How To Write A Comparative Analysis


Want to start with comparative analysis? If yes, then, this is the right place to be at. In this blog post, you will get to know all the basics. We will answer all your questions starting from “comparative analysis definition” and “what is comparative analysis” to “how to do a comparative analysis”. Stay connected for valuable insights.

You may have assigned a comparative analysis essay by your professor. At times you may require to write a comparative report for work. Be it any stage, if you have to write one you should know how to develop content for a comparative analysis paper. To write a comprehensive and stellar essay or paper, you should start by picking two topics. They should have some differences and similarities so that you can compare them in a meaningful way. For example, you can choose two tennis teams or two systems of management.

Once you will select half of the right topics of your work would be done. Thereafter, move to figure out three to four points of comparison. Now, this is where you need to be even more attentive you were while choosing the topic. You will have to carry out research, find out facts and keep the paragraphs well-organized in order to captivate and impress your readers. Do remember that writing down a comparative analysis method is a vital skill which you will often need to use. So, make sure you make sincere efforts to bring out your best.

How to develop the content of comparative analysis?


Analyze the essay prompt carefully

Most students have great ideas in their mind, but they don’t match with the prompt. In all such cases, they cannot come up with the expected content and rush to essay writing help. If you are also facing this issue, analyze the main question or prompt with immense care. Underline the phrase seems important and then start writing.

  • There are many compare and contrast essay assignments which give a hind about their purpose with words like “differences”, “similarities”, “contrast” and “compare” etc. in the prompt.
  • Other than this, you should check whether the professor has placed any limits on topics.

Try to understand the type of comparison essay

Once you get the assignment, try to understand what type of comparison essay has been given to you. Confused? Well, there are some specifications which draw a difference between comparative analysis essays. Some are simple compare and contrast essays. Whereas some may start with a proper framework and develop an argument on the basis of comparison. In this type of essays, you cannot limit yourself to pointing out that topics are different or similar.

  • Generally, the assignment will ask questions if you have to incorporate comparison as the largest portion of the assignment. For instance, “Select a specific theme, be it beauty, time, love or sorrow and consider how two different Victorian writers approach this idea.”. Here, the question is demanding you to draw a comparison between two writers. At the same, it is also asking how they approach a certain topic. You can also consider it as you have to make an analytical argument on these approaches.
  • In case you are still unclear on what is the essay prompt wants you to do, relax. You can have a chat with your instructor. If the concerned person is not available you can still connect with online assignment experts and clear your doubts. It is always a better decision to have a clear understanding of the questions instead of writing the whole essay incorrectly.

List out the differences and similarities

Next thing you have to do is to list out all major differences and similarities between the two main topics. It is the main essence of comparative analysis paper. However, you will have to recognize the major differences also. You can make an effective comparison only when you will examine the differences between topics.

The perfect place, to begin with, is the list of things that the topics have in common as well as the dissimilarities between them. It would become easier for you to offer valuable insights into how the topics/subjects are related to one another. Thus, make sure you examine the contrast that exists between the subjects.

Carry out an evaluation of your list

It is an important step to find an argument. It is most likely that you may not write about everything on your list. To make your work easier you can go through the list and try to figure out the particular pattern or theme among the listed items. Doing this will help you in deciding the main basis of comparison for your comparative analysis essay. When you work through this list you must have the building blocks of your thesis and argument.

  • In order to make your work look more sorted and organized you can develop some systems on your own. You can develop a system of highlighting varied similarities in different colours
  • For instance, suppose you are comparing two dramas. It is a need to highlight similarities in settings in pink, characteristic in blue and dialogues in green. This way, you are developing a system.

The basis of comparison can be a theoretical approach as well. For instance, multiculturalism or feminism. It can be a problem or question for which you want to find out an answer. Also, it can be a historical theme such as emancipation or industrialization. Basically, the only thing you need to confirm is that the comparison should have a particular thesis or overarching idea which demonstrates the reasons why you are comparing the topics. In case you are taking too much time in developing the skills you can learn faster by assignment essay writing services too.

Set the basis of comparison

Before you actually draw a comparison set the basis on which you are going to do that. Provide a context for the comparison. Answer yourself on how will I examine the topics? The basis or grounds can be 

  • You can compare two subjects on the basis of their themes, characteristics or other details.
  • Usually, professors assign the basis of comparison to students. So, always check the assignment or prompt carefully.
  • The basis of comparison is often referred to as the “frame of reference” or “grounds” of comparison.
  • Always remember that if you will compare two different topics which are very similar to each other, it would be a tough job. It may not turn out to be an effective one. The main comparison is to help readers realize something interesting. To do this you will have to draw interesting parallels. This is why you need two varied subjects having very fewer similarities to make the comparison interesting.

Research about the subjects of comparison


You may have an urge to gain knowledge about both the main topics of comparison. It is quite natural for someone who has the responsibility to state the differences and similarities. However, it is not necessary to list all the details in your essay too.

Instead of explaining the different topics separately you should compare limited aspects of both the topics comprehensively.

  • It is not always needed to carry out research for every single assignment you do. Sometimes there is simply no requirements of research. Thus, if your comparative essay does not require research, you can just skip this part. 
  • When the topic is related to historical research, science or social issues it automatically requires research. In case a comparison is made between two literary works the chances are less likely for research.
  • Make sure that you cite all research data is cited properly as per the discipline in which you are writing. For example, Chicago, APA or MLA format.

Develop a proper thesis statement

While writing down a comparative analysis make sure your essay is controlled by a concise yet clear thesis statement. In case your professor has already assigned the basis for comparison, you will have to express why you are comparing the topics in your writing. Do it in a single sentence. The thing that you need to focus on is to reveal something about the two topics or items or their relationship to one another. Your thesis statement must present the argument.

Other than this you will have to present a claim about the main subject you are defending in the essay. It is okay to keep the claim slightly unclear. You can let it be a bit controversial. This would help you to build a strong argument.

We hope this guide works for you. If you find this blog post helpful go ahead and see how do you write a comparative analysis. Creating good work can boost confidence to an unthinkable extent. Good luck!