20+ best dissertation topics on different subjects

Dissertation topics

You may have to write a dissertation during the undergraduate and postgraduate level. In this process, selecting a dissertation topic is the first thing to do. We understand your problems well. Thus, here we will suggest you some dissertation topics. Hope you find it useful.

Marketing dissertation topics

You may have to write marketing dissertation to prove your skills in the same subject. Hence, it is must for you to choose a marketing dissertation topic that you find interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing thesis topics.

Dissertation topics

The 4Ps of Marketing mix

The 4Ps of marketing are the 4 pillars of marketing. A marketing experts keep all these Ps in mind to influence the decision making of the customers. There are many interesting topics that you can have to write your dissertation on it.

  • To investigate the difference between the price adjustment strategies in online and offline market.
  • Does the overt international pricing strategy have negative effect on the brand image?
  • Are public relation campaigns helpful to earn a high reputation to the brands?
  • To investigate the importance of the location to the customer choice in the airline industry in the UK?
  • To investigate the effects of lack of controls online in the promotion in the foreign countries.

Relationship Marketing dissertation topics

Relationship marketing is an important area in the modern business. It is the marketing strategy that you use to make a relation with the customers. But, not only in the general transactional way, instead to make them loyal to your brand. You can find some fine ideas in this area to write an assignment.

  • What makes amazon.com eligible to charge a premium price over its rivals like Play.com?
  • To investigate the motivations and expectations behind the loyalty scheme.
  • To investigate what makes the Tesco’s loyal card scheme more successful than its competitors scheme?
  • To investigate the ways waterstone took to improve its customer loyalty through its online store?
  • To investigate the ways to help retailers cope with the polygamous behavior among customer.

Ethics in marketing dissertation topics

Media and change in the customer attitude affect the behavior of the firms much. It is also affecting the way they need ti integrate ethics in their marketing campaigns. That makes it a must for an company to consider the marketing ethics. Let’s take a look at some ideas on which you can base your ethics in marketing dissertation.

  • How happy hours ethical?
  • Does the low fare of easyjet a misleading online pricing strategy. Or is it the ethical way of managing the demands of the customers?
  • Define why some controversial marketing communications become successful and others not?
  • To investigate the effects of spam laws in improving the marketing ethics online?
  • To investigate how public relations help firms in recovering from the customers boycotts?

Branding dissertation topics

Branding is the essential part of the marketing. It helps a firm to analyze how they can achieve competitive advantage with the use of their brands. A company can also do the same by launching brand extensions and making brand equity. Right management of the global brands, etc. also plays a key role in it. Following are the topics you can use to write your dissertation on branding.

  • Do the clients acknowledge a firms brand values?
  • To investigate why reputed brands need to come up with the best products
  • How brand image affects products availability?
  • Is it possible to transfer brand image between the industries?
  • What role innovation plays in sustaining the brands?

Online marketing dissertation topics

On line marketing is the most useful marketing method in the modern times. In the online marketing, you have to consider privacy and security. You also have to learn how you can a better customize and personal experience to the users. Acknowledging the changing nature of the customer behavior is a must as well. A dissertation on this may help you in learning all of it. So, let’s discuss some of the dissertation topics on online marketing.

  • To investigate the ways firms take to customize their products.
  • To investigate what can help firms personalize their products.
  • Do gender effect website preference? How?
  • To investigate the reaction of the customers to brand alliances online.
  • To investigate the effects of visual constituency on site identity and product attitude?

Business dissertation topics

In the previous section, we discussed some marketing dissertation topics. Business is also one of the major subjects that you have to study as a commerce student. Thus, you will not be unaware of the business dissertations and the problems in choosing a topic on it. So, here we will try to help you in finding a fine topic for your business dissertation.

Global strategy for business dissertation topic

This subject makes you aware of the strategic problems a firm may face while launching its business globally. Here, you consider three area mainly:

  • Global strategic analysis
  • Global strategy formulation
  • And sources of competitive advantage in a firm

Some of the interesting global strategy for business dissertation topics are:

  • To investigate the pros and cons of an international venture.
  • To investigate the ways to make business strategies to expand business globally.
  • What makes some vendor relationships better and successful than others?
  • How an effective vendor management strategy helps a company?
  • Do a comparative analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the sports shoes and apparel sector.

Leadership and innovation business dissertation topics

Leadership and innovation are the key to success for any firm in these competitive times. However, not all the leaders find it easy it innovate. Firms often use unreliable sources, organizational structure and process to meet the innovation. It hurt their values. The leaders who use their employees to stimulate and support innovation can find success. You may have to discuses all these things your dissertation. So, let me tell you some dissertation topics about leadership and innovation business subject.

