How entrepreneurship enhances economic development

Entrepreneurship is the process with which people utilize their creativity and constructive opportunities to come up with new ideas for establishing businesses. Entrepreneurs are the professionals who are instrumental in creating employment opportunities in an economy. There are a number of economies around the world where the gulf between population and employment is getting wider and wider. So these entrepreneurs can provide an effective solution to bridge this ever widening gap. Entrepreneurship also allows an opportunity to deal with the uncertainties and risks coming into an economy. The management of workforce and the tapping of human potential are integral components of entrepreneurship. In an economy there is an inherent distinction between self-employment and wage-employment and entrepreneurship represents this occupational choice.

entrepreneurship and economy

The basic drive for a person to become an entrepreneur is the prior calculation of profits and other non-financial gains that are not seen in the case of wage-employment. So if taken a comparative look, there are additional benefits and compensation as well as risks associated with entrepreneurship. The assignment writing help experts in UK have time again illustrated this topic elaborately.

The employment opportunities created in the market by the entrepreneurship also escalates a good competition in the market. The different players in the market start using advanced technologies to remain efficient and productive because of the competition. Eventually all of these business activities take an economy on the path of growth and development. It all starts with an idea and all the responsible persons use their innovative approach around this idea. Gradually, the idea and innovation starts making profits for the company and hence are beneficial for the economy as well. Entrepreneurship also give rise to research and development that is one of the main pillars widely used in strengthening an economy.

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