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Olla Peeps!. 🙂 In this article, I am going to brief you on the most searched topic, i.e., Open Study College, UK. Often it happens, that you have the urge to study a particular course, but you don’t find time to go and attend college regularly. Then there might be many other reasons for not being able to attend a regular college like you are into a full-time employment where the time for studying in a regular college doesn’t exist.

But, what if I tell you, that there is this one college which will make things easy for you 😉 Yes, whatever the reason be, you can now study a course at your convenience.

Open School College, UK comes to your rescue. Get the experience of a regular college in distance learning. You will get around 450 courses to choose from, that you can learn at home. You will have a flexible learning experience. This article will discuss in brief about the Open Study College.

I will cover the topic in question and answer form so that it becomes easy for you to learn more about this college. So, now let’s begin.

1) Tell me something about this college?

Open Study College started up eight years back. It is the best spot for distance learning as it provides the best experience to its students. You will get the same learning experience as you get into a regular college. Their home learning experience is designed on the main goal, i.e., your success.

Open Study College provides over 400 courses which you can pursue from home, either with a sip of coffee or tea. 🙂 You get the full liberty to choose either from printed course books or use the e-learning method. The e-learning is accessible through computers, tablets, and even smartphones. It’s very easy to use and learn. You will be taught by brilliant tutors who know how to handle any situation at any particular. It’s a well-recognised service, and you get the best.

Study while enjoying coffee

You get to study with full flexibility, with your wanted speed and place. Open Study College provides various courses that allow you to work towards awards which are industry recognised and this will surely add power to your CV.

Let’s learn more 🙂

Are you looking forward to improving your personal or interpersonal skills? Want to find out a way to move forward in life? Wish to pursue your hobby as a career? The open study college has it all. You just need to choose the course which your heart says is right for you.

Are you scared of assignment deadline? So, this issue is also resolved here. You can study with a free mind, with no such strict deadlines and there is no such strict timetable which you have to deal with. You will have plenty of time to complete your course.

The college provides a first class home learning experience with different perks. Take no more tension of attending classes in the morning with fixed timings. Just enroll in one of the courses provided by this college and get trained by best tutors. This makes learning more convenient and hassles free.

2) Why Should I join Open Study College?

Over 60,000 people have already studied at the Open study college, Uk. People have already changed the thought, that open college will not be as beneficial as a regular college. I have already explained in detail about this college in the above point. Now, let’s see what the college has, to offer you:

    • Over 400 interesting courses to choose from.
    • Professional training, just like you get in a regular college.
    • Helpful and dedicated tutors who are best at their work.
    • Hassle free learning.
    • Independent and Trustworthy qualifications.
    • Study at your own wanted place and time and own pace.
Study at desired place and time
  • No strict deadlines of assignments or no strict timetable.
  • Excellent passing rates.

Then there are additional benefits that the college provides you:

  • Special home study pack: It includes a special Open study college pen, highlighter, notebook, study planner and a document wallet.
  • Free NUS Card: With this card, you can easily get discounts on cinema tickets and travel tickets or even on fashion range.
  • Free professional CV writing facility: You will get full help in writing and polishing your CV so that you can go out there and beat the crowd with your professional CV.
  • Excellent tutor support service: Your tutor will always be there to help you and guide you on the way along the course. Tutors will guide you step by step so that you grow well.

I hope this cleared your doubt that why you should opt for this course. Now, let’s move on to a detailed Q & A.

3) What skills do I need to enroll on a course?

This depends on the course level that you choose. If you go for a level 2 course, then you will need little or no experience to get started with your course. But, if it’s a higher level, then you need to check the details of that particular course on the course details page. There you will get all the details whether you require having prior knowledge or not?

4) Do I have to follow a time limit to complete my course?


See, there are no strict deadlines here. You are free to study at your speed. It’s just the length of the course may variate for different courses according to its level. So, you need to check the length of the course on the particular course detail page.

5) When will the courses start?

Well, this section gives you total ease because there is no set starting date of your course, like in a regular college. It is totally up to you, that when you want to start the course. You get to study at your speed with full flexibility.

6) When will I get my course materials?

