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Primary homework help

Have you ever thought, that how hectic it has become for children of this generation, who are in primary classes, to focus on their studies and to do their homework? Yes, children these days have lots of other works too, where their minds are diverted. Not all kids are same, few manage to do their homework in time. With this, the difficulty level of studies has increased too. You might either be a working parent, non-working parent or a teacher, I bet these problems are faced by all of you.
No problem at all. Here I come to your rescue with some tips and guidance that how you can help your child with their Primary homework help. This article is all what you need which will clear following points :

  • Child psychology( just to gain the basic knowledge of how children of today’s generation are).
  • Behavior of the child towards studies.
  • How being a parent/ teacher you can help the children to learn and grow in the right direction and help them with their Primary homework help.
  • Where you can get the best help regarding Primary homework help.

1) Child Psychology

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The main reason of bringing this topic is that, this will help you work with the children easily. Homework is an a big issue but will it not be satisfying, if your child starts to take responsibilities and improve in his/ her homework. Trust me, this will help you with the Primary homework help. Let’s get started. When you as a parent or teacher can’t be same, similarly, you can’t expect two children to be the same. Every child has his own potential. If one is very good at studies, then you can’t expect the other ones to be like him. If the other ones are not studying, then it’s your responsibility to find out the reason behind it. You need to understand the child. This is where child psychology comes in.

Details on Child Psychology:

  • It is a specialized branch of traditional psychology that focuses on children, mainly their development and behavior.
  • It covers every child, from birth to adolescence.
  • This psychology covers the areas like behavior problems, social skills, mental and emotional well being and development of the kid.
  • According to a theory, a child’s mind from birth is like a blank tablet. Whatever you feed into a child’s mind at this age, will always stay with him.
  • This psychology says that, no two child are same. To deal with kids, you should be compassionate, understanding and patient.
  • Children get easily bored if we try to give them lectures of any sort. You should make more interactive and fun sessions with the kids where they speak up more and talk about their problems.
  • Try to make them understand in a way which they love like, any activity for example, painting or playing a game of their choice. This will keep their interests on.

2) 5 areas of child psychology and how they will help you with Primary homework help

Primary homework help

Now you might be thinking how can child psychology help? Don’t worry soon you will get your answer. Think, if you get to know why your child is not performing well or why he is not being able to do his homework, then won’t you be able to solve that issue? Yes, you will and thus your child will put more efforts. Handling primary class students is not easy. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you need to follow some guidance.So, let’s learn those 5 areas of child psychology which will help you and your child with Primary homework help.

i) Development

  • Child development is divided into three broad areas: physical, cognitive, and social-emotional.
  • Physical development occurs in a relatively stable and predictable sequence. It refers to physical body changes and acquisition of certain skills.
  • Cognitive development refers to the process which children use to gain knowledge. It includes language, thought, reasoning, and imagination.
  • Social and emotional development are interrelated.Learning to learn is part of social development while emotional development involves feelings and expressions.
  • Development in one area can strongly be linked to the development of the other areas.
  • Development follows key patterns or principals and it’s is up to you that how you follow that pattern.

When you are talking about primary homework help, then what helps is that the child is able to complete his/her homework on time. So, being a parent or teacher , you need to focus on the Cognitive development of a child.

ii) Milestones

  • Development milestones are an important way to track a child’s progress in different developmental areas.
  • First, there are physical milestones, which looks on to the development of both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Second, cognitive or mental milestones, which refer to the child’s development in learning things and solving problems. These are important milestones which you need to keep a check on
  • Third, there are social and emotional milestones which deals with child’s ability to express emotion and respond to social interaction.
  • Then, finally you have communication and language milestones, which involve child’s verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

iii) Behaviour

    • All children have different behaviors. They can be from naughty to defiant and impulsive.
    • These behaviors are normal part of the growing process.
    • Your child might face some of the behavioral changes which are temporary. They might become aggressive, hostile or disruptive.
    • These chnges are not good for their age, so you need to find out what kind of issue they are facing and talk to them about it.

Child psychology involves looking at all possible roots of these changes and then treat them accordingly.

iv) Emotions

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  • Emotional development includes learning about feelings and emotions.
  • Understand, how emotions occur and why. It also includes recognizing one’s own feelings and others too.
  • Initial emotions in babies are joy, anger, sadness and fear. Later as children they develop emotions like shyness, surprise, embarrassment, shame, guilt, pride, empathy, etc.
  • Regulation of emotions is a different process for each kid. Kids of same ages might differ in emotional levels.
  • It is your job to develop strategies to help the children to accept their feelings and understand the connection between feelings and behavior.

v) Socialization

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  • It includes gaining knowledge, values and skills which enable children to relate to others effectively.
  • It also teaches children to contribute in positive ways to family, friends, and community.
  • The most important relationship of a child is with his parents and then also with his teachers.
  • Children learn how to initiate and maintain social interactions with other children,manage conflicts etc.
  • They also learn how to play or adjust with other children or people other than family.
  • Factors that contribute in developing social skills are amount of love and affection that the child receives from you.