  • To investigate the effects of leadership clarity and team innovation in a firm.
  • What leaders understand about their in promoting innovation in large firm?
  • How to harvest ideas and manage team creativity for innovation and leadership?
  • To investigate the personality and attitude correlations of transactional and transformational leadership.
  • Give the crucial factors needed for a creative company. Learn the main barriers that stop the implementation of these factors in a firm. Also, define the ways to overcome these barriers.

Global Politics and Global Business Dissertation Topics

It is one of the major aspect of international business. This subject helps you to learn about the connection global politics and global business has. You learn the main factors, processes and institutions of it. You also study the political environment of the business.

  • To investigate the effects of corporate governance on internationalization, globalisation, and the performance of the firms?
  • Compare and differentiate between the new theoretical directions in international business political behavior.
  • To investigate the effects of business-government relations patterns on the process of industrial upgrading.
  • To investigate the performance of global business teams in the MNCs.
  • To investigate the meaning and process of globalization. How does it impact the work of business teams that work in groups?

International Human Resource management dissertation topics

IHRM gives you an idea of the global and comparative factors that make the human resource management. You learn about the functions and contribution of the HR manager through this subject. It makes you learn the skills to management the workforce working abroad. Let’s find out some of the finest dissertation topics for you in the same subject.

  • To investigate the effects of national cultures on the organizational cultures. How it impacts the functioning of the businesses in the different countries?
  • To investigate the causes and forms of deviance in a company.
  • To investigate the major factors that affect the retention of employees in the international call centers.
  • To investigate the ways an HR uses to manage the employee commitment in the non-profit sector.
  • How organizational transition affects the employee commitment in the large MNCs?

Corporate social responsibility business dissertation topics

Firms have to become accountable to media, governments and activists for the social consequences of their actions. Corporate social responsibility helps the companies to deal with all of it. That makes CSR crucial in the business strategies. Some of the best dissertation topics on CSR are as follows:

  • How business education is crucial for developing CSR skills?
  • To investigate the role of integrity in business. Is a needed or optional for firms?
  • How businesses can take benefits of the climate change?
  • What are the effects of the corporate social responsibility on enhancing the corporate reputation?
  • To investigate the challenges that ethical businesses face while shifting to the mainstream.

Nursing and Medicine dissertation topics

Nursing and medicine are the major fields of study. It covers many complex topics that may trouble you often. Hence, it is a must for you to have compelling knowledge of your studies. Furthermore, when it comes to dissertation writing, you need to have fine ideas to write it as well. So, here, we will tell you some nursing dissertation topics.

Dissertation topics

Clinical management dissertation topics

Clinical management helps you in applying the nursing interventions. You can also find it easy to manage all the aspects of health-care and nursing. Below the dissertation topics you can use to write a nursing assignment:

  • To investigate the risks and problems in the clinical management of the prostate cancer patients.
  • What are the new areas in the management of patients in the adult ICU?
  • To investigate management and nursing results of acute ischemic stroke.
  • To investigate self-assessments and decision making of patients.
  • Management and care plans for the patients with chronic and acute pain.

Public health dissertation topics

Public health shades the light on the factors that cause problems to peoples’ health. More specifically, you learn about the health problems on a large scale. Some of the finest nursing dissertation topics in it are:

  • To investigate the role of poverty in childhood diseases.
  • How Diabetes is a public health issue? What are the life interventions diabetes patients face?
  • To investigate Aids and social of Aids.
  • Increasing issues of alcoholism and binge drinking among youngsters as a problem in public health.
  • Drinking water contamination in emerging countries and how it affects public health.

Community nursing dissertation topics

You learn about the social interventions in nursing through community nursing. It especially focuses on the elderly or disabled people. It is generic term that you can use for district nursing and school health. You may find the following topics interesting to base your nursing dissertation in this area.

  • What role community nursing plays in improving life quality of the old aged people?
  • How community nursing is helpful for the patients after surgical procedures.
  • To investigate the role of the community nursing in the care of older people suffering from chronic disease.
  • The older people care and the services of community nursing.
  • To investigate the difference between community nursing and health care requirements in different cities.

Mental health dissertation topics

Everyone have different mental health requirements. Right mental health interventions are the key to maintain a healthy mind. You can discuss the following topics in the nursing dissertation on mental health.

