How to encourage book reading skills

For centuries there is a saying in educational circles “books are the best friends of man”. But these days or rather in these modern times, with the advent of technology book reading is frequently taking a back seat among a substantial population of students. Understandably though it is really hard for some to jump into the texts and come out with major realities. However, these challenges should be addressed in the first place so that book reading shall be encouraged. So in order to help specially the children, assignment writing help experts come up with the following steps and they need to be implemented at the earliest:

book reading skills

  • Do not try to pressurize any child to just sit down and start reading. First interest should be built around the topic and then its importance should be highlighted. Interesting books can be good starter for him.
  • Introduce the concept of PRR i.e. preview, read and review.
  • Observe how your kid tries to preview the topic in hand. Pictures, graphs, maps and graphics can be handy for this purpose.
  • Emphasize as well as convince them the purpose of reading. Once he gets the fair idea and purpose of the subject, the picture will be clear in his mind.
  • In the next stage, reading should be done meticulously. It makes them comprehend the information and knowledge conveyed by the book. Teach him underline the answers while reading it.
  • This stage allows your child to review the content. It takes less time but touches the necessary information again only to retain it for a longer period. You can also ask what they just learnt. This can make them more enthusiastic about what to learn next.
  • Try to make them understand the importance of learning and knowledge for their own good so that they go ahead to read more and more books and hence more and more knowledge.

Students are needed to imbue many other habits and skills in today’s scenario. So, for more such educational topics, please follow our assignment writing help UK experts