on their own and then take online authorised certificates. There are certain pros and cons in CBE. Let’s have a glance at them:


  1. The cost of the education rising:
    From last several years, the rise in cost becomes very faster in the education sector like healthcare. Every person should have proper education, but a very few can afford it. Today, the situation has come that a quality traditional education is also very expensive for most of the people.
  2. Traditional Vs Higher Education:

In this competitive age, every high profile job needs “what extra quality or education you have”. So, as a matter of fact a traditional degree takes too long to earn. A traditional degree needs minimum four years to be completed and in these four years time and situations change rapidly. So not only it does a delay in earning and entry into the workforce, but also impacts the significance of the skills those students learn in this hastily changing world.

  1. Less skills compare to CBE:

Traditional degrees are very less competitive and provide not as much of skills compare to competency courses. Students crave skills that will aid them to acquire good jobs, and employers desire to hire candidates with definite skills and higher education. Though, the fact that a student can achieve a lot of things and a degree cannot decide the exact capability of a student. This is a very tough problem for students to be hired by their dream companies.

However, as a traditional degree acquired students are ignored due to CBE still it has some advantages which are discussed below:


  • Flexibility of CBE:
    Students study on their own agenda and at their individual velocity. These two factors are very vital for meeting the requirements of young learners who are frequently also managing work and family vows.
  • It is not time consuming.
    CBE programs are considerably less time consuming than traditional programs because students don’t have to attend traditional classes.
  • It is tailored.
    Students usually have choices for how to be a specialist in content, and many CBE programs offer the chance for students to increase credit for preceding education.
  • It is crystal clear.
    Unlike degrees, competencies are openly related to precise skills that students require to exhibit before processing. This makes the earned qualifications more helpful to employers, who can evaluate accurately what graduates of CBE programs are proficient to do.

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