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Structure of a Literature Review

Writing academic assignments could help you earn quality grades in the academics. It could also prove to be an effective resource for you to gain proper knowledge about a topic.

The literature review is also one such coursework and you could learn much about a piece of literature. But, having appropriate knowledge of the structure of the literature review is a must to write the same type of assignment. So, here, we will discuss the way you should structure your literature review.


The introduction is one of the most significant section of the coursework. It is the paragraph, your professor and other readers will read first of all. So, it is highly doubted that this section could be weak.

There are many things you need to give a thought to while writing it; you have to tell the purpose of writing a review and have to show the importance of this topic. The introduction also covers the various aspects of the topic that will be discussed. Writing the literature selection criteria is also a must.

Body paragraphs

It is the section where you have to write the main argument. You need to write it such way that all the paragraphs discuss the different themes that have relevancy with the topic. You have to make connection between different sources by synthesizing much of the read material in the every paragraph. All the sources should be critically analyzed keeping their contribution in mind in themes that are being researched.

There are many points you should include in the paragraphs. Those are such as the background of the history, used methodologies, any previous study on the subject and different viewpoints. You should also give a thought to the principal questions that are being asked and what general conclusions could be drawn.


Conclusion is as much significant in the homework writing as the introduction. It gives the reader an idea of what you have discussed in the coursework and you also give your final opinion on the topic and make some recommendations.

You should keep following points in mind while writing this section of the literature review. You should write the points on which you agree and vice versa. You should find out whether there is a possibility of the further research on the same subject. Writing your overall views on the topic is a must as well.

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Teachers’ and Parents’ Guide to Help ADHD Students

Teachers and parents have much difficulty while helping the kids with ADHD. You may find such kids hooked to their favorite tasks such as gaming with a high level of concentration. But, it may not be the same when it comes to attempting the school homework.

So, how could you help your ADHD student or kid in performing well in the academics? Well, find out the same through this writing piece.

Help Students in Solving their Playtime Conflicts

For teachers

Try being creative with teaching

Kids with ADHD are creative. They are imaginative and like the things that appeal to their imagination. Thus, you can try being creative while teaching. For that, you can teach students something that interests them, drawing some designs on the greenboard that contains some information could prove helpful as well.

Use new methods for teaching

It is possible that at times, you may get bored of teaching the same thing or same way, so why students could not get bored, especially the ADHD ones? To avoid that, you should use new methods for teaching, you can ask the students to roleplay on some chapter and can add humor as well as imagination to teaching.

Ask ADHD students to sit away from the distractors

You may often find some of your students lost somewhere else during the lecture. They get distracted even more easily if they sit near a window or door. So, the easiest way to not let that happen is to ask them to sit somewhere they could concentrate better.

For parents

Encourage the kid to learn

As a parent, you are the closest person to your kid. Your positive words will have much impact on the child. So, you should encourage your kid to perform well in the academics. You can offer rewards to him or her for better academic performance and could help the kid in attempting the homework.

Play attention boosting games with the kids

There are plenty of games that could help your kid in boosting the concentration. In these games, the opponent tries to distract the kid and the kid has to avoid the distraction to win the game. Champion distractor and musical chair are some of these games.

Teach self-discipline

Self-discipline is a must not only in the academics but the professional life as well. Thus, there is a need for the children to learn it right from the start and it could also prove helpful for the ADHD kids as well. So, you should teach self-regulation to your child as well.

Ask the kid to play outdoors

According to the studies, people who spend time outside, especially in the natural environment, have better concentration level. You should ask your kid to play outside with siblings and friends before asking them to attempt assignments.

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Ways to Improve your English Vocabulary

You must be well aware of how significant English language is in your academics. Your professor could ask you to write an academic any day and you may feel like bombed if you don’t possess required English writing skills.

Having a firm grip on the English vocabulary is one the primary requirements to write well. Thus, through this write-up, our aim is to give you an idea of how to improve your English vocabulary.

English Vocabulary
English Vocabulary

Become a bookworm

Practice makes a man perfect. You may have heard this saying a lot, but here, you need to apply it to yourself if you want to expand your vocabulary. Reading books, novels and journals, etc. could prove helpful for you in improving your English.

