Good Narrative Essay Writing is Possible with these Tips

All of us tell some stories everyday. Some could be long stories and at times, you tell a short story to someone about an incident or something else.


Narrative essay writing requires you to do the same. However, the plot must be set in the read world, i.e. your narrative essay should be about some real world happening.

Furthermore, you also have to explain the lesson you learned through that incident or the whatever you are writing about. Below, we are giving you some basic tips that could be helpful for you in attempting a narrative essay.

Prewriting is a must for better narrative writing

No writing could be guaranteed to be successful if you don’t give a thought to what you have to write and not try writing a rough draft of it. Both these tasks are even more crucial for this type of essay.

Thus, you should give ample time to recalling the memories you have about a particular incident. You should go in more detail. You should try to remember the year of the incident, season and people involved. Moreover, you should recall the setting and objects of the same as well.

Educators also suggest that if you have an emotional connection with the narrative essay topic, you could find it easy to attempt the task. You should outline the essay before starting the original draft. It could prove much helpful for you in keeping the flow of the sequences on track.

Points to remember while writing the narrative essay

Use of the first person word is a must

First of all, you have to remember that you are telling your story in the narrative essay. Hence, use the first person word “I” is its most basic requirement. It could help you much in connecting with the readers.

Give proper idea of the incident to the readers

When you watch a film, you have no prior idea of how the character’s life has been and you come to know about the story as you watch the film. Your readers are also unfamiliar with your story. Hence, if you don’t give the right detail to any section of the narrative essay, the readers could get confused.

Use of vivid words for the description is an excellent way to engage the readers

In persuasive essay and other type of essay writing, you have to use simple language. It is like this as you have to simply inform people about some issue. However, in the narrative essay writing, you have to use vivid words to describe the essay. Creative language could engage the readers in the story quite well.

Take fiction writing type approach in building the plot

You must be aware that readers only read a story only if they find the story is being told in an interesting way. It should also have good pace. These are the basics of fiction writing, but using the same approach while writing your narrative essay could make your story compelling.

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