So, all the parents or teachers reading this article, i would say that it is very important to understand child psychology as you have to deal with children directly. When it comes to homework, you need to to understand that what level you have to set or how you have to make your child do the homework. I hope this section gave you some useful knowledge. In my next points, i will be covering techniques for both teachers and parents individually so that they can provide Primary homework help. So, let’s move on.

3) Primary homework help by teachers

Primary homework help

Ok teachers let’s talk about some fun. I know being teachers, you have a lot of pressure. You handle kids, their progress, education, learning, homework etc. But, at the same time you must keep a check on their moods or behavior. Sometimes, they might feel like doing homework and sometimes, they might not. It is you, who have to take care of the regulation of homework in a healthy manner that both you, and the kids stay happy. right?  😉 So, i will be discussing few points which will lead you towards happiness and satisfaction and you can surely motivate and help the children with their primary homework help.

  • Homework should never be a “busy work” for children. Primary kids don’t understand, just the language of a busy routine homework where they get bored and end up piling up their homework.
  • Homework should rather be both engaging and fun where the kids learn more in an interesting manner.
  • The assignments should be meaningful and appropriate according to a primary child.
  • Children grow more, when they do their homeworks on a regular basis and the academic benefits increases too as the children move into the upper grades.
  • Homework also helps the children to develop good habits and attitudes.
  • So, when we know that homework is really important for children, then it is your responsibility to keep them engage them in a fun manner.
  • Try to bring in some fun activities in the homework, with which the chances increase that the child will surely engage.

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  • May be you can describe them beforehand in form of an interesting story that what they have to do in their homeworks.This increases their interests.
  • Create assignments with a purpose which can connect children with their studies and they get interest in doing the homework.
  • Give them some challenges or keep healthy competitions regarding the homework. Tell them they will get points or some gifts on winning the challenge or competition. This will surely increase their interests as they will surely take on the challenge. Children tend to get interested in competitions and challenges.
  • Vary their assignments as if same kind of assignments or activities will be there, them children will get bored.
  • Match the assignments to the skills, interests, and needs of the children. Keep it not to easy nor too hard.
  • Don’t give too less or too much homework. Keep a moderate amount.

So, these were the few points which you can consider while preparing homework. These will surely help you with the Primary homework help.

4) Primary homework help by Parents

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Parents are also the teachers from whom the kids learn. You are the role models for your kids. So, it is very important for you to know that homework will surely help your children grow. It is important for you to keep a check on your children regarding their homework. Following are few points which will surely help you to help your children with their Primary homework help. Let’s get started.

  • Make a plan with them. You need to understand that where your child is lacking and how he/she can overcome it. May it be, the timings when they have to sit and do homework or the time they have to give to their homework. Plan accordingly.
  • Help them come into a routine. Work with them i.e., you need to sit with them and help them understand the importance of homework. Give equal time to them while sitting with them at the time of homework.
  • Spare sometime in between their homework schedule to give them some snacks. This will refresh their minds and they will feel relaxed. No kid can sit for hours to do homework.
  • Let your child decide, at which spot he/she wants to study. If they want to study on the floor, on th bed, on the sofa etc., let them do it as it’s up to their comfort level. They should feel free. You just have to pick that one right spot.
  • If your kid is doing homework, try not to distract him with other loud works. You can sit near him and just read a newspaper or just help him do his work. Lesser distraction should be there.
  • Give them space and try not be too over helpful. Children need their own space too and that is normal. We all need our own space, right?
  • You need to be strict too at sometimes. But, dont over do it. It’s just to keep them in discipline.
  • If your child needs an extra help, then don’t pull him/her away from it. Don’t try to reteach them what they are not able to understand. Sometimes, what you are not able to teach them, can be taught by others.
  • Try to ask for help and search websites like which provides  online assignment help and other such helpful articles for you to understand your child and his/her homework better. They will help you with all the questions you have in your mind regarding your child as they give written assistance on tutoring and also on helpful articles and ideas regarding topics which you want.

I hope, this information will help you. Try to imbibe these points and you are all set to help your child with his Primary homework help.

So, this was it for you in this article. Hope you liked this information. If you did, then do let me know through your comments below and also, do subscribe to my Blog for more such useful articles. For any further query, you can email us on our official email id given on our website. Thank you for reading. Stay connected. 🙂