It is way through that you will encounter lots of new words. You should look for the meaning of these words in the dictionary and you will see the improvement.

Keep a pocket dictionary

You may think how would you keep a dictionary in your pocket that contains hundreds of words. Well, think some more and you will realize that you can get an online dictionary in your phone.

No matter wherever you wander, just make sure to learn few words every day using the dictionary.

Use flashcards to learn

Remember the good old days when you used to make lots of the notes for everything during the school. One of the useful resources from that sort of learning was flashcards.

Flashcards are still not a thing of past. It could prove much helpful for you in learning new words every day. So, write around ten words on flashcards every day and learn the new words in the easiest way.

Engaging in conversations is a good way to learn

You can simply understand that you learn every new word by talking with your parents, siblings, and friends. So, it is highly doubtful that you will not learn some new words if you talk to whoever you wish to.

Thus, you should engage in the conversations often with the people and your aim should be to learn some new words from the conversations.

Put emphasis on learning the root words

Don’t you think that you could learn the meaning of a new word if you have the idea of its prefix or suffixes? So, you should give importance to learning the root words of the English language.

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Law Assignment Writing is No More a Worry with these Tips


Studying law is an interesting as well as tough task. You learn to solve various cases by pursuing this course. Law assignment writing is something that could teach you a lot.

You may struggle to write an assignment on this subject due to the lack of knowledge of the same. Thus, it’s our duty as an online assignment help provider to guide you in writing your law coursework. So, read on to learn the same through this write-up.

Knowledge of university guidelines is a must

University guidelines are something that give you an idea of how you have to attempt your assignment. If you don’t follow those guidelines, then you can’t expect to get the desired grades.

So, the first requirement of writing a law or any other coursework is to understand the university guidelines properly. Moreover, you should also take time to understand the requirements of the questions and should start the research and writing only after that.

Start writing after proper research

Use of your own subject knowledge and textbooks may not be enough to write a quality law academic assignment. There is so much you have to explain in your assignment and it is also possible that you may need law writing expert’s advice to define something.

That’s why it is suggested that you should write the assignment only after doing proper research. Library books, internet and journals, etc. are the sources you can use for the research.

Describe the case well and support it with evidence

Even a kid could tell that you can’t prove a case without having evidence. A reader may not be able to understand the case well if you don’t describe it well.

Thus, you should write the assignment using simple language and should support it with solid evidence.

Proofread the assignment before submission

After the writing, you have to do formatting and referencing of your law assignment. But, your task doesn’t end here. Instead, you should also make sure to proofread and edit the academic assignment.

It is a must to make your coursework free of grammatical, spelling, informational and other types of errors. Moreover, you should also scan your assignment using a plagiarism detecting software to ensure it is free of plagiarism.

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Try Figuring out these Foreign Idioms in English

Understanding Idioms and solving puzzles is not only interesting, but it could also prove helpful for you in learning a lot. However, sometimes, your teacher or some foreigner classmate could tell you some Foreign idioms. This way it could get even tough for you to understand an idiom as you may not have heard it before.

So, in this write-up, we will try to tell you the meaning of some foreign idioms to counter such situation.

When chicken have teeth

It is a comical idiom that is originated from France. According to the chicken anatomy chickens do not have teeth. They have beaks instead. So, this phrase refers to something that is impossible.

To swallow some camels

It is quite obvious that acknowledging your mistake is not easy. In Norway, people use this idiom for the people who can’t accept their mistakes or their views were wrong and swallowing a camel is unimaginable.

My cheeks are falling off

My cheeks are falling off does not mean something like I am getting older, etc. Instead, it is a Japanese idiom that you can use to describe a tasty food. It is a high praise in Japan and it could make a chef smile a lot if you say it in some Japanese restaurant.

To tie a bear to someone

It could be quite fearful for anyone if they have a bear or some other animal tied to them. Germans use this expression for the confusing situation. So, you can use this idiom if you want to express a confusing situation.

Break a fast with an onion

What would be your reaction if you are asked to break a fast with an onion? Well, you would be like “it is not what I expected.” This funny Arabic idiom can be used for the same type of situation.

