Most Common Methodologies used in Assignment Writing


Attempting an academic assignment requires you to have fine knowledge of the various tasks. You may have a fair idea of how to research, write, structure, and reference your coursework. However, you may not have an idea of the different methodologies. Assignment writing plays a high role in upgrading your academic grades. Hence, it is necessary to make it accurate and authentic. While writing assignments, you need to write them with care without missing any important aspect of it. Sometimes, assignment writing can be a hard job, but nothing is impossible if you used effective assignment writing methodologies in a correct manner.


No matter what academic level you are pursuing, you have to deal with different types of assignments. But, it’s never too late to improve your academic assignment writing skills. That is why we have brought some most common methodologies on how to write an assignment. These methodologies will not only help you in making your assignment up to the mark but also improves your critical and analytical skills.

Hence, as an assignment writing service provider in the UK, we will try to give you an idea of the most commonly used methodologies to write assignments on arts and humanities subjects.

Common methodologies used in assignment writing 

Before talking about the assignment writing methodologies, let us make you familiar with the term ‘methodology’. In simple words, methodology refers to the way that you will compile the research that goes into the bulk of your assignment. So, if you are a student of arts and humanities and need some assignment writing methodologies to write an assignment, then we have listed here are a few of the most common.



During academics, you are expected to learn. Your assessor assigns you the homework to help you gain knowledge about the various things happening in the society.

If you are pursuing a degree in the arts and humanities stream, you could be asked to write on some social issue. Research won’t be enough to write such coursework, people’s views about the issue matter much. Conducting interviews of the people could help you much getting the people bytes on an issue and you could use it to write the assignment.

Interacting with different peoples with different mindsets who can give you valuable inputs will make your assignment the best. However, if you are struggling in compiling those inputs in a logical and correct manner, then our arts and humanities assignment help experts are here to help you all the time.


You may have judged someone by his or her actions. It is called observation. Although it is not the methodology that could be guaranteed as accurate to make certain views about someone.

However, it is one of the most commonly used methodologies by the arts and humanities students to learn about an individual. You should use the same method as well keeping your academic paper topic requirements in mind. Conducting observation in an appropriate manner will not only help you in making your assignment stand-out but also develops analytical in you. So, while doing observation, try not to find the answers but also try to look more deeper than that.

List of questions

Learning how to write assignments for humanities and arts means being ready to visualize and having an in-depth understanding of the questions at hand. Once, you get that then only you can write a quality and effective assignment.

It is possible that you may be asked to attempt an assignment covering the views of a large group of people. That leaves no room for conducting the interviews and observation. Hence, in such situations make a list of questions that could come in handy to you. It is the easiest and fastest way to get the standardized information on a topic from the people.

Therefore, while writing questions make sure that the questions you make provide you the information that you are looking for. Sometimes a question can contain restricting words, which makes your assignment topic more specific and authentic.

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Analysis of the documents

You must be aware that research sets the base for successful academic writing. It is even more required when you have to write on the subjects such as history. Analysis of the documents is something you have to do while working on a history assignment. The efficient use of this methodology could help you much in writing a compelling assignment.

This type of methodology involves history as well as production insights. For example, if you are writing an assignment on a topic of history, you might do close reading analysis, but you may also analyze other things as well such as handwriting, paper quality, surveys, etc. But, for doing so you need to understand the document deeply and then analyze facts and data to form an opinion of your own.

Case study

A case study allows you to use a small sampling to make an insight about a given topic or larger context. A case study may involve looking at various cases, research, interviews, reading. The important thing to remember in writing a case study is that you need to lay out all the specific details of your case for analysis.

A case study is the most common methodology used in assignment writing. It requires thorough research to form an opinion or viewpoint on a particular topic. The knowledge of this methodology can make your assignment stand-out and accurate.

As said, assignment writing is an art that takes time to master. The only way to write a compelling and informative assignment is to practice a lot. For that, you need to develop good writing, thinking, and analytical skills. These are some of the most common methodologies of assignment writing. But, you will get to learn more about it when you apply it to your assignment writing.

Some research methodologies used in assignment writing

Here are some other types of assignment writing methodologies used for research purposes other than the above discussed:

  • Close reading: A close reading methodology involves describing the topic in detail. This could be a theoretical explanation or a literature review. Close reading involves the ability to speak about sentences in the right direction.
  • Narrative methodology: The narrative methodology is quite common in education studies. A narrative analysis tells the research story as a story in context.
  • Ethnography: Ethnography involves describing things in a scientific manner. It involves a number of different forms of study. Interviews and observational research are the parts of ethnography.
  • Theoretical: This type of methodology is different from that of normal methodologies. It differs from field to field. Developing a theoretical analysis involves building an argument in a logical manner from one premise to the next.
  • Oral history: Oral history methodology involves both ethnography and narrative work event and details. This methodology all about the historical event and most commonly used by arts and humanities students.

There are other ways as well of doing research using different methodologies. But, it is vital to use the best methodology while making your assignment. Not all methodology is applicable on all topics and assignments. Hence, you need to choose the one that is suitable for your assignment.

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