Education reform policy

Educational reforms refer to the process of changing goals of global education by introducing technology, methodologies and strategies. Educational institutions across the world are increasingly getting under pressure to have a system in place that will improve the skills, achievements and students’ participation. For the last three decades, the reforms in education have been effectively emphasizing on the inputs at one end while outputs on the other. These reforms have encouraged public education and as a result the input-output system is strengthened considerably. The implementation of school-wide reforms has also caused further systemic changes in the strategies to enhance effectiveness and performance of the students.

Education reform policy

The implementation of reform policies in education has been successful in restructuring the system to increase school autonomy, accountability and innovation in teaching methodologies. However, different countries have different reform policies as to how they are structured, financed and centralized.

Why is the need of reforms in education?

The researchers and educational professionals have identified the following obstacles and inadequacies that have led to the need to implement the educational reform policies:

  • There is a reluctance and unfavorable attitude on the part of school stakeholders to adopt bottom-up approach.
  • A clear lack of understanding is being seen in authorities as well as in stakeholders for the change in attitudes expected from them
  • Lack of time on the part of teachers and parents to implement new strategies
  • The allocation and distribution of resources has been inadequate and ineffective so far
  • There is no coherence in the continuity on the provision of professional development
  • No efforts at all to build and increase school capacity to implement reforms
  • No knowledge of roles and responsibilities among stakeholders

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