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A Fresher’s Guide to Surviving the College Life

So, you are ready to enter the college life. You could have many aspirations of leading a fun-filled life in the university which you could not get during the school.

However, you must be familiar with a line from the movie called Spiderman. That line goes like this great power comes with great responsibility. The same line could be used to describe your college life. Hence, lets find out what you should do after entering the college to lead a better academic life.

Surviving The Colleg life

Get to know your teachers

Your teachers are the ones who are going to teach you the nuances of the subjects you have taken. They could also assist you much in writing your coursework as well. One thing that matters most is that the teachers deserve to get respect from you.

Thus, you should know about your teachers well. It will help you in earning the respect in return and they will also help you much with the academics.

Find the people who could be your friends

We don’t have to give you some class on how to make friends during the university. You have been doing it since the school days and nothing changes when you enter the college.

All you have to do is find the people with the same interest and you will be able to take the next step of being friends with them easily.

Write academic assignments on time and study regularly

One of the things that students find tough while pursuing higher education is the assignment writing. They may not be able to write their academic task due to the lack of knowledge or not finding the time for the same. Your professor will not listen to any excuses and you will lose the chance of high grades.

So, it is a must for you to write the academic homework. You could also take our online assignment help to get your coursework written. You should also develop the habit of studying daily after the university classes as it will help you much in performing better in the academics.

Join ECA clubs

Study is not only thing you should do during the college life. You may have some hobbies or interests and you may be able to do perform well in it if you find the right platform.

Extra-curricular activity clubs are the platforms that you can take for the same. Hence, you should join ECA clubs and should follow your interests.

Eat healthy and sleep well

You should also give much importance to eat well and to get ample sleep. It will help your mind and body to relax and you will see its positive impacts on your studies.

Thus, you should eat the nutrient food and should sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. You should also give much time to the exercise.

Five Things to Do to Live a Better Life

During the academic life, students are asked to focus on the studies. It is a valid suggestion that young kids get from the parents and teachers. However, having a healthy lifestyle helps you much in improving the academic performance.

Moreover, you could reap the benefits of having a better life later in the professional life as well. There are some things that you have to do to improve the quality of your life both mentally and physically. As an online assignment help provider, we will try to give you some tips on living a healthy lifestyle.


Stay close to the nature and workout daily

You live in a world where you find high rise buildings, cars and various gadgets around you. There is much pollution around you, instead of the nature. Furthermore, you find all the things from food to all other necessities easily accessible to you. It affects your health much.

Staying close to the nature by jogging in the early morning or camping every month could help you much in improving the life. You should also make sure to exercise daily for the same purpose.

Help others and show gratitude

No one would suggest that you will not gain anything by helping others. It will surely make you feel better and your will also earn the respect from your peers as well as the elder ones.

Its not that you are the only one who could prove to be helpful for the people. The other people could help you much as well. If you say thanks to such people then you find a smile on their faces and the win would be yours because you will find much satisfaction.

Set targets for yourself and think positive

Life is nothing without a dream or aim. You can not feel the fire in your heart or the sense of success if you are not aware of what you want to achieve in your life. Hence, set high aims in your life and make efforts to achieve them.

Thinking positively is a must for you to achieve your targets. Negative thinking could divert you from the right direction and you may not be able to achieve the aim. So, you should allow only positive thoughts in your mind and stay determined to achieve whatever you wish for.

Give time to family and friends

There is no denying to the fact that human is a social being. Interaction with the people is a must for the people to lead a better life. The researches have shown that the socially active people live longer life. Thus, it is a must for you to give ample time to family and friends.

Getting right amount of sleep could also help you in improving your mental as well as physical health. You should sleep for around 7 to 8 hours every day.
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These Techniques could Help you in Better Exam Preparation

Exams are the time when students find themselves running against time in the quest to prepare for it. It happens as students don’t give right amount of time to the studies during the normal academic days.

So, it is obvious that you have to do opposite of it to prepare well for the exams. Hence, here we will discuss some ways you can use for the better exam preparation.

Make the habit of studying daily

You may be tired of your parents and teachers asking you to study every day. You may think why I have to study by myself when I attend my school lectures and have to go to tuition classes as well.

However, you come to realize your parents and teacher were right when you find yourself not prepared for the approaching exams. So, there is not doubt studying daily could help you much in learning various subjects and it could lead to your exam performance getting better.

