Fear of Text Book Reading and How to Avoid it

Generally, we have the impression that kids will know what to do in their study, but they actually require help. The ability to jump into texts and come up with major realities can be hard, especially at first. These are the challenges which are faced by kids initially.

Reading and Fear
Reading is easy, let us practice it.

But you can actually help your child in their text book studies. To amend the reading of your child, you can try PRR which is called “Preview, Read, Review”:

  1. Never insist your kid to just sit down and start reading. It is suitable for summer, but reading textbooks generally need a boost and interest of the reader. Children should be taught to read with interest and look forward for the success of their studies.
  2. First, you should give emphasize that your child previews the topic which has been assigned. For example: they can look at headings, pictures, maps, graphs, and caption, etc. Then ask them some questions like: What is the major purpose of this reading? Does it interlink to anything you have already concerned? Take a screening of your child in the preview stage. Finally, if your child has been allotted some questions look them over now. In some cases, your child may concern just from the stage of preview, where the answers will come into the picture.
  3. After preview stage, allow your kido to read the text book carefully. Check out, however, that he or she persists to ensure how the information adjusts with the big picture. If your kid is seeking for answers to questions, he or she can attach a post in the margin where that answer presents, or underline it if you occur to own the book complete.
  4. Last and finally, to complete the job, you need to insist on This phase, which will take only five minutes or so, comprises going back to the headings, pictures, maps, graphs and captions. You can ask that “What did you just learn?” As students become more enthusiasm readers, they can also ask themselves “What did I not understand?” They can re-read those sections until they understand fully that topic. In the meanwhile, this is also the phase when children should write the answers to any queries of the teacher which has been necessary.

Though, this method sounds like a slog, but you and your kid should rapidly discover that it is very time saving and effective. By doing the phase one, i.e. preview, your kid will look after the reading process. It means that your kid will understand it on the very first stage. It will never be late to know the problem of your child. And also can be solved very easily.

The mantra PRR, “preview, read, review” is a very effective skill that will aid for years to give efficient results. For example: Lawyers, doctors, and engineers must all be able to read difficult material and understand the basic idea to support the facts. So if your kid finds any difficulty to read the text books, you can apply the above tricks and check the results.

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