Adverse effect of unemployment on an individual

Unemployment is identified as the most challenging social issue face by the world. From two decades, the global recession of unemployment has become the main feature of the economic and social site with young generation hit by the unemployment. Unemployment adversely affect the health of the people and it puts health at the risk and the higher risk is developed in the broad regions. It has result in the increasing the rate of unemployment.

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How unemployment affect an individual

Various studies reveal that effect of unemployment on men, women has focused on the unemployment and employment plays a vital role in help people to manage the transitional period among child and adulthood that is the main factor in the development of healthy identity.

Population Add to the crisis for countries with high population

The population of India is consistently increasing. It is the second most populated country in the world. We have about 1.25 billion population, so it also increases the unemployment rate within the country. We have both educated and uneducated unemployed people in the urban and rural areas. Even degree holders are unemployed. The main reason of this unemployment is increasing population, Inflation, Recession, disability, corruption etc. The basic requirements of the individual are fulfilled by the employment. Though, work does more than the supplies the way for meeting the physical requirement, it can also assure for innovative recommends, promotes self-esteem and offer an opportunity for self realization and achievement. On the contrary, unemployment should be estimated to improve depression and anxiety, lead to less self-esteem and generate poor physical health consequences especially when more efforts to focus on work are met with failure for long term. Unemployment is connected with an obvious declining in the self-esteem. It will results in either damaged ego, loss of self-respect, self worth, self confidence, feeling low etc. The relationship among unemployment and mental well-being is related to the problem that has been researched thoroughly. The importance of unemployment is the major problem that can affect the individual in their whole life.

What is Unemployment and how it affects the capability

The unemployment is the situation in which the psychological function of employment lack left us without satisfactory explanation of the problem related to the unemployment of the person. Unemployment is as a status that for all intentions and purpose is thought to be  provisional period in the whole life course. A person is only thought as unemployed among their school and the first job or two jobs. Similarly unemployment is generally open ended in the sense that it is not known when their will be an ending. Unemployment can become full of uncertainty about the future. The negative outcomes of unemployment are implicit as a result of decreasing control over life situation of the people.

The unemployment should inflict some limitations on the capability of the individual to exercise agency that results in reducing the mental well-being. The economic problem may reduce the short-term control on the life situation of the people. It becomes hard to sustain the desired living standard. The relationship among mental well-being and unemployment is an issue that has been dedicated to the subject reflects the essential position of employment in the society and the importance of unemployment is one of the serious issues that can adversely affect the life of the individual. The financial damage of unemployment can cause poor mental health that has been reported by the studies. Though, unemployment can be related with the poor mental health as result of lack of non-financial benefits offered by the individual’s job like social status, self-esteem, mental and physical activity can be regarded as individual skills. It is the essay written by one our Human resource essay writing expert based in the UK.