Finest Learning Websites for the English Teachers

You can easily understand the importance of learning as a teacher. Some of the greats have said that you learn till your last breath. Hence, you must not spare any chance of learning.

There are few platforms on the internet that could prove much helpful for you in learning if you are a English teacher. So, read on to learn something useful.


It has been seen that not all the teachers find teaching the grammar interesting enough. However, the students need the proper knowledge of it as it plays crucial role in making their English basics strong. Noredink is the site where your students can get instructions on learning the subject individually. It does not require them to make much efforts and you don’t have to do much as well.


GoodReads is one of the most popular platform where you organize your favorite books and can rate them. Books are finest property that makes you learn a lot and your students could also get same benefits from it as well. Thus, you can use this site to share some of the books with your students.


It is the website which i have used a lot. During the academics, your students have to write assignment. It is something that students not find pleasing. They could have problem in understanding the required approach to write the coursework. It could also be tough for them to cite their assignment. The students could also learn a lot about the grammar at the PurdueOwl.


Kahoot could be termed as a platform where students can learn in the creative and fun way. Here, you have the freedom to create, play, share the learning games. It is much creative and the students could find it an interesting way to learn.


Students often use the easy way out to write their academic assignments. They copy-paste the information from the internet and their academic coursework is completed. Turnitin is the software that could help you in finding such students. It tries to match the assignment information with the information on the internet. You can also find ideal tools for the revision that could help the students in improving their writing skills.

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