Growing online teacher-student relationship

With its apparent openness and distinctive approach of learning, online education has given teeth and solid reasons to strengthen teacher-student relationship. It is characterized by effective teaching, communication and monitoring that wasn’t realized earlier in traditional face to face teaching methodologies. However, it still has some lacunae such as lack of emotional communication and issues in supervision. So in order to address that loophole, there was a need to make it more interactive and to introduce emotional elements so as to make more and more students participative.

growing teacher-student relationship

The computer network enabled education and digitalization has genuinely transformed the teaching concepts, contents and pattern. So it is imperative to explore the teacher-student relation further as far as the effectiveness of online education is concerned. For that to be successfully fructified, teachers need to take a leading role here. As teachers are in possession of all the teaching resources, it is their call how to employ perfect teaching methodologies in order to impart knowledge and values. Traditionally the teaching activities included selecting text book, making curriculum, adopting particular teaching style and utilizing assessment means. But now it is observed that technology and social media platforms have proved to be great teaching tool. That is why they are using social media as a positive way to connect and teach students. Apart from that, education resources are widely expanded in a network system rather than inside teachers’ brains making students to have access to that knowledge. Teachers are exchanging ideas with the students by accessing specialized digital libraries by sharing them online.

However, there is an opposite side of it. Students can access the information without actually turning up to the teachers thus making teachers’ dominant role weakened a bit. It is yet to be seen how this new relationship would turn out in the coming time, but certainly it has added a new dimension to the teacher-student relationship for sure.

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