Take notes of all the subjects and understand it as well-written

You may not be able to memorize all the topic details given in the topic or explained by the professor. The note taking technique exists for that reason.

You should make sure to take notes of all the subjects being taught in the class and should put emphasis on understanding rather than mugging up all the answers at the last minute.

Prepare for one exam at a time

We don’t need to explain that different subjects’ exams happen at one time. You find there is only few days gap in the various exams. You may not be sure of which subject you should learn first in such circumstances.

The ideal way would be to give priority to learning the subject that you find toughest. You should also not forget to give time to easy subjects and should schedule your time such way that you can focus on one subject at one time.

Eat healthy and get ample sleep

There is no doubt you would like to get sick during the exams and face the difficulty of the exams alone later. Your eating habits and sleep timings affect your health much.

So, it would be better for you to eat healthy food and sleep for 7 or 8 hours every day.

You may not be able to write your academic assignments during the exams and may lose the chance of fetching valuable grades. The ideal way to avoid such situation would be to opt for our assignment help online and get fine quality coursework written from us.

Common Mistakes Students make while taking Notes

Note-taking has been an effective way of learning, retaining and revising ideas for the students since the old times. It is the skill that also proves much helpful for you not only in the academics but in the professional life as well.

However, at times, you can make mistakes while taking notes and may not be able to reap the benefits of the notes even after writing a lot. Want to learn about those errors? Well, read on!

Common Mistake Students Makes In Exam

They write without listening

It is something that I have done myself in the class. The teacher kept giving the lecture by writing on the board and we just kept writing all the stuff down on the notebook. This way we just gathered some more content that we didn’t understand.

Most of the students do the same and only increase their confusion by not listening to the topic being is discussed in the class. Thus, it is suggested that you should avoid making such mistake and should give more importance to listening to the teacher than taking the notes. This way you will be able to understand the topic well and could come up with a question during the lecture if you have any problem.

Students often write in a hurry

First of all, ask a simple question to yourself. What is the use of such writing that even you can’t understand yourself? Well, this sort of thing happen with the students often. You write in a hurry while taking notes to make sure not to miss out on any points. But, in the end, you realize that you can’t understand what you just wrote. So, the notes become useless.

That’s why it is a must for you not to hurry while taking notes and should write in fair handwriting so that you can easily understand whatever you have written.

You don’t ask questions during the lectures

one of the most common mistakes the students make while writing down the notes is not asking the questions. It is something that doesn’t affect your academics only, but your peers also lose the chance of the learning something if you don’t ask the question from your mind.

So, you must not hesitate to ask questions about the subject being discussed during the lecture and should try to come up with new ideas during the note taking.

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Best Technology for the Students in 2016

Educational technology is playing a key role in helping the students in making progress in the academics. Students find the technology an interesting way to learn and teachers feel the same when it comes to teaching.

So, what are the best technologies of 2016 that helped the students as well as teachers? Let’s find out below.


3D printers, woodworking materials, robotics and many other tools are the characteristics of this workshop-lab. It could prove helpful for the students in hands-on learning, coming up with innovative ideas and in cooperation. However, it could cost the school just under $4000 for a classroom which is expensive.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is the technology through which students wear a headset to watch computer-generated environments. Augmented reality helps the students in enhancing the images through a device. Both of these technologies offer quality learning to the students. They can learn using VR headsets like Google cardboard and Nearpod etc.

One of the features of it is that the students can explore outer space and ocean floor using the apps such as Google Expeditions accessed with Google Cardboard. One of the disadvantages of it is that sensory stimulation, insights or fluid social interactions of live site visits can never be recreated and they also don’t promote the same level of problem-solving.

Learning management systems and Virtual learning environments

Versal, Formative and Google classroom are the E-learning software that come under these two learning methods and help the teachers in bringing an interactive nature of the internet in the class.

Versal is a tool that could prove helpful for the teachers in creating media-friendly lessons without the requirements of advanced coding skills. A teacher can track the students’ work in real time using Formative. Google classroom can be useful for the students in managing their coursework, asking questions and in submitting the work.

Apps for streamlined administration

These are the apps that are useful for the teachers. They can track attendance using Easy Attendance, classroom seating can be managed through Smart Desk, LearnBoost is helpful in creating lesson plans and entering as well as reporting grades and ClassDojo can be used to communicate with the parents.

