Handwriting Troubles? Learn What could Help you in Improving Handwriting

Beautifully handwritten words could be a goner in the future as the typing is taking over handwriting quite fast. Other reason is the lack of interest in the students towards penmanship.


Some of the students and parents worry a lot about the handwriting. Keeping their interest in mind, we will try to give you some tips on improving handwriting.

Start with the basics that is practice

You must have been asked by your teachers since the elementary level to practice various things. It could be related to your lessons, handwriting, creativity, etc.

It is a must if you want to hone your skills in something. Handwriting is no different from the tasks you believe you could get better at with practice. Hence, you should make sure to practice a lot and you will witness the positive results.

Using the right pens is the key

The experts suggest that you have to consider various things even while holding the pen. It is a must as holding the pen in the right way ensures you will able to write well.

You should use pen which you could grip easily and it must not make you feel tired after writing few words. Your pen also must not leave the gel stains as it could make the handwriting creepy.

Rushing is prohibited in writing

You are attending a lecture and taking down the notes. Rushing seems legit in such situation when it comes to handwriting. However, when you have ample time to complete the task, then you don’t need to rush.

What helps you in improving your handwriting is slowing down. Try to write at the pace that ensures the writing won’t get messy.

Learn the right way to hold the pen

One of the reasons of bad handwriting could be improper pen grip. This problems occurs mostly at the early age and you may not be able to write well your whole life because no one tried correcting you.

You should put much emphasis on learning the right way to hold the pen. The correct way of holding a pen is; hold the pen between index finger and thumb. It should rest on the knuckle and the tip of your middle finger. Moreover, you should not grip the pen too tightly.

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