How to ace up your logical reasoning game

Aptitude is one of the factors where we can conclude that a person is an intelligent mind and resourceful to deal with any organizational task. This is one of the main reason that almost every enterprise before recruiting their employee takes a quantitive aptitude test. A logical reasoning test helps determine the aptitude and problem-solving skill in a person.


The term logical reasoning is the predetermined task of using a systematic, rational series of steps that are based on mathematical procedures or provided statements to conclude a solution. A logical question is mainly composed of a stimulus passage, task/question, and choices of answers. We will discuss the layout of a logical question further in the blog. Meanwhile, you can find every type of problem and their solution on our Assignment help website. Our website shows a quantitative aptitude approach towards your assignment and helps you learning by providing free revision period.

Most important Logical reasoning topics

There are numbers of significant reasoning problems that students needs to be proficient to crack an aptitude test. Some of the biggest exams in the world such as GMAT, CAT and GRE includes quantitive aptitude section to test student’s ability. Here is the list of most common reasoning subjects.

  • Ranking and order
  • Tabular arrangement
  • Percentage and portion
  • Circular and linear methods
  • Puzzles
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Selections and grouping
  • Puzzles and critical paths
  • Venn Diagram along minima-maxima
  • Matrix/grid based arrangements
  • Odd one out
  • Family tree/ Blood relations

The layout of a logical question

The layout of any logical reasoning questions consists of three parts which are mentioned below.

Passage and stimulus

This paragraph will depict you the case scenario,information or argument that forms the basis for solution. There can be multiple scenarios to make the question complicated and confusing.

For example we will discuss a question based on the linear arrangements.

QUESTION: T, Q, R, E, and W are sitting across the straight line, T lies between R and Q, W does not sit in the middle and is extremely left to E, E and Q occupy the edge positions.

Task or question

This section of question poses the task or question which student needs to carry out. It may even ask about which given assumptions given are sufficient to carry out the issue. Also what conclusions could be correct regarding the passage.

For example for the above mentioned questions the problems that can be asked are

  • Find the place of W with the reference to R
  • Identify the person who sits on the second most right to Q
  • Identify neighbor of T
  • Locate the odd one out from given number of choices.
  • What statements are enough to find the linear layout?

Number of choices

Just as the name suggest this part of a logical question provides the number of choices. Student can pick one out of them which he deems correct. Please note that most of the exams mention negative marking which stats that for every wrong answer you will be deducted more than what you get for a correct answer. So it will be unwise to fill out those questions which we don’t know.

For example

For the above linear question if the task is to find out the neighbor of T. Here are the options.

  • R or E
  • Q
  • E
  • Q or R
  • R or W

Problem solving mechanism

Every logical question can be solved by creating a rough sketch of situation on paper. However experts recommends never to use a pen while solving a quantitative problem. Student can create a rough diagram over their conscious mind.

However, for the above question let us create a rough sketch of the situation so that readers can comprehend the problem.

The question implies that Q, T, R, E, and W are sitting in a straight line but not necessarily in the same order. The second phrase is T is sitting between Q and R, so we will start building the case scenario according to the passage.

  • Q ___T___R

The next phrase in the question stats that W is not placed in the middle and is immediate left to E

  • W_E

The last statement of question implies that E and Q both occupy the extreme edge position.

  • Q_______E

By far most of the reader must have guessed the perfect sitting layout of the problem by just para phrasing of the passage. The correct layout for the above problem is

  • Q_T_R_W_E

This layout is enough to solve any question weather it is assumption or objective based. For example if the student have to identify the neighbor of T. The right option will be Q and R.

This problem-solving mechanism can almost solve every type of logical reasoning question. We have to paraphrase each stimulus according to the requirement of the task and build our answer. It is always beneficial to break the whole passage down to its support and conclusion. There are hundreds of logical reasoning question types that can be solved using this mechanism. Our Assignment expert team can teach you how to determine what’s best to read in a logical question and eliminate the complicated part.

Some useful tips to tackle logical reasoning

Read and evaluate passage and task

The best method to fully comprehend the passage is first to read down the task as this allows the student to understand the passage with a purpose. Students who start from passage gets wind up in rereading the same paragraph over and over. A student can conclude by merely breaking the passage into its sources and rebuilding it according to the question. On the counterpart, not carefully reading the passage and jumping into conclusions can land you some massive marks deduction.

Take your time

Solving typical reasoning question can be tricky, so take your reasonable time on every subject. The most efficient way is to make a wild guess of an answer without looking at the given options. While it is not an easy job to predict the answer, but the student will still want to review the task he is going to accomplish.

Evaluate the choices

Once you have made your guess, look at the options and evaluate them according to your prediction. If one of the options match your predictions, you have successfully reached the solution and if it doesn’t rework the same process again. Make sure you are not wasting your entire time on a single question. Aptitude test is all about speed and efficiency, and if you are spending your precious time on the same problem, you will eventually lose more marks. So it is better to skip the task rather than skimping on the thought process.

How to prepare yourself for logical reasoning test

While preparing for the logical reasoning test, a student need to follow a practice routine to enhance grasping, speed and efficiency. You have to shed some ineffective habits and adapt some of the effective ones. Here are some ideas to keep in mind while practicing for an aptitude exam

Learn all types of question

An assumption question is entirely different to other question types. So we can’t solve all of them by a single mechanism even though the passage looks similar. So give your time to learn every kind of question and understand the tools to solve it.

Clear your fundamentals

The strength of the building is based on how its roots are build up. This is the same case with logical reasoning; if your basic concepts and fundamental are clear, you can easily comprehend any consistent problem. A student is required to identify the accurate conclusion quickly, and this is only possible when he has a solving approach to all the fundamentals.

Stop panic

Students need to learn that they are not bind or obliged to do any question or complete all tasks to clear exam. let’s be honest no one can ace in every logical reasoning subject. So it’s only logical to skip certain subject which you find hard to solve.

Don’t overaptamize

Usually, logical reasoning doesn’t need outside expertise in other subjects. So it would be unwise to impose your external views, experience, and knowledge in questions measuring quantitative approach. Just stick to your fundamentals and passage and keep trying solving.


Mastering your logical reasoning can really help you score much higher in a number of esteemed exams. The other subject such as general knowledge or current awareness is basically dependent on your luck and memory retrieving skill. However, a student can crack the maximum number of marks in reasoning if he is proficient in it.

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