Apps for behavior management

Behavior management is much required in the classroom for better learning. Teachers can use the apps such as ClassDojo, Class Charts and Too Noisy to monitor encourage and reward good behavior.

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Traits of a Quality Teacher

Teachers play a significant role not only in teaching, but in guiding the students in various ways as well. This way they share the same importance in their students’ lives as the students’ own parents.

In the modern times, a teacher needs to have much more qualities. You may be interested to grow such qualities in yourself. Keeping this thing in mind, as an assignment help provider, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you an idea of the same.


They enjoy teaching

Teaching is the job that requires much dedication. You find yourself in a classroom with lots of kids. You have to get ready to listen to these kids whether you are in the mood or not.

If you cant deal with it, then you cant expect to be a quality teacher. The reason being that the ideal teachers take teaching as the part of their lives and they enjoy teaching without getting bothered to any such things.

Quality teachers understand the students well

As mentioned above, you have to be ready to deal with all the students in the class. All the students have different tempraments, you can find it easy to handle some of them and vice-versa.

But, a quality teacher treats all the students well even if there are some students whom he or she cant tolerate. A good teacher understands their behavior well and treats them according to whats best suited for them.

They have sound teachnical knowledge

Technology has taken over the education sector much in the last few years or so. The blackboards have been replaced by the projectors and and laptops are being used by the students as a notebook.

Quality teachers have sound knowledge of the technology and they help the students in learning through technology quite well.

Ideal teachers are well-organized

You must be aware of the fact that the teachers have many tasks to do along with taking lectures. Keeping the students records, checking their test papers, etc. are some of those tasks.

Ideal teachers are good at organizing all such tasks well. They complete all their school tasks at the school, give time to their family and get ready with the same ambition of teaching everyday.

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Finest Search Engines for Academic Research

In the recent times, internet has emerged as the most useful resource to do the academic research. You use internet effectively to gather relevant content for the academic assignments. However, you may conduct the research more effectively if you are aware of the finest search engines available on the internet for same.

As an online assignment help provider, we understand how crucial it is for you to have knowledge of the best search engines for the assignment research. Thus, we will try to make you aware of the same through this write-up.


Academic Index

As the names suggests it is the platform that is solely dedicated for the students. It is one of the best scholarly search engine and web directory in our list. It is the index that contains the websites selected by the librarians, teachers and educational consortia. You can try their research guides for various subjects. Health, history and criminal justice, etc. are some of those.


It is the search engine where you can have access to more than one billion documents, web pages, books, journals, newspapers and much more. You can find ample resources on almost any subject here without having to deal with the sponsored links and commerical results.

iSEEK Education

iSeek is a well-developed search engine that is especially designed for the students, teachers and administrators. It is a safe platform where you can find authoritative, intelligent and time saving resources.

Virtual LRC

Virtual learning resource center has come up with a custom google search where you can get access to the websites that contain the best academic information. Teachers and librarians from around the world have created this search engine to share academic resources to the students.

Microsoft academic search

It is the search engine designed by Microsoft. You can get access to more than 38 million publications using it. Moreover, it also includes features such as maps, graphing, trends, and paths that show how the writers are connected.

Google correlate

Google is the top ranked search engine in the world at the moment and offers excellent services to the people in almost every sector. Google correlate is also one such step google has taken to help the students in academic research. Google correlate is a tool that could prove helpful for you in finding the searches that correlate with real world data.

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Tips to Make Presentable Cover Page for the Essay

Cover page is the key element of an essay. It is the section in which you write much important details such as title of the essay, your personal details, etc. It could also prove 2helpful for you in fetching valuable grades.

You may be interested to learn how to make an essay cover page. As an online assignment help provider, we understand your this requirement and will try to tell you how to make an APA  essay cover page.

tips to write an essay

Keep the referencing style in mind

Academic writing is something that you have to do keeping the referencing style in mind. APA, MLA and Chicago are the most commonly used referencing styles. All the types of referencing styles have their own requirments for the cover page.

Thus, it is a must for you to make the cover page keeping the referencing style in mind.

Where should be the title

Title is something that introduces your assignment. When we talk about the title in APA referencing style, you should align it at the center of the page. The title should be located at the halfway down the page.

If your paper will be listed in an online database, then you should make sure to add such keywords in the assignment that convey about the topic of the essay. People searching for the same topic will be able to find it easily if you do it.

