Do You Have Slow Learners in Your Class? Try These Tips

Students having a problem in understanding math is not something new. This subject comprises many tough concepts that are not easy to learn, and many students might also be facing some difficulty in learning math. But it doesn’t mean that they are a slow learner. They also possess same intellectual abilities as their classmates and can do well in math. But, they might have a problem in concentrating, and there is also a possibility that they don’t learn by the normal way of teaching. That’s why educationists have come up with some techniques that might prove helpful in teaching the students who have a problem in dealing with math.

 slower learners

Make learning more practical

It’s a fact that even normal kids don’t like learning in the strict atmosphere so it’s harder for a slow learner as well. That’s why you should try to teach them doing additions, subtractions and multiplication using things like flowers, biscuits, etc.

Teach individually or in small groups

It’s quite obvious that student who learns slow need special attention from the teacher. So, you should teach them individually and learn where they have a problem. Also, teaching these students in small groups might prove beneficial as well because the students will not only learn the subject but will improve their social skills as well.

Customized classes

Students want to learn the classes that are fun filled. So, keeping this thing in mind, many organizations offer customized plans for slow learners to improve their skills. That’s why the school could also take professional help and having good follow-ups to help these children at home could also prove beneficial for them.

 Try sound therapy

It is an effective way of helping the students who have a problem in learning math.In this method, the therapist uses sound and tools which stimulate auditory pathways to help students in improving their concentration power. This therapy might also come handy in enhancing the auditory transmission in the brain by stimulating the muscles near the ear passage and might help them in regaining the original power or capability.

 Cognition training

Processing and cognitive enhancement training program or PACE. It’s a technique that might be helpful for the students in enhancing their level of perception and cognition and might be helpful for the students in increasing their focus, especially on the subject like math. Moreover, it could also boots students neurological connections and could prove helpful for students in growing fast in the academics.

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