Common Mistakes Students make while taking Notes

Note-taking has been an effective way of learning, retaining and revising ideas for the students since the old times. It is the skill that also proves much helpful for you not only in the academics but in the professional life as well.

However, at times, you can make mistakes while taking notes and may not be able to reap the benefits of the notes even after writing a lot. Want to learn about those errors? Well, read on!

Common Mistake Students Makes In Exam

They write without listening

It is something that I have done myself in the class. The teacher kept giving the lecture by writing on the board and we just kept writing all the stuff down on the notebook. This way we just gathered some more content that we didn’t understand.

Most of the students do the same and only increase their confusion by not listening to the topic being is discussed in the class. Thus, it is suggested that you should avoid making such mistake and should give more importance to listening to the teacher than taking the notes. This way you will be able to understand the topic well and could come up with a question during the lecture if you have any problem.

Students often write in a hurry

First of all, ask a simple question to yourself. What is the use of such writing that even you can’t understand yourself? Well, this sort of thing happen with the students often. You write in a hurry while taking notes to make sure not to miss out on any points. But, in the end, you realize that you can’t understand what you just wrote. So, the notes become useless.

That’s why it is a must for you not to hurry while taking notes and should write in fair handwriting so that you can easily understand whatever you have written.

You don’t ask questions during the lectures

one of the most common mistakes the students make while writing down the notes is not asking the questions. It is something that doesn’t affect your academics only, but your peers also lose the chance of the learning something if you don’t ask the question from your mind.

So, you must not hesitate to ask questions about the subject being discussed during the lecture and should try to come up with new ideas during the note taking.

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