Write personal details at the bottom

You should write all the required personal details at the bottom of the cover page. You should align it at the center of the page.

There, you shoud write the author’s name first. After that, you should write the school name and the submission date. You can also write the name of the course or professor if required.

Use font size according to the guidelines

Generally, 12 font size in Times New Roman font is the something that you may be asked to use. However, you can use other font and font size if the university guidelines require you to do something else.

Add running head and page number as well

Last but not the least thing you should add to your research paper cover page is the running head. You should write it at the top of the every page and it should also include a short version of the title.

There should be around five to seven spaces gap between page number and the title.

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Ideal Time and Environment to Write an Assignment

Writing an assignment does not only mean that you have to write a lot. Instead, there are many other key factors you have to keep in mind in this process.

Acknowledging the right time and environment to write an assignment are two such factors. So, as an assignment help online provider, we will try to shed the light on the same through this write-up. So, read on!


Ideal time to write an assignment

Write at the time you feel more active

There are different types of assignment writers. Some of you may like to write in the early morning and some may prefer night and some of you may prefer some other time of the day for the same.

You should write your academic assignment at the time you feel more active than other time of the day. You have to realize that time on your own by asking several questions to yourself such as at which time your thinking process seems well, at what time your are more physically active to write, etc.

Your assignment writing timings must not bother your whole day schedule

One of the things you need to keep in mind while attempting an assignment is that your writing timings must not bother your overall schedule.

Thus, you should make sure to spend some specific time of the day to the coursework writing. This way your other work wont pile up.

Write in long or short chunks according to your preference

Do you get bored of writing continously for many hours? Or is it the other way around? Both of these factors also play a key role in how good you write.

So, you should also understand your nature well and should write according to that.

Right environment to write an assignment

Furniture should be comfortable

Furniture is one of the crucial factor in your successful attempt to write an assignment. Your sitting posture, comfortness on the chair and bed are some of the primary requirements to write a compelling assignment.

Thats why it is a must for you to have a comfortable seat while writing an assignment. Moreover, your work desk must not be messed up as it could be a distraction while writing an assignment.

There must be ample light in the room

One more thing you need to make sure is that your room or workplace is filled with ample light. You can write your assignment sitting near the window. It could prove helpful for you in seeing clearly while writing and you could get fresh air as well.

If your room does not have a window, then you should use spotlight on your desk while attempting the assignment.

Having silent environment is much important as well

It is easily understandable that you may not be able to write a homework effectively, if there is not calm around your room or some other place where you prefer to write.

So, it is a must for you to ensure there is calmness in and around your writing place while attempting an assignment.

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Ways to Make the School Climate Positive

Having a positive and calm climate in the school means all the proceedings happening smoothly. Every head teacher or principal wants to see such environment in their school to take the education and their school to a new level.

As a head teacher, you may have the same ideas as well and maybe making efforts to instil positivity in your institute’s environment.

Thus, as an online assignment help provider, we will try to tell you some ways that you can use to instill positivity in your school environment.


Discuss the problems with the teachers

As a head teacher, you are the in-charge of the school. You are the one who is accountable to everything that happens within your school premises. However, it does not mean that you have to deal with all the problems that school faces just by yourself.

There must be a large number of teachers working under you. They are all wise enough inspite of their age and can give you helpful advice if your school faces some problems.

Interact with the children

Principal is the post that gets associated with the office much often. It is something that is totally wrong because you are the teacher as well. Not only that, you must be one of the most experienced teacher thats why you are the head teacher of the school and you taking the classes means students will get the quality learning.

Thus, you should make sure to take class much often and should interact with the kids as well. This way you will earn the respect of the kids and the school environment will become harmonious.

Your teaching staff must be happy with you

Someone from your teaching staff not seeing eye to eye to you means he or she might not be able to teach effectively. This way your personal or professional differences could put students’ academics at risk.

As a head teacher, it is your duty to give the best and positive learning environment to the students. So, one thing that you need to do is to make sure your teachers are not miffed with you and if they are, then you should be the first one to initiate talks to get rid of the differences.

Know the how about of other staff as well

School is the place where lots of the people work along with your teaching staff. Peons, clerks and security guards are some of them and they also play a key role in the school proceedings going well.

They deserve their share of love and respect as well. So, you should also understand their value and should not forget to ask their how about often.

That said, we will sum up this write-up here. Hope you find it useful.

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