  • To investigate the difference between mental health problems in urban and rural societies.
  • How unemployment aggravates mental health problems?
  • To investigate the link between suicides and mental health in the urban youth population?
  • Evidence of mental disease and socioeconomic backgrounds of the people.
  • To investigate the mental health requirements young adults dealing with loneliness and depression.

Models and theories in nursing dissertation topics

The use of nursing theories and models helps in clinical decision making. It sets theoretical base for changing patient care perspective in nursing. You find some dissertation topics on the same below:

  • To investigate the implementation of nursing concepts in clinical decision making.
  • Learning the holistic nursing application with the use of McGill model of nursing.
  • How reflection is important in nursing theory and practice.
  • To investigate the nursing models and the roles of nurses keeping the changing health care and nursing requirements.
  • To investigate the publics health nursing interventions with the use of Neuman systems model.

Economics dissertation topics

Are your pursuing your major in the economics? You may have some difficulties while selecting a dissertation topic on it. But, don’t worry, here we will share some topics with you that you can use as topic for your dissertation. Need we say more? Read on!

Dissertation topics

Economic geography dissertation topics

This subject makes you understand the relation between the role of places with economical action. But the scope of economics geography is beyond the relationship between economics and physical space. The nature and extent of economic activity with in regions and localities matter much. Below are the some dissertation topics you can use to write an assignment on this subject.

  • What are the differences of organizational behavior in big cities and rural areas.
  • To investigate the role the of policy in the creation of the local cluster.
  • To investigate the factors that lead in knowledge transference in a particular area.
  • To investigate the locations of top 50 IT companies in the UK? How is it like this?
  • Does local proximity affects the networks? What differs the co-localized and dispersed networks?

Economic Sociology dissertation topics

Economic sociology studies the factors that impact the economy of the companies and their relationships. In other words, it helps you to find the effects of personal and professional relationships on a business.

  • How social networks support innovation activists?
  • To investigate the role families in supporting the beginner companies.
  • To investigate the social business-ship in the UK.
  • Does university networks play any role in entrepreneurial action?
  • What role social capital plays in rural places in the UK?

Microeconomics dissertation topics

Microeconomics helps you to analysis the behavior of economic agents individually. It also studies the markets. Customers and companies are the main focus of the microeconomics. You can find some helpful dissertation topics on microeconomics below:

  • To investigate the role of mergers in the productivity in the UK firms?
  • Are innovative firms in UK better than the ones in the Europe?
  • How regulation impacts the British industries? The case study of an industry.
  • Features of the innovative companies in the UK.
  • Is dominant firm model applicable on the furniture retail industry in the UK?

Macroeconomics dissertation topics

Macroeconomics studies the economy in a broad way. The factors it analysis are families and consumption, interest rates and exchange rates, etc. economic policy and monetary economics are the main fields of resource in it. Here are your dissertation topics in the are of macroeconomics:

  • To investigate the effects of interest rates on consumption in the UK.
  • Does dollar evolution plays a role in British spending?
  • To investigate the relation between EU and UK interest rates.
  • To investigate the negative effects of inflation on the profits of firms in the UK?
  • To investigate the difference in the European and British unemployment.

Financial economics dissertation topics

Financial markets play a significant role in the modern economies. Financial markets and macroeconomics have close bond. The reason is that they determine the economic stature of a nation. You can find some dissertation topics on financial economics below:

  • To investigate the negative effects of interest rates on FTSE.
  • What are the factors that determine the corporate debt in the UK?
  • Is CAPM applicable on the stocks listed in the FTSE 100?
  • The difference between the financial structure of British and European firms.
  • Do the behavior of FTSE 100 affect economic growth?

Education technology dissertation topics

In the times of technology, you are not short of the topics to write a dissertation on it. Instead, you may have confusion over which dissertation topic is ideal for your task. Hence, we will give you some fine dissertation topics on education technology.

  • How the use of visual departments happen for information services?
  • To investigate the evolution of visual and audio instruction in the education system of a city.
  • How television can help in higher education?
  • Difference between education motion pictures and sponsored motion pictures.
  • Make strategies that can improve A/V education for teachers.
  • To investigate the role of the motion pictures in guiding the high level teachers.
  • To investigate the portration of the Negroes in the American films in the 60s.
  • To investigate the audio-visual instruction history.
  • How programmed instruction is effective for mentally ill students.
  • How sound slides are useful in teaching physically education in the primary schools.

You may also wish to learn the right research methods for your dissertation. You can refer to our research onion blog for the same.