Not all donuts come with a hole

Okay! You must be well aware of the fact that not all the donuts come with a hole. So, what could this Italian idiom mean? Well, it means that things do not always go as well as you would like.

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Why Asking Questions holds Importance for the Students

Questions and answers are the key part of learning. The significance of the question and answer could be realized by the exams. You get asked many questions in an exam and you get valuable grades for answering the questions.

However, asking questions is something that hold much more value for you as a student than answering. You may be interested to know the same. Thus, as an assignment help online provider, we will try to tell you how asking questions to the teachers and your peers could prove beneficial for you.

Teacher asking question
Teacher asking question

Asking questions improves learning

It is easily understandable that one cannot learn if he or she does not ask questions or does not have any interest in learning.

Thus, you must not be feel shy of asking questions. You have teachers, friends and other people around you and ready to share their knowledge with you. It could prove much helpful for you both in the academics and professional life.

It helps students in feeling confident

Just answer one or two simple questions and you will understand how crucial asking questions is. The first one is, what would be your reaction if the whole class claps for you asking a better question? Or how would you feel if you find your name listed on the top performers list of the class?

Well, it is quite obvious that you will feel much confident and will ask more questions. It could lead to you performing well in the academics and increasing your general knowldge as well.

It makes the students clear about many things

You go to school or college to learn. There are many things you may not be clear about. You learn about such things from your teachers, parents and friends. If you dont ask the questions, then you may not be able to get clear about such things. It could lead to you saying something wrong about a thing and feeling embarrassed in the end.

To avoid such situation, you should ask questions and listen to the people well. This way you will get clear about many things and it would prove much beneficial for you in many ways.

So, it was a small effort from us to give you an idea of how asking questions is more important than answering. Hope it was helpful.

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Tips to Make Presentable Cover Page for the Essay

Cover page is the key element of an essay. It is the section in which you write much important details such as title of the essay, your personal details, etc. It could also prove 2helpful for you in fetching valuable grades.

You may be interested to learn how to make an essay cover page. As an online assignment help provider, we understand your this requirement and will try to tell you how to make an APA  essay cover page.

tips to write an essay

Keep the referencing style in mind

Academic writing is something that you have to do keeping the referencing style in mind. APA, MLA and Chicago are the most commonly used referencing styles. All the types of referencing styles have their own requirments for the cover page.

Thus, it is a must for you to make the cover page keeping the referencing style in mind.

Where should be the title

Title is something that introduces your assignment. When we talk about the title in APA referencing style, you should align it at the center of the page. The title should be located at the halfway down the page.

If your paper will be listed in an online database, then you should make sure to add such keywords in the assignment that convey about the topic of the essay. People searching for the same topic will be able to find it easily if you do it.

Write personal details at the bottom

You should write all the required personal details at the bottom of the cover page. You should align it at the center of the page.

There, you shoud write the author’s name first. After that, you should write the school name and the submission date. You can also write the name of the course or professor if required.

Use font size according to the guidelines

Generally, 12 font size in Times New Roman font is the something that you may be asked to use. However, you can use other font and font size if the university guidelines require you to do something else.

Add running head and page number as well

Last but not the least thing you should add to your research paper cover page is the running head. You should write it at the top of the every page and it should also include a short version of the title.

There should be around five to seven spaces gap between page number and the title.

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Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language

Many of us have this aim of learning foreign languages. All of us have different reasons of learning it, however, everyone gets the same benefits.

You may also be a foreign language learning aspirant and might be interested to know the advantages of the same. So, read on to know more.


Your brain functioning and memory gets better

It is easy to understand that speaking two languages would definitely increase the amount of work for your brain and your brain have to make more efforts to switch between two languages. This way it would be beneficial for you in improving your brain functioning.

In addition, when you learn a second language, you get to learn new words and also get to know about the rules and customs of that language. It could prove helpful for you in improving your memory.

Your social life gets better

Learning a foreign language is also a good source through which you get to meet new people, learn about their culture and customs. All of these are essential to have a better social life.

It could lead you to have a better understanding of the people and in being more empathetic to them. Furthermore, when you understand a foreign culture and their customs well, you can enjoy the festivals and other events much better.

