Is it Right for the Teachers to ask Students for Free Writing

Writing is the task that helps the students in many ways during the academics. Moreover, they could reap its benefits in the professional life as well. However, not all the students have mastery on this skill.


Free writing is something that is highly recommended by the educationists for such students. It is the task that may not seem effective at the start, but as it gets in your students’ habit, you will witness significant improvement. Thinking of including free writing into your curriculum? Well, first find out more on the benefits of free writing.

Free writing could help them in developing writing skills

It has been seen that lots of students do not try to write because they lack confidence. They believe they will not be able to come up with a fine first line and their write-up will contain lots of grammatical and spelling errors.

As a teacher, you have to tell them that all the writers make errors in the early attempts. However, they stay focused on writing without caring for the mistakes. That is what called free writing and they develop their writing skills slowly, but surely.

Students could improve their critical thinking

Having the right idea of your thinking and ability to understand the difference between right and wrong is a must for every person to live a successful life.

Free writing could help your students in both these things. While free writing, your students could start writing about social issues or about themselves. It could definitely give them a chance to discover themselves and they could also criticize anything rationally.

It could prove helpful for the students in overcoming the writer’s block

Many of your pupils may have a flair for writing. However, they may not be able come up with excellent piece of writing at times. Writer’s block could be the reason of it.

Free writing allows an individual to overcome the writer’s block. A writer writes freely without being critical of own writing. It could help him or her in getting into the groove and new ideas could flow in mind.

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