As there are two methods to study, i.e., totally online and second is to study with he help of course study pack. So, online students will get their course materials within 72 hours after enrollment. The students who chose to study with course pack study method, will receive their course materials within ten working days or even less, after enrollment. Once, you receive your materials; you can start your opted course.

7) What all things get included in the cost of my course?

Most of the courses will provide you with you with a student study planner, three colour highlighter, student notebook, special Open Study College pen and a document wallet. You may also get comprehensive study materials. 🙂 There are some courses which will provide you with some extra tools like SAGE software, practical day kits or DVDs. Whichever course you choose, everything is shown up on the course page.

8) What should I do when I need help?

You will be provided a personal tutor. The tutor will be available, and you can contact your tutor through email. There are some courses that require telephonic discussions, so you can call your tutor and ask them about your query. All this information about which course provides what is given on your chosen course page. You will get all the details of the course which you will check.

9) Are there any other benefits which I will get?

Students will be given a free NUS card, with which you can avail discounts from various high street stores, restaurants, travel services and cinemas. After you complete your course, you will get your CV written by experts. This will increase your prospects to potential employees. (Note: The free NUS card will only be available to Uk students.)

10) Will I get a required reading list?


Most of the Open Study College courses, will not guide you to study from any textbooks. But, the A-Level and GCSE courses may tell you to refer to some necessary or recommended textbooks, which can be purchased from your nearby bookstores or directly from the Open Study College.

11) How will I get my work evaluated?

Don’t worry at all. I know it’s an open study college and you study online. Same thing gets applied to your assignments. You can send your assignments through email or post.(Note: Your tutors will prefer assignments sent through email). It is like getting assignment help online. This is a quicker and easier way to get your assignments evaluated by your tutors. Choosing an online course means that later, you will be sending and receiving your assignments via email. After your tutors receive your assignments, they will check it and then return it to you.

12) Will I have to give an exam like a regular college?

Most of the courses here, are designed to be evaluated through coursework, which will be marked by your tutors and then they will send it back to you via email. There are courses like the A-level, ICB and GCSE course, which requires you to sit for an exam to get your qualifications completed. The SAGE course has an examination, which you will be giving from home.

13) If I live outside UK, can I still enroll?

Yes, you can surely enroll yourself to a course at the Open Study College. Many of the overseas students prefer online learning as it is fast and easy. You get full flexibility. Your work gets evaluated via online sources. (Note: The courses for which you have to sit an exam, then you are required to be within the UK as the exam will be held in the UK itself).

14) How can I pay for my course?

The payment method is very easy. You get flexible options for the payment. You can either pay the full amount at once or distribute the cost into low monthly installments. Open Study College provides an option to pay online via secure checkout or to pay over the phone.

15) What if I want to cancel my course? Is there any such option?

Open study college offers a fourteen-day money return guarantee. If by any chance, you change your mind to cancel your course, then, in this case, you have to return all the course materials provided to you by them, within fourteen days. They will then give you the full refund, but an administration fee will be deducted which is around £25.( Note: this administration fee is not applicable if you have enrolled via finance application).

16) What are the qualifications which the Open Study College provides?

All the courses provided by this college are “independently accredited” from well established, award providing organisations. These organisations provide awards that include AAT, A-Level, IGCSE, BTEC, And ICB. It will become easy for you to get a job when you get these employer recognised certifications.

Qualifications are very important when it comes to showcasing your knowledge when you are searching for a job. That’s why Open Study College works with bodies which are independent and provide awards. Open Study College also offer you the best courses and helps you with a professionally written CV.

Following is the list of the awards:

Click on the awards individually, and you will get the list of the courses provided under them. Each individual body(organisation) keeps a check to make sure whether these courses are meeting their high standards or not? So, the quality is 100% and the results are assured. There are more than 400 courses available, you can visit the courses option on the homepage of Open School College website.

If you still have any queries or you need some detailed information regarding College or any Course, then you can click here. You will surely get all the details you want.

So, guys, this was all about the Open Study College. I hope you have got all your answers regarding this college. If you are thinking to opt a course in here, then it is the right choice. The college provides excellent facilities, and you get to learn everything like a regular college and at time and place of your choice. If you liked the information, then do let me know through your valuable comments below and also do subscribe to my Blog.

For any query regarding this article or any online assignment help, you can email us on the id given on our website. We would love to help you. Thank you for reading. 🙂