Have problem in writing assignment? Try these tools from google


Students facing problem in writing assignment is not something new. You can have difficulty in attempting your assignment because of several reasons such as lack of flair in writing, difficulty in doing research or unfamiliarity with the approach. However, you can use some Google tools and get assignment writing help from them. Researching is one thing that students find a tough task because its a procedure that involves in-depth research on a topic and it can test your patience as it’s not guaranteed that you will jump on a site that contains relevant data.  That’s, why many students find it tough to do research for their assignment and you can also have the same problem. In such circumstances, these tools from Google could come handy to you.


Google Scholar

It’s pretty much possible that you haven’t heard or read about this tool before. But its a tool from Google that was created keeping the requirements of a research community in mind. Using this tool you can get access to scientific papers, medical journals and expert opinions on different subjects. Although, there are chances that you will have to pay to have access to research papers and journals most sites have a summary or abstract that could help with your assignment.

Google Scholar is a freely accessible search engine. It indexes metadata or full text of scholarly literature through an array of publishing disciplines. It was introduced in 2004. The scholar involves the most great-reviewed online academic articles, conference papers, preprints, technical reports, books, dissertations, theses etc. This list may also involve patents and court opinions.

Google News

If you need to write an assignment on something that happened in the recent past, then google news could prove helpful for you in having the latest info about those happenings. The key feature of Google news is that you can search for any news according to your assignment needs. Also, if you find your assignment submission date approaching fast, then you can subscribe to Google alert. This way you can get an email containing the news you want.

Basically Google News is an app developed by Google to serve as a news aggregator. You can get a consistent and continuous flow of articles published from millions of magazines and publishers. You can even customize it as per your needs. It is available on iOS, Android and the Web as well.

Google books

Google books are the way you can try if you have a problem with researching for your assignment. By using this tool, you can have access to thousands of books that are available in scanned form. You can find some books entirely or can have access to the gist of the book. But this way you can gain quality information and get assignment help.

The results of google books can be seen in both the google books search website and the main universal google search. In response to any query, google books gives the users an opportunity to view full pages through the books. Here, the search terms show in case the book has no copyright on it or the copyright has given permission.

Google notebook

Its also one of the Google tool that many students are not familiar with, but you are familiar with the headache of doing research from the internet, right? In such circumstances, Google notebook is something that could come handy you. By using this tool, you can save a specific section or para that matches your requirements. Not just that, you can save pics as well as save site URL automatically. This way you will have the idea of where you can get the data, and you will find it easy to make your reference list.

Google Notebook used to be a free online app introduced by Google itself. It allowed you the time to organize and save the pieces of information when they carry out research online. This browser permits every user to clip text and even images and write notes easily. You can also save links from various pages while going through a browser session. The main information can be saved to a notebook online. Also, you can share it and collaborate as well. Another good thing is that your notebooks could be visible to others if you mark them as “public”.

So, these are the tools that could come handy to you in doing research when you attempt your assignment next time. If you still have some difficulty in dealing with your assignment, then you can check out our online assistance. We are a leading assignment writing help provider in UK, Australia, and many other countries. We have got a bunch of talented academic writers who are familiar with the craft of assignment writing and can write a comprehensive assignment for you. So try our assignment writing help online and get an ideal assignment solution from us.

Other ways to avoid a problem in academic writing

 If you often find yourself thinking “online help with assignment is what I need” you can use the tools listed above to make your work simpler. However, there are some behavioural issues which become a halt when it comes to writing an assignment. So, you can try these assignment writing tips to avoid some most common problems in academic writing:


Expert guidance

Sometimes the topics are too hard, tricky or lengthy. Due to this many students either get panicked or hopeless. Mostly, they just give up on the task without even putting their best effort. If you are also going through such a phase, try taking assignment writing help from experts. Their guidance will make things easy to understand.

Avoid distractions

The biggest disaster for students is a distraction. You can never expect to master an assignment while playing online games or watching your favourite web series. Like it or not, your work needs your attention and concentration. All we want to say is that keep every type of distractions away while working on the assignment. If you will manage to do so, this would turn out to be your biggest assignment writing help to yourself.

Balanced diet

This may seem like an irrelevant tip here, however, it is not. Having a healthy diet and sleep is as important as having the right knowledge. You should always pay attention to this aspect because until you will have a healthy mind and body you cannot start afresh. Be sorted by being healthy.

Time management

Make a proper schedule and agenda and follow it no matters what comes along. If you will try to mould your irregular routine into a well-planned one, you will get closer to success completion very easily. Try to find out an ideal time and environment to do assignments. Set your schedule accordingly, and you will find a big difference.