Most Common Methodologies used in Assignment Writing

Attempting an academic assignment requires you to have fine knowledge of the various tasks. You may have fair idea of how to research, write, structure and reference you coursework. However, you may not have the idea of the different methodologies.


Hence, as an assignment writing service provider in UK, we will try to give you an idea of the most commonly used methodologies to write assignments on arts and humanities subjects.


During the academics, you are expected to learn. Your assessor assigns you the homework to help you gain knowledge about the various things happening in the society.

If you are pursuing a degree in the arts and humanities stream, you could be asked to write on some social issue. Research won’t be enough to write such coursework, people’s views about the issue matter much.

Conducting interviews of the people could help you much getting the people bytes on an issue and you could use it to write the assignment.


You may have judged someone by his or her actions. It is called observation. Although it is not the methodology that could be guaranteed as accurate to make certain views about someone.

However, it is one the most commonly used methodology by the arts and humanities students to learn about an individual. You should use the same method as well keeping your academic paper topic requirements in mind.

List of questions

It is possible that you may be asked to attempt an assignment covering the views of a large group of people. That leaves no room for conducting the interviews and observation.

Here, a list of questions could come handy to you. It is the easiest and fastest way to get the standardized information on a topic from the people.

Analysis of the documents

You must be aware that research sets the base for successful academic writing. It is even more required when you have to write on the subjects such as history.

Analysis of the documents is something you have to do while working on a history assignment. The efficient use of this methodology could help you much in writing a compelling homework.

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