Amazing Free Online Education Platforms

In the modern era, education is being given much importance throughout the world. Colleges and schools have been doing well in providing
education to the students for a long time. With that various online education platforms such as online tutoring and online assignment help have also emerged as an efficient way of studying. Maybe it was not enough, that’s why some sites have come up free online education platforms. Yes, there are some sites available on the internet that offer online education in a large number of subjects for free. So, lets have a look at some of those sites.

Amazing Free Online Education Platforms

Open culture

Open culture is an online education site where you can choose most one of your favorite course from 1200 courses available on the website. You can also get your hands on 700 free audio books and free language courses. So, you don’t need to waste your time if you are not going to college, apply for these courses and learn to sit at your home.

Academic Earth

On this free online education platform, you can learn various subjects such as business, computer science, mathematics and much more. Furthermore, you dont have to worry about you getting a degree from a small university. Instead, you get your degree from famous universities such as Columbia university, Princeton university, New York university and many other.


Although Udemy is a site that charges to provide education online, the organizations has also come up with some free courses as well. This organization offers more than 40K courses to the students, and over 11 million students are engaged with Udemy to learn online. So, if you want to add something extra to your skillset as you pursue higher education, then you can try doing courses from this site.


If you love computer science and find yourself doing coding and programming most of the time, then you can try opting for a course from this site. All you need to do is search “code” in your browser, click on the first link and get ready to learn the craft of app writing and coding.


It is a free online education platform where you can choose most suitable course for you from the 750 courses available on the site. Their services are available in 250 countries and company has a record of teaching 7 million people. So, you can visit their site as well to find out on which of these education platforms you can find your favorite course.

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