Better job opportunities await you

Lots of people learn a new language as they can get much more job opportunities. There is always a demand for different foreign language speakers in native as well as foreign countries.

In addition, the salary which gets offered to a foreign language speaker is quite high. So, you would not want to miss out on the advantages of learning a foreign language.

You find it easy to travel

It is quite oblivious that a person travelling to another country with the knowledge of its language would find it easy to travel to that country in comparison of the one who doesn’t.

You might also be interested in traveling to some country, meeting new people and exploring their culture. Thus, learning a second language could prove helpful for you in the same.

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Five Commonly Misused Words in English

In the last few years or so, English has emerged as one of the most speaking language in the world. It is being used at every platform as well as industry from business to sports. As English is one of the most preferred language of the world, it is our responsibility to use it the right way.


However, it is not happening the same way and people are increasingly using many words wrong way. It has led to people getting misinformed about the words and the quality of English is getting married.

As a student, you may be doing the same as well, but may not have realized it yet. However, as an online assignment help provider, we understand our duty and have come up with some words that are often misused. So, read on to find those words and understand their right usage.  


It is the word that you use much often in daily life. It is a vivid word that not only helps you convey something but it also enhance the quality of whats being said or written.

However, it has been seen that many people are not using it the right way. According to the experts, the actual meaning of unique is something that is only one of its kind or unparalleled. But, people use it for something that is unusual or extraordinary and use words like very, rather and quite with it, which is totally incorrect.


You must have heard some individual saying something “wow, thats ironic.” It is the word that sounds cool and as a result people have started to overuse it. They use ironic for anything that is an amusing coincidence.

However, if you look at the actual meaning of this word, it means something happening that you did not expected. So, you should make sure to use it according to its meaning.


Although this word is not the one that ranks high in the list of commonly misused words of English, but it holds some place in the list.

It is the word that is used for something like offensively flattering or insincere. But people are using it to praise something, which is totally unhealthy trend for English.


In the modern times, you must have noticed that the words like really or actually seem outdated. People are increasingly using literally in place of both of these words to emphasize a point.

But, as a student, it is your duty to learn the right usage of the word so that you can spread what is right. Literally means something that is in a literal manner like word for word.



Enormity is the word that people get confused with much often and end up using it for something that is enormous.

However, as per the experts, enormity is the word that should be used to describe outrageousness or excessive wickedness.

So, it was a small effort from us to tell you about some words that are often misused in English. Hope it was helpful.

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Stuck with Assignment Writing? Try these Tips!

Students face many types of difficulties in the assignment writing process. In this process, the phase that they find much though is writing and often get stuck while writing their various assignments.

 However, it is something that is not a big worry and you could get better at writing your academic assignments after getting some guidance. Thats why as an online assignment help provider, in this write-up, we will try to give you some tips on how to write your assignment without getting stuck.

 assignment writing

Do more research

 Research is the primary requirement of writing a complete assignment. You have to gather most relevant information for your assignment from various sources. You feed this information in the assignment keeping the questions’ requirements in mind and if you all short of the data, then you face difficulty in writing further.

 So, when you found yourself in such situation, just start doing some research and try to find more data for your assignment. It will take some time, but you will definately be able to write your coursework effectively.

 Get a friend’s or teacher’s help

 There are two people who could prove much help for you in writing the assignments. First one is your friend, it is quite obvious that you and your friend study in the same class. He or she may be doing or have done the assignment you have problem in writing.

 Thus, it would be a smart thing if you ask for a friend to complete your assignment. Furthermore, you can also talk to your teacher about your paper writing problem. Your professor possess the right knowledge of the assignment topic assigned to you and can give you useful suggestion in writing your assignment.

 Focus on some other task to get refreshed

 It is also possible that you could get bored of homework writing and your mind might not come up with the ideas required to continue the writing process.

 In such circumstances, you should take some time off your assignment and should spend time on your hobbies. You can also focus on some other tasks and keep trying to find the solution to write the assignment further. This way your mind will get refreshed and you will be able to write more efficiently.

 Try online writing service

 Opting for assignment writing service online is one of the modern ways that students take to get their assignments written. These assignment help providers offer you assignment writing assistance within a limited budget and can provide you with a quality homework.

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