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MBA Case Study: what Skills your Professor Analyzes through the Case Study

In MBA, universities and professors use different measures to evaluate your academic performance. An MBA case study is one of it. Unlike the other types of academic assignments, a case study helps your teacher to evaluate your various skills related to the management field.

mba case study analysis

What are those skills? Well, as an online assignment help provider, we care about your academics as much as you do. Thus, we will try to give you an idea of the same through this writing piece.

Analytical skills

You pursue a management course to learn the craft of the same. You do it in order to become a market leader. Having good analytical skills is one of the primary and most important requirement for that.

Thus, through the MBA assignment, your professor try to assess how well you have analyzed the case given in the academic paper and what measures you have taken to get the best possible results.

Quantitative skills

Management is the area where you not only need to have to be smart enough to play some tactics using the management principles and your imagination, but you also need to play with the numbers in no time.

You could be asked to find a solution using the numbers in the MBA case study. Thus, you need to be at your best in the maths while attempting a coursework.

Leadership skills

You aspire to become a leader of an organization right from the time you pursue an MBA degree course. You learn many principles and theories on how to lead a company effectively.

You have to show your leadership skills in the academic assignment. You have to write about various things such as who is an ideal leader and how good decisions could be made by the managers.

Presentation and communication skills

In management, you are expected to take charge of a group of the individuals in an organization. Presentation and communication play a crucial role in that.

Your academic case study gives the idea to the professor on how well you present something and how good are in communicating through writing.

Determination and confidence

As a manager, you lead a group of people to reach a certain goal. So, if you are not determined to reach your goal, then you can’t expect anything from the others. Your teacher also tries to evaluate your determination using the MBA coursework.

Confidence is the key to success in any field. It also holds much importance in the eyes of the evaluator when it comes to your assignment.

Personality traits

A manager works in a team, so, there is no doubt about the importance of a manager having likable behavior and personality.

Your professor judges various traits in your personality through your MBA case study. Attitude, patience, assertiveness, team members and controlled aggression are some of the qualities that come under the scanner.

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Ways to Make the School Climate Positive

Having a positive and calm climate in the school means all the proceedings happening smoothly. Every head teacher or principal wants to see such environment in their school to take the education and their school to a new level.

As a head teacher, you may have the same ideas as well and maybe making efforts to instil positivity in your institute’s environment.

Thus, as an online assignment help provider, we will try to tell you some ways that you can use to instill positivity in your school environment.


Discuss the problems with the teachers

As a head teacher, you are the in-charge of the school. You are the one who is accountable to everything that happens within your school premises. However, it does not mean that you have to deal with all the problems that school faces just by yourself.

There must be a large number of teachers working under you. They are all wise enough inspite of their age and can give you helpful advice if your school faces some problems.

Interact with the children

Principal is the post that gets associated with the office much often. It is something that is totally wrong because you are the teacher as well. Not only that, you must be one of the most experienced teacher thats why you are the head teacher of the school and you taking the classes means students will get the quality learning.

Thus, you should make sure to take class much often and should interact with the kids as well. This way you will earn the respect of the kids and the school environment will become harmonious.

Your teaching staff must be happy with you

Someone from your teaching staff not seeing eye to eye to you means he or she might not be able to teach effectively. This way your personal or professional differences could put students’ academics at risk.

As a head teacher, it is your duty to give the best and positive learning environment to the students. So, one thing that you need to do is to make sure your teachers are not miffed with you and if they are, then you should be the first one to initiate talks to get rid of the differences.

Know the how about of other staff as well

School is the place where lots of the people work along with your teaching staff. Peons, clerks and security guards are some of them and they also play a key role in the school proceedings going well.

They deserve their share of love and respect as well. So, you should also understand their value and should not forget to ask their how about often.

That said, we will sum up this write-up here. Hope you find it useful.

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Easiest Ways to Start a Business as a Student

Student life is the time when you might find yourself short of money often. However, leading life like this, is not the ideal for you in the modern era that requires you to be much skillful.

So, it is much necessary for you to look into your own self and try to find some skills in yourself through which you can make money starting from the academic life.

As an assignment help online provider, we understand the significance of this thing in your life. Thus, through  this writing piece, we will try to give you some ideas of starting a business as a student.


Use your writing skills to earn money

You may easily find many of your peers struggling to write their college assignments. They are the students who can even spend some money to get their assignments written. So, you offer them your writing service and can earn money by writing their assignments.

You can also try to work part time at an adversitement agency and can write ads for them to earn while learning.

Develop a service provider site

Many of you reading this article may be doing some technical courses. So, you may have knowledge of developing a site as well. You can use the website to provide some service.

In the modern times, purchasing and selling products online is a common trend. You can try this as a business option by getting your friends involved.

Offer some services through an app

If you are not able to develop a web portal, then you can have a shot at developing an app. Mobile apps are more trendy among the people in various service sectors nowadays.

So, you can earn lots of money if you can offer some services through an app. You can start providing services throughout the college initially and can launch your business at a broad level later.

You cooking skills could earn you decent money

It has been seen that many students have decent cooking skills. You might be the same as well. So, why not do some part time job at hotel or restaurent to cash in on this talent.

So, it was a small effort from us to tell you the ways you can try to earn money during the academic life. Hope you find it useful.

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Useful Tips to Find an Academic Tutor

Parents are the persons who are very much concerned about their kids welfare both in academic and personal life. You provide your kids with all the facilities to support them in their academics and without caring about the money.

In the hunt for the same, you may be looking to hire a tutor for your kid. However, you cant be sure of any teacher proving right assistant for your kid. So, you need to take some measures to make sure of hiring an eligible tutor.

As an online assignment help provider, we understand how significant this thing is and have come up with an article that tries to give you some tips to find the right academic tutor.

How to Fill Permanent Teacher's Boots

Realize your kid’s requirements

First of all, you need to understand in which subjects your kid is not performing well. There are many subjects in which children struggle and tutor’s assistance becomes much required for them.

So, you should ask the kid in which subjects he or she has difficulty. You need to ask the kid whether he or she needs a tutor’s assistance in understanding some subject or attempting homework.

Take time to research

It is quite obvious that you cant take the step of hiring a tutor in a hurry. It is not just about your kid’s academics but you also spend your money.

So, you should take time in searching for the tutor that suits your kid’s requirements. You should contact many companies that offer tutor services and should go for the best teacher.

Talk to the tutor

Next thing you should do is to talk to the tutor. It is being suggested because it is a must for you to understand the teacher before your kid.

So, you should find about the experience of the teacher and should also try to know about his or her way of teaching. This thing will prove much helpful for you in getting to know the teacher and you can talk to the tutor freely if your kid doesn’t improve even after taking tuitions.

Make sure your kid agrees with you

It is easily understandable that it is your kid who is going to learn from the tutor, so you having a meeting with the teacher doesnt mean you can be sure of your kid getting better in the academics.

So, it would be a wise thing if you let the kid attend a trial class with the tutor. This way you will be able to find out whether the kid is happy with the class and understanding the topics well.

So, these are some points you should remember while hiring a tutor for your kid and help him or her in performing well in the academics.

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Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

Although assignment writing is something that is the least favorite task of the students. However, you might be one of those students who like to write their assignment themselves but might not be able to do it due to lack of time. In most of the cases it turns out this way because you might be busy with your exam preparation or occupied by some part-time job. In such circumstances, you find yourself thinking what I need to do first, and you don’t even come to make a decision, you find your assignment submission deadline approaching fast.Dont Be Late in Submitting Your Assignment

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Living in a clean and healthy world

The requirement of sustainability in the dynamic world is the challenging job across the wide, multi-faceted and cross-functioning scope related to different issues. Consequently, as analyzing the improvement and outlooks in building the efforts for a clean and healthy world, the special focus will be dedicated on the attainment of objective on cleaning the world.

Clean water and health
Clean water is a must for healthy life

Health and Water


The waste water treatment, hygiene and waste management will be the points to focus on issues. The forum with different actors and agencies will be design to implement strategies for effective and efficient sustainable practice and policy, the World Water Week is an exclusive opportunity to eliminate the disgrace surrounding water wastes, sanitation and to incorporate multiple benefits that run from better hygiene arrangements. The major threat of health is due to lack of adequate sanitation.  This allows remarkable environmental and social cost due to which premature deaths, environmental degradation and reduced access to education. The inadequate sanitation cooperate the human potential and ruin their development in the society, communities and individual at large. The main reason of World Water Week is to increase the consciousness and effect the action on the downstream impact on the human activities in the broad term.

To decrease the poverty and meet the growing demand of goods, foods and services increases the exploitation of natural resources that will be essential.  During early stage of economic development social services, job creation and economic growth condition are considered as dominant to those in action. The water supply, other household inputs and economic activities is generally specialized in policy making and budget. Though less focus is set to the effects in increasing waste has on the downstream flow of water bodies and actors. To deal with this issue and sustainability improvement, water supply, economic management and economic development issues can be designed in a combined context and incorporated as linked parts of the large human development problems.

Water Quality Issues


Water and cleanliness are the major public health concept of prevention from them from social, managerial and economic perspectives is the extent better than a treatment. However in terms of policy and action definite areas under water or sanitation protection remain weak. Sanitation has been in the shade of the attempts to increase the drinking water supply for long term but is finally growing a thing in its own right. Water and sanitation is particular settings because of the tangible opportunities to execute defensive action in social environment, schools and health care centers.

The safety of the drinking water and issues related to the water quality connected to the safety of recreational water and the use of wastes water in agriculture that has undergone major modifications with health based targets risk estimation and management approach. The health management of public is due to water resource developments consisting irrigation and dams schemes etc. Cities are the centre of economic development to the more population and industrial waste. Positive and negative aspects of cities are believed beyond the borders of the city and particularly in downstream areas. More population has ability to increase the source efficiency by focusing on the activity. Though, city is designed effectively, the more pollution can results from the density can make unhealthy condition and environmental problems. The technical solutions and institutional arrangement must be accustomed to include behavioral and social characteristics of the community and the effect of consistent urban development on sustainability of the infrastructure of the city. The decreasing the water resources, increasing climatic uncertainties are becoming richer and more populous. Government faces pressure to make effective and efficient use of natural, financial and human resources to ensure sustainability development. The disposal of waste has been by dilution of the water resources with following industrial and human health and environmental issues. There is no longer a reasonable way that is the sustainable way to solve the increasing problem in different parts of the city.