Dimensions of Health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social

Dimensions of Health


Health: When we talk about health, the definition that used to come into our mind is “state of complete social, mental and physical well-being” without any signs of illness and disease. We will learn more about the dimensions of health in this article. 

We have body anxiety or reflexes which is responsible for a quick response to any threat. Above all, its a warning that used to trigger automatically when we are under any threat.

Generally, during moderation, people have fear or anxiety, which is a good thing as it supports us to be careful and alert. But some times what happen is, anxiety became a part of life and that is the reason that person may suffer from disorders of anxiety. 

When it comes to health issues, anxiety and depression are on the top and can be found in individuals.  In case you want more assignments on Health and Nursing you can visit assignment help UK

Dimensions of Health: 

Dimensions of health consist of 5 elements, Social, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. A complete picture of health is provided by all of these five dimensions of health and with the change in any of the dimension, other dimensions are directly or indirectly affected. 


A physical dimension of health is nothing but a physical aspect or bodily aspect of health. This indicates to the progressively traditional meaning of heath as the absence of illness, injury or diseases.

Physical health can range in quality with a sequence where a combination of sicknesses like diabetes, cancer, diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease. All these toward one side and an individual who is in ideal physical condition (think health isn’t wellness) are on another.

Physical health can influence different dimensions of health since the decrease of physical health can cause a reduction in different types of health. Like an individual who all of a sudden gets cold, usually isolated socially on the grounds that it doesn’t contaminate others, tries to concentrate on picking up anything or learning. Above all, may feel troubled because of its isolation.


This aspect of health used to come under the cognitive aspect of health. Although emotional and mental health are interlinked with each other, we will discuss both of them separately. Mental health or well-being is nothing the working of the cerebrum or brain, while the emotional health indicates the general population who have been related to their hormones.

Emotional wellness at that point incorporates numerous psychological well-being issues, for example, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It means the ability of a person to think while using his brain. This might be for recalling the information or solving the problems, moreover the main focus is on the person’s cognitive aspects. 

Other dimensions of health are directly affected by mental health. With the increase in physical activity, there will be a direct increase in mental health activity. Self-esteem is automatically increased when there is an increase in good mental health status. Higher self-esteem then results in an increase in confidence with respect to the social situation. 


Emotional dimension of health consists of emotional state and mood of an individual. When a person is in a good emotional state and in a happy mood, at that point we called that situation as good emotional health. It is directly related to your self-esteem and your ability to control and manage your emotions for maintaining a real view of circumstances. 

Other dimensions of health are directly affected and are related to emotional health since a person with good dignity is much more positive in a social setting, used to deliver considerably in physical activity and used to make friends very quickly. 


The understanding of the overall goal of life is known as spiritual health. Individuals used to find this objective of life through faith or believe system, while other individuals used to make their own purpose. An individual with the purpose of life is known to live a better and healthy life in comparison to those who don’t have any purpose. 

Mental and Emotional health is directly affected by spiritual health because having a goal in your life can make your dreams come true. 


When we talk about the social dimensions of health, it is directly linked with the capability of an individual maintain and make an essential relationship of life. High-grade social health doesn’t only include making relations, but it also includes maintaining and behaving properly and also maintain socially acceptable measures. The family is the basic social entity of relationship which directly impacts the life of a person. Social networks, close friends, youth leaders, and teachers are also a part of a key relationship and affect the social life of any individual. 

Rest of the dimensions are also affected by the Social Dimension. For example, if an individual is having a bad social life, it can lead to an issue of the isolated and unwanted purpose of life. Assignment help will provide you thorough guidance on health-related assignments. 


Social Determinants of Health

In Social Dimensions of Health generally, in the context in which a person’s life holds great importance both for his health status and the quality of his life, it is rapidly recognized that health is maintained not only through the advancement and application of health science and Improved, rather the efforts and the intelligent lifestyle choices of the person and society.

Some of the major determinants of health include physical environment, economic and social environment and the behavior and individual characteristics of a person. Here are some of the factors that will tell anyone that an individual of a society is happy or not:

  • Social support networks
  • Employment/working conditions
  • Physical environments
  • Healthy child development
  • Gender
  • Coping skills and personal health practices
  • Literacy and Education
  • Culture
  • Genetics and Biology
  • Healthy Child Development

When any doctor is working taking care of any person who is suffering from anxiety disordered, it must be taken care that doctor or professional should be having knowledge of medication for anxiety disorder. The beginning of the treatment is the major challenge that professionals need to find out before starting the treatment. By getting the knowledge of the symptoms of the anxiety disorder, the right beginning of the treatment for an anxiety disorder can find out. Like a good doctor, psychiatrist of professional, he or she should help the individuals who are suffering from an anxiety disorder with the help of therapy that helps them recover.

Components of Physical Health

When we talk about dimensions of health, below are the components of physical health that are affected by the lifestyles:

  1. Physical Activity: All adults and children need to act physically on a daily basis. This must include a combination of structured exercise and physical exercises in the form of leisure. These leisure exercises include biking, hiking, and walking. A more structured form of exercise includes sports, running and strength training.
  2. Diet and Nutrition: In a good diet, which is balanced, there are the musts: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. Specific nutrients should be restricted under the supervision of a licensed health professional. Clean water is a good form of fluid, that must be consumed on a regular basis.
  3. Medical Self-Care: There are some essential items like lozenges, bandages, and pain-relieving medications and all these can be accessed easily from home. Fever, long term cough and some other diseases must be approached by the help of primary care. When symptoms and signs are important or life-threatening, emergency treatment should be sought.
  4. Sleep and Rest: Even though the regular activity is very must important for physical health, making the body to relax is also important. A proper sleep of 7- hours is must in a dark and quiet environment. Change in the duration of sleep must be done in the care of any professional.


Instead of the great evidence of research identified with anxiety, our capacity to predict about this issue is constrained. Although, knowledge of risk factors like environmental factors and genetic factors, may point to vulnerability factors that create in people. Nervousness is a circumstance which does not leave without anyone else’s interference. This condition might be feeble or light, but these side effects must never be overlooked. Dimensions of health is a big part of Health studies, and you will need a guidance from Assignment Writing service.

It is essential that an individual with nervousness issue assess themselves by check by a doctor. The most vital requirement for an individual is to recognize indications of anxiety issue. Through this article, we get knowledge about the anxiety issue and how individuals are experiencing these disorders. Accordingly, we must recall that health is the state of complete physical, social and mental condition and not just absence of sickness or infection.