Looking to Make Money during the Summer Break? Get in Touch with these Companies!

Summer is the time that allows you to focus on the things you can’t do during the term time. If you could make some money in the free time, then it is icing on the cake.


Many companies offer the same type of opportunities to the teachers in the US. So, read on to find out which of these companies could be your platform to polish your skills as well as in making some money.

Happy Swimmers

What could be the better place then spending your summer in the water. Happy swimmers is the organization that offers private swimming lessons.

The thing they find unique about the teachers is they have patience and they are compassionate enough as well. Both of these are the key requirements of handling the young swimmers.

Connections Academy

You may want to polish as well as develop your teaching skills during the summer holidays. It is a good idea as you could find it easy to prepare your lecture plans and could get new ideas for the next semester.

Connections Academy is a company that hosts online public schools and could connect you with the students at your home.

Varsity Tutors

Lots of students take tuition during the summer to sharpen their subject skills or to prepare for the entrance tests. Varsity Tutors specializes in helping such students.

They could connect you with same type of the students. You could give them lessons at the time you find most convenient. You could earn around $20 per hour for the same job.


You must be well aware that YMCAs hold summer camps for all age kids during the summer break. You could join your nearest YMCA as a camp counselor.

It is a job that gives you a space to stay laid back and enjoy that is not possible with the school teaching.


Chinese kids living in the US need the right exposure to English to thrive in the modern world. VIPKID is the educational organization that helps the Chinese kids in the same.

You could teach these children and could play a significant role in setting the base for their academics.

Your students could complain of being unable to write their academic assignments often. You can recommend our online assignment help UK to such students and they can get proper assistance